makeup artist Tiffani Rains

Tiffani Rains Beautifies Every Shade of Skin

Last year, we were fortunate to meet makeup artist and skincare guru Tiffani Rains, who came out to make Sheetal Sheth and the rest of the ladies on our magazine cover look and…
Indian Beauty YouTubers

Indian Beauty YouTubers Rising Faster Than Bollywood Stars

It’s true—India’s young people aren’t as passionate about Bollywood as they used to be. They’re looking for inspiration from a new set of stars: India’s top beauty YouTubers.  And it’s a trend…

Tips for Lips and Eyes

Tips for Lips and Eyes from Carmindy, Celeb Beauty Queen

Carmindy has been a celebrity makeup guru for over 25 years, written four books, and been on the show What Not to Wear. She gave us the inside scoop on the latest for eyes…