Beauty and Brains: The Lisa Ray Story

Dec/25/2022 / by Team SEEMA
Lisa Ray
Image credits: Wikimedia Commons

About Lisa Ray

Lisa Ray isn’t just a pretty face — she’s a visionary who uses her societal status to bring awareness to important issues across the globe. Although Lisa Ray set her sights on earning a degree in journalism after graduation, life took a turn for the better when she entered the world of modeling. With her striking looks and inviting personality, it’s no surprise that she was approached by a talent scout who marveled at Ray’s beauty.

After hundreds of photoshoots and magazine covers, Ray realized that beauty fades, but novel ideas last a lifetime. Knowing this, she began to pursue philanthropic endeavors with newfound vigor and motivation. Although she was starring in major Indian-made films, Ray used her spare time to speak at conventions, interact with marginalized groups and help those in need.

Acting Career and Media Spotlight

You can’t talk to a Bollywood fan without mentioning Lisa Ray in conversation. Ray has dazzled fans around the globe with multiple appearances in Indian films, such as Kasoor. Kasoor was a film rooted in mystery, love, and thrill created in 2001 by the world-renowned Bollywood director Vikram Bhatt. In the movie, Ray’s appearance comes as a beautiful offset from the dark and ominous tones littered throughout the score. Put bluntly, Lisa’s career ignited with newfound speed after the film’s release.

After Kasoor’s filming concluded, Ray found herself working with another Canadian native when she bumped into director Deepa Metha. Once they established a working relationship, Ray went on to capture the leading role in Metha’s romantic comedy called Bollywood/Hollywood in 2002. Although the film’s popularity was obscured by the release of other movies of the time, its cult-like following grew within Canada’s Bollywood fanbase.

In modern times, we see Ray in television shows like Four More Shots Please, Gods of Medicine, Endgame and Murdoch Mysteries. Although she seamlessly jumps between multiple professional projects in her busy schedule, she remains a proponent of philanthropic work and helping individuals facing hardships in various countries.

The Age of Lisa Ray, The Profession of Lisa Ray and Her Personal Life

Lisa was raised in the beautiful country of Canada, where cold winters, ice hockey, lush forestry and communal pride overflow through each region. Contrast her Canadian roots with the rich culture of her Indian heritage, and you have a beautiful blend of the Eastern and Western worlds.

The age of Lisa Ray is 50 years old — April 4, 1972 — but you would never be able to tell by her glowing skin, youthful complexion, dark flowing hair and radiating smile. She was born in Toronto, Canada, to a father from India and a mother from Poland. While on holiday with her parents in India, Ray caught the gazing eyes of a talent agent who immediately recognized Ray’s extraordinary beauty and timeless elegance. From an earlier age, Ray has spent her days flying across the planet, modeling for various magazines, starring in movies and working with communities through her philanthropic endeavors.

In her early years, Ray was named one of the ‘Ten most beautiful Indian women of the millennium’ by a public poll shared in India. After her training at London’s school of theatrical arts and drama, she set off to create films and write scores that covered controversial topics and challenged the public’s opinion. Although Ray prefers working on smaller projects in 2022, her presence and grace have never left her side.

SEEMA’s Influential Philosophy

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