‘A Star is Born’: Believe the Hype!

Mar/01/2019 / by Seema Staff
A Star is Born

Yes, by now the movie (and Lady Gaga), have been meme’d to death, but that doesn’t chip away at the dreamlike modern fairytale quality that it retains. Finally available on home pay-per-view as of February, A Star Is Born has an impeccable cinematic strength, and while it has been made at least three times before, this time it benefits from Gaga’s experience as … herself, and she lends this to her outstanding performance. Bradley Cooper shines as fading rockstar Jackson Maine, giving a performance full of pathos and heartbreak, while touching on real and important issues that are relevant to today’s society. A Star is Born isn’t just a timeless love story, but a story of being discovered, coupled with self-destruction, which will undoubtedly leave viewers in tears, whether it’s your first viewing or your fifth.

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