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Balancing Tech and Tranquility

Feb/04/2024 / by jordana-weiss

Follow these tips to Encourage Mindfulness and Improve Well-Being

Woman looking at a phone screen with icon of a meditation and mindfulness app
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There is much evidence to show that technology can seriously compromise our mental health. From increased anxiety and depression to decreased self-esteem, there are many ways that spending more time online can negatively affect our mental health and jeopardize our in-person connections.

However, technology itself is a versatile tool that can be harnessed for both positive and negative purposes. To help mitigate the adverse effects of technology and harness some of the positive ones, we suggest thinking of technology as a tool. In and of itself it’s a neutral object, and it’s possible to employ it for good or evil, depending on our intentions.

Try to pursue balance in your use of technology. Acting with intention when using technology is key in transforming it from a mindless or even detrimental pastime to something that can help fuel our empowerment and the greater enrichment of our lives.

Here are some of our best tips for harnessing technology as a tool to help encourage mindfulness and improve overall well-being.

Reset With Periodic Digital Detoxes

It’s been well-documented that our collective attention spans are shrinking. Constantly using smartphones and other devices, plus the ongoing deluge of information through news and social media has made it more difficult for us to focus, leading to many attention-related challenges. Consider incorporating periodic digital detoxes into your routine to counteract this digital attention fatigue. By intentionally stepping away from screens, notifications, and the relentless stream of information, you allow your mind the opportunity to reset and rejuvenate. Whether you detox for an hour, a day, or even more, this time away will help clear your head and make it easier to look at technology as a tool rather than a source of easy distraction.

Set Limits On Social Media

While technology has many benefits, the same can’t be said for social media. These platforms are addictive by design and have been intentionally created to keep us scrolling for as long as possible. Establishing a healthy boundary on the time spent scrolling through feeds can be a decisive step in reclaiming control over our digital lives. Consider setting aside specific times to engage in social media, and be vigilant about adhering to these limits.

Take Advantage Of Mindfulness Apps

While it’s true that technology can be harmful if engaged in without limits, there are also lots of benefits to be gained from these tools. Curate a healthier daily routine with some of our favorite mindfulness strategies, mostly involving an online program or app. If you’re just starting a new mindfulness routine, consider investing in an app or program like Headspace, Calm, or the Essential Mindfulness class from Insight Meditation Society.

Change Your Notification Settings

A quick way to pull yourself out of focused work is hearing the continual buzz and ping of notifications coming in. Half the time, these notifications aren’t even for anything we need to know – they’re simply apps trying to engage our attention.

To help increase your focus and create a calmer and more intentional atmosphere within your technology use, take some time to reset your notification settings. Be ruthless in curating which apps truly deserve your immediate attention and which do not. Turn off all non-essential notifications and prioritize only the alerts that directly contribute to your productivity or well-being. By doing so, you can reclaim control over your digital environment, transforming it into a space that respects your time and attention.


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