South Asian-Owned Summer Beauty Essentials

Aug/02/2020 / by Team SEEMA
Image courtesy of Park Street via Unsplash

With all the August sun, sand, and heat, your mid-summer beauty routine may need a bit of an update. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite products from South Asian-founded brands to help keep your hair, skin, and face clean, moisturized, and feeling fresh for the rest of the season.

Sahajan’s The Beauty Oil

This Ayurvedic blend of Moringa, hemp seed, and Frankincense oil delivers more than 90 nutrients and vitamins to the skin, helping it to fight aging and free radicals, as well as combat sun stress. After a couple of long days in the sun, a few drops of this nourishing oil will help to restore glow and reduce signs of damage.

Joban Beauty’s Coverant

Summer is synonymous with heat, and let’s face it, we all have to deal with a little underarm perspiration during August’s humid days. For those of us that want to step out in sleeveless tops and dresses but are concerned about discoloration, Joban Beauty has created a deodorant specifically made to conceal discoloration on darker skin tones. With five shades that you can blend together, you’re sure to find your perfect match.

Visha Skincare’s Fitness Skin Care Bundle

In many places around the country, gyms remain closed, so we’re taking our workouts outside — which means our skin might get more stressed from sweat, sun, and wind. Visha Skincare, founded by Dr. Purvisha Patel, offers a Fitness Skin Care Bundle, which includes a scrub (an all-over exfoliator made with pumice, sea salt, and activated charcoal), Top 2 Toe (a five-in-one body wash that dissolves dirt, sweat, and excess oil), and Cheek 2 Feet (a body spray that helps to stabilize body odor and stop the spread of microorganisms that may show up on skin after workouts).

Live Tinted’s Unity Balm Gloss

We’re already obsessed with Live Tinted’s multipurpose Huestick, but their latest release, Unity Balm Gloss, is destined to become a mainstay in our handbags. You can use the super-hydrating balm-gloss hybrid anywhere you’re craving a little moisture and shine, like lips, cheeks, under the brow, you name it! It’s perfect for post-beach skin that needs a little boost after all that saltwater and sand.

Ravanat Botanics’s Mighty Majesty Hair Serum

Summer hair can take a beating from the elements — and especially from the sun. Treat your hair to this moisture-rich serum from Ravanat Botanics. It contains amla extract, oleic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E, jasmine oil, and sunflower oil, and is formulated to reduce breakage and soothe the scalp. A couple of drops and your tresses will thank you.

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