Sunscreens for South Asian Skin

A guide to protecting yourself from hyperpigmentation, aging and more with sunscreen (which should be your best friend by now)


Wiping out Acne Scars with Dr. Mona Mislankar

Treatments may vary depending on the kind of acne problem being dealt with, but here’s a guide on finding the most effective way to treat them

Skin Care Trends To Get You Glowing

The pandemic has taken a toll on us and underscored the importance of self-care, including skin care, which has become even more important during the height of the winter months. The good…
Essential Herbs

The Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential Oils  As a taxing year gives out, prep for the New Year with essential oils – it is a great way to destress, relax, and calm your nerves. Bindu Gopal Rao…

Henna Tattoos are Enamoring America with Artistry

Dried henna tattoo. Ravie Kattaura has applied mehndi or henna on many brides. Of them, 11 have been Caucasian with no Indian connections. Two decades ago, henna, a part of Indian and…
pamper your skin with vitamin c power serum for skincare

Pamper Your Skin – Naturally

Given the times we live in, terms like ‘eco-friendly,’ ‘sustainable’ and ‘green’ have become buzz words that are are an intrinsic part of the skincare industry too. Being ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ is…

Zahara Skincare Product

Zahara Skincare: Kashmir Organic

Although Zahara Nedou is Indian, she grew up in the Middle East, learning daily beauty rituals from her family as the only grandchild who cared enough to write steps down and replicate…
Ayurvedic Skin Care to pamper yourself

For Radiant Skin, Treat Yourself to Ayurvedic Skincare

For skin that’s clean, toned, and radiant, many Indian American women turn to Ayurvedic beauty and skincare products. Although this holistic healing system has been an indelible part of the South Asian…

makeup artist Tiffani Rains

Tiffani Rains Beautifies Every Shade of Skin

Last year, we were fortunate to meet makeup artist and skincare guru Tiffani Rains, who came out to make Sheetal Sheth and the rest of the ladies on our magazine cover look and…