Best Comic Books: About the Best Comic Books to Enjoy Reading

Dec/14/2022 / by Bharti Pankaj
Best Comic Books
Image credits: Joe Ciciarelli via Unsplash

Do you remember when comic books used to be the only source of entertainment? Without any doubt, these books still hold the exact scope of the craze. If you are all set to explore the exciting world of comics again, you are at the best place. Wait for no further and let’s jump up on the best of comic books of all time.

Y the Last Man (Vertigo)

Author: Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra

Y: The Last Man is an iconic comic book series by Brian K. It was originally published by Vertigo that came out in 2002. The series entwines the story of the main character who faces the apparent death of all other male mammals on the planet except his pet monkey.

It is not wrong to say that Y The Last Man holds a separate recognition in the world of graphic novels. Not just that, but the book delivers every element that makes it stand out in the name of the best comic books that ever existed.


Author: Kurt Busiek

It is impossible to complete the list without mentioning Marvels. All of the astounding things make it the best comic bookthat no one can miss reading. A phenomenal comic book with unforgettable art, Marvels was a four-stage limited series comic book written by Kurt Busiek. Besides, the painting of this comic comes straight from the legend, Alex Ross. Moreover, the book is by Marcus McLaurin.

It was first published by Marvel Comics in 1994. Ever since then Marvels has redefined the universe of comic books for all the obvious reasons. The larger than life creation of Marvels along with impactful graphics binds every reader with the ultimate charm. No matter what your preference is, if you are a comic lover then Marvels will never end up in any type of disappointment for you.

Uncanny X-Men

Author: Chris Claremont

Chris Claremont’s research on Uncanny X-Men stretched for several years and is often addressed as one of the most popular comic books ever in the history of literature. No one can beat the fact that Uncanny always enjoyed an incredible set of eminence that comes straight due to its remarkable story plot.

Trained by Professor X, Uncanny is one of the longest ever comics published under the Marvels banner. As the name signifies, X Men is an extraordinary crew of superheroes. More than that, the series mainly depicts how this crew leads to the protection of humanity on the planet called Earth. Lavish graphics, jaw dropping sequence and a lot more comes hand in hand with Uncanny. In other words, if you have never explored the powerful world of Marvels then X-Men is your one-go pick for ages.

Captain America

Author: Jack Kirby, and Joe Simon

Yet another gem coming straight from the Marvels family, Captain America holds a separate place in the heart of every comic admirer. Serving as the origin story of Marvels, Captain America has everything that you can ever seek in the name of the best comic books. Not just that, but the jade blue suit of the Captain will keep you hooked all of the time.

Portraying the larger than life story of Steve Rogers, all he ever wanted to do was to serve his country. But his health never allowed him to do so. Then one lucky day Steve’s dream turned true: he was chosen to take part in Operation: Rebirth, (a secret experiment that changed Steve from frail into a powerful soldier. Now, with his shield at his side, Steve Rogers stands out for the ultimate liberty justice. That’s how Steve becomes Captain America. There is no ray of doubt that every element of the story is worth your time.

The Walking Dead

Author: Robert Kirkman

The Walking Dead has reconciled the love of comic books into a pop culture phenomenon. The famous television series was spawned by The Walking Dead, an implausible black-and-white comic book series crafted by writer Robert Kirkman, More than that, the enticing graphics of the comics belongs to Tony Moore.

The plot of the book focuses on Rick Grimes, a deputy who is shot at the time of his duty and awakens from a coma in a zombie aura. In that galaxy, Grimes finds his wife and son, and several other people who are likely to form a group later. The commendable storyline of The Walking Dead is the reason why it tops the chart of best of comic books.

New Teen Titans#1

Author: Marv Wolfman

Wait a while if you still think that you can pick any random part of New Teen Titans and just start with your Titans journey. Since, the reality is just opposite to your thought. Basically, New Teen Titans is a series of comic books that involves more than 10 sub parts.

However, the 1 volume of New Teen Titans covers the story of a princess. The plot revolves around her persona and how she manages to get out of the clinches of slave Gordanian. If you are someone who is into suspense, thrill and more than the 1st publication of New Teen Titans is waiting exclusively for you.

Love and Rockets

Author: Gilbert Hernandez, Jaime Hernandez, and Mario Hernandez

‘Love and Rockets’ has established the goals of being an alternative comic book by the Hernandez brothers: Gilbert, Jaime, and Mario. No wonder, it was one of the pillars in the alternative comic movement of the 1980s. 

Unlike other comic books, ‘Love and Rockets’ focuses on the majority of characters. Majorly based out of Los Angeles, the plot of the book stands out in every possible manner. However, Love and Rockets is significantly the name of the band that takes ahead the story in an interesting way. The best part of this book is its simplicity. Not just that, but the voyage of the book is extremely apt that it connects directly with the reader. For all the obvious factors, Love and Rockets personifies the presence of the best of comic booksthat you can’t afford to miss.

100 Bullets

Author: Brian Azzarello and Edurado Risso

100 Bullets is a concept series that considers 100 issues with the primary concept based on the question of individuals aiming to act on the fantasy of robust revenge. Several matters involve the mysterious Agent Graves confronting someone who has been a victim of a tragic incident.

Graves allows them the chance to seek revenge by handing over a handgun filled with 100 bullets and documentation about the main target responsible for their woes. Later, he tells the candidate the bullets are entirely untraceable by any law enforcement investigation. Investigations will immediately be restricted as soon as they are discovered at any crime location. While leaving the brain in an immense shock, 100 bullets create an unbelievable galaxy that seems to be real at times.

God Loves, Man Kills

Author: Chris Claremont

God Loves, Man Kills is a roller-coaster story that follows the elaborated investigation of double murder. Yes, the murder of two mutant children killed by henchmen, William, is enough to spin your head. Later in the book, X-Men partners up with Magneto to catch their real criminal and what happens next is worth exploring.

The inclusion of X-Men initially made people think that God Loves Man Kills is an extension of X-Men. But in reality, this comic book follows a unique plot and element as a whole. If you have been looking for hard-hitting comics and have no clue where to start, then God Loves Man Kills is ideal.

The Punisher

Author: Gerry Conway

The Punisher enjoys a precious fan base when choosing the best comic books of all ages. Primarily, the plot of the book revolves around an FBI agent. Later, the book highlights his connection with a business tycoon. While reading this piece, it turns hard to find even a second to escape.

All in all, The Punisher signifies the untapped glory of comic books. More than that, every comic book lover should read this legend literally at least once in their whole lifetime.

Locke & Key

Author: Joe Hill

Now, here comes the turn of Locke & Key, and all of the true comic lovers are well familiar with the fact that summarizing its plot in one para is truly impossible. Commendably illustrated by Gabriel Rodríguez and published by IDW Publishing, the mentioned book has won numerous wonderful awards.

The plot roams around three siblings. Precisely, it’s a keen murder mystery that links directly with the ancestral home. The presence of the Magical Keys in the home holds a connection to their father’s murder. Explore what comes next in this phenomenal comic, and surely this piece will never let you rest even for a second. Among all of the prolonged awards collection, the British Fantasy Award for Best Comic or Graphic Novel is an absolute gem for the book.


Author: Chip Zdarsky

One of the finest Marvel comics, Daredevil is a masterpiece. From issues one to twenty-five, the character, and story development are commendable. Zdarsky makes it a point that the readers get engaged in the story on every page. Get immersed in the madness of Hell’s Kitchen, Elektra, Kingpin and Daredevil.

 Matt Murdock is back in Hell’s Kitchen and the fear and pain start to reappear. The man who fell off the roof returned but is he really the same man? Zdarsky sets up a fantastic story that invokes the readers’ curiosity about Daredevil’s character.

The Complete Maus

Author: Art Spiegelman

This non-fiction book is about Spiegelman interviewing his father about his experiences in the Holocaust. His father was a Polish Jew and survived the Holocaust as well. Moreover, this is the first and only graphic novel that won a Pulitzer Prize.

Readers love how Art used cats and mice as characters and depicted the horrifying story. The book gets you hooked to the pages till the very end. It draws you closer to the Holocaust’s core and tells you things you may never have read of in the history books.

The Black Panther Party

Author: Marcus Anderson

If you are curious about knowing all about the black panther party of America, this book is a must-read for you. The graphic novel takes you on a journey in a racist America. It highlights the founders and the people of the black panther party. Infused with the crew goals, this book is a perfect read.

The boom is bold and captivating, from battles with other black nationalists to internal strife. A well-researched book full of information is what you need to read right now. Marcus Anderson outdoes himself with this book as he turns meaningful history into a comic.

Puma Blues

Author: Stephen Murphy

The story is set in a near-future society where terrorist attacks start. Stephen Murphy illustrates the tale with mind-blowing images. You can expect extraordinary artwork from this comic book. When the havoc wrecks the world’s ecosystem, it shows how the end of the millennium will be. Moreover, the mythology has some of the best graphics and it never fails to impress.

Puma Blues contains a series of interrelated stories with a world full of mutated animals. Explore how a lone government agent is trying to investigate the truth behind environmental degradation.

After the Rain

Author: John Jennings

After the Rain is one of the best graphic books you will ever come across. The book is an adaptation of NnediOkorafor short tale, and John Jennings is the editor of this comic series. Furthermore, the story follows the life and the struggles of a young woman who travels from America to her roots in Africa.

As a scripter and a colorist, the young woman’s horrifying efforts in her passage will leave you shook. This story is all about identity and fate and John Jennings manages to portray the emotions wonderfully.

Batman, the killing joke

Author: Alan Moore

This particular comic of the Batman series revolves around the story of an infamous villain, The Joker. A family man who quit his job and became a comedian fails. Later he agrees to guide 2 criminals.

The first thought after thinking of the character joker brings negativity and anger, but this story holds more than that. The pain you feel for the joker to see his pregnant wife dead despite his multiple efforts to save her. This particular series of comics is the world’s favorite.

The Sandman

Author: Neil Gaiman

The Sandman series of comics is something that can completely change the way you look at comics. Revolves around the idea of ice and fire. This mythology has exciting and terrifying twists.

The story goes into the extreme depths of hell, describing the demons. This book lets you join the mysterious cast through a thrilling dreamworld. The story is dynamic, dark and sharp, and much more.          

“It’s a good life if you don’t weaken”

Author: Seth

This simple and minimal comic is a semi-autobiography of the author. The mentioned book signifies the magic of creativity. This book is a perfect blend of drama, humor, Beauty, sweetness and darkness.

This story is about a boy who makes cartoons, struggles with them and then loses them. Basically, it’s a tribute to all cartoonists. “It’s a good life if you don’t weaken” is a piece of art and one of thebest comic books of all time.

Strange things: The other side

Author: Jody Houser

This super iconic Netflix series is now a breathtaking comic as well. One of the biggest highlights of this comic is the spectacular artwork by Stefano Martino. The book tells about what happened to Will Byers when he was upside down. The story is from his perspective and revolves around his feelings and thoughts.

It is a quick read that makes room in your heart. The book has something more than the series about Will’s experience. Further, the book describes the experiences of Will Byers in detail as well.

Ice cream man

Author: W. Maxwell Prince

This philosophy-horror laced with comedy is a kind of something you surely want to grab. An exquisite representation of horror that will give you chills. Characters dealing with their special sundae and sufferings. Ice cream man is a trickster going and messing up with the mind space of small towns.

The story is about a man named Will Parson who leaves his wife, kid, parents, and everyone who thinks he failed behind. While reading his last letter, the ice cream man feels self-doubt, depression, and anxiety. The mentioned comic book is a complete package for every bibliophile.


Author: Matt Fraction and Elsa Carttetier

November is a thriller crime book. The story is about three women who fight for their life. This crime fiction also depicts Lesbian romance very effectively. Many moments of the book immensely connect with the reader.

The tale portrays traumatic incidents in the character’s life boldly. Nevertheless, this book is no less than a masterpiece; the storytelling, noir crime fiction, graphics, and artwork is up to the mark.


Author: Chip Zdarsky

This book has something for every taste. Mind racing book will force you to think about what will happen next. The story is about a town where no one dies. This place has been kept a secret, so you won’t find any path to find it.

The plot begins when Daniel (character) receives a letter from a long-lost relative about their inheritance in still water. Daniel, at first, seems to be the kind of person who wants to do right, but everything gets ruined. By the end, treads tie together and make so much sense.

Sin city

Author: Frank Miller

Sin City is a series of comic books of neo-noir crime written by an American writer Frank Miller. This thriller comic book has a total of 11 parts with different titles. The books are filled with eye-catching pictures to give you a visual representation of the story in an iconic way.

Sin City is an entertaining comic whose story revolves around the revenge of a tough young man, Marvin. He is seen to be on a hunt for a bunch of people who killed the only girl he used to love. Moreover, if you like your comics to be full of murderous rage and thrill with dark undertones, this one is more like that.


Author: Garth Ennis and Steve Dillion

Garth Ennis and Steve Dillion authored the Preacher comic book series with breathtaking artworks and covers. The comic tells the story of a small town (Annville) preacher, Jesse Custer.

When his church gets sabotaged and his entire congregation is killed, he decides to find God and question him about the dishonorable status of humans. However, he was not alone on his journey and was accompanied by his girlfriend, Tulip O’Hare, and an Irish alcoholic whose name was Cassidy. These three are the main characters of this series and all of them come with an edgy and exciting backstory to keep you hooked till the end.

Kingdom come

Author: Mark Waid and Alex Ross

Kingdom Come is a fantastic creation of Mark Waid and Alex Ross. They were a firm believer in superheroes and their good deeds. They believed that superheroes like Superman, Batman and Wonder woman give this world sound principles and ethics to live by.

The main characters of this series are some lost preachers, the Golden age Sandman and a pastor of an old church named Norman McKay. Moreover, this comic book series introduces you to the world of superheroes who lost faith in humanity due to the tragedies mentioned in this most excellent superhero series with jaw-dropping art and readable content.

V for Vendetta

Author: Alan Moore

It is a comic on politics and the main character is V. V used to wear Fawkes Mask during his revolutionist campaigns. He also learns about his past and also kills people.

In the comic, you will also learn about a 16-year-old girl named Every who tries to put her luck together while police have orders to kill her. Moreover, V for Vendetta is more about political stuff and is meant to give you a really subtle view of political and social life.


Author: Alan Moore

Watchmen is one of the masterpieces written by Alan Moore and the artwork is done by the great artist Dave Gibbons. The comic book follows the active lives of some superheroes who are forced to abandon their costumes and heroism and part ways.

But destiny brings them all together when one comedian gets brutally murdered. One of them (Rorschach) decided to investigate the cause and people behind his death. The comic also digs up into each character’s past to give you a sense of familiarity while reading it. The series contains interesting incidents and excellent drawings that won’t let you blink your eyes.

My Favorite Thing is Monsters

Author: Email Ferris

My favorite thing is Monsters, a story revolving around the characters of Chicago. Its main character, Karen, lives with her brother. She loves to draw, watch horror, and fancy supernatural creatures such as monsters. She thinks of herself as a werewolf girl with sharp claws and fangs in her imagination.

She is also friends with her upstairs neighbor, Anka. She visits her very often, but one day she gets murdered. The murder makes Karen want to investigate and try to find out the murderer of Anka, which makes the book quite absorbing and gripping.

From Hell

Author: Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell

‘From Hell’ is a classic novel sewed through the thrilling murder events set in the early eighteenth century. This gripping story is based on the murderer and police authority who want to catch him. The story revolves around the lead character Inspector Fred Abberline. He is on the lookout for Jack the villain a Ripper in Victorian East London.

There are exciting events like how the ripper escapes the police and grabs on to the new targets. In this graphic novel, the storyline has been developed on the Whitechapel murders. In this read, some events are based on true stories and parts are fiction. This novel unfolds a cynical person’s mental level and capabilities and, in contrast, how the police lead tries to capture him. If you are looking for thrill and excitement, it is one of the highly recommended novels.

Day Tripper

Author: Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá

Day Tripper is an intriguing book based on the deep thought of death and life and how the circle moves along. It revolves around Bras de Olivia’s Dominguez during different periods in his life, each with the same ending: his death.

Daytripper depicts different stages in a man’s life. The writer has walked through various steps of Bras’ life living in Brazil throughout the chapters. It is a series of different stories ending with death and a different viewpoint. The writer has depicted Bras’ death at various stages of his life and, after it, the consequences. Every part of this series discovers new meaning in life.


Author: Noelle Stevenson

Nimona is an exclusive comic read for young minds. The author Noelle Stevenson has woven a story of a young shape-shifter with a pinch of villainy flavor. The comic is full of adventure, excitement, and magic powers. The story follows the character of Lord Ballister Blackheart, who is a hard-hearted villain and Nimona is the sidekick.

The adventures of Nimona and Lord Blackheart are about a mission to prove to the kingdom that Sir Ambrosius Goldenloin and his friends are not real heroes. During this course of events, there is a discovery of the magical powers of Nimona and how they use them to prove their point. Undoubtedly, it is a perfect rollercoaster for those who love to take a memorable comic ride.

Far Sector

Author: N.K. Jemison

Far Sector is a collection of 12 interesting parts that solve the brutal crime of murder. The world has not witnessed such a crime in generations and now it is there. This is a murder thriller working on the storyline of the first murder in almost 500 years. The book brings out everyone to be a suspect.

The place of crime is set as The City Enduring, a progressive metropolis at the edge of the universe. The main character of the series, Green Lantern, has experienced different phases to solve this murder mystery and save the rest of the city. It is thrilling and beyond imagination. So, if you are looking for a nail-biting experience, then pick up this series and experience the real thrill.

American Born Chinese

Author: Gene Luen young

American Born Chinese is a tale of three unrelated people. First is Jin Wang, who moves to a new city, where he is the only Chinese-American student. The next character is the mighty Monkey King, a character who jumped from the Chinese stories along with Chin-Kee, a negative Chinese stereotype.

The storyline is weaved with an interesting series of events that links all the characters. It is a perfect pick for your weekend trip. No one can deny that American Born Chinese is one of the best comics of all time.

All-star Superman

Author: Grant Morrison

As the name suggests, this is a fascinating, adventurous, and gripping comic that is almost really hard to miss. We all know that Superman is an all-time hero and nothing is impossible. Well, here the truth comes out about the fact that Superman is dying.

As time is running out, he has the responsibility to tie up loose ends and also, he should leave the Earth as a better place filled with harmony and love among the people. Grant Morrison presented the heroic character with an emotional side. Though a challenging read, it shares the emotional side of a Super Hero.

Mister Miracles

Author: Tom King

‘Mister Miracle’ is an unstoppable miracle in itself. The story is about the main lead Scott Free- a savior celebrity Mr. Miracle. He has been running around the world to save it and make it a better place, but now the time has come if he can escape death.

The situation came up when there was a glitch in the perfect life of Scott and his wife, Big Barda. A war started between their home worlds of Apokolips and New Genesis. The story revolves around how Mr. Miracle will come out of this situation. The mentioned book is worth your time for all the obvious reasons.

Ghost Circles

Author: Jeff Smith

Ghost Circles is an exceptional gift of Jeff Smith to the kids. The book revolves around the main characters Bones, the Gran’ma Ben, the Thorn and the loyal rat creature cub.

It is an adventurous story sharing the journey of the mysterious ghost circles to Athena. The nail-biting series does not let you off the hook even for one minute. Ghost Circles is about just one wrong step that could bring irreparable changes.

A Contract with God

Author: Will Eisner

As the name suggests, “A Contract with God” is a book about the life of mortals and how we can improve our experience. It is basically about the poor Jewish people who live in the poor places of New York.

It has been well-illustrated about their lives, beliefs, and how they come out of their problems. A Contract with God is one of the most sentimental and emotional collections of stories.

The Underwater Welder

Author: Jeff Lemire

The Underwater Welder is a mind-blowing science fiction that amazes the reader and shares a thrilling experience. The book is about the father-son relationship and their differences. The story is about an underwater welder on an oil rig on the Nova Scotia coast.

The lead character Jack works with the pressures of deep-sea work. The story is about how he strikes a work balance and takes care of his wife and son. The fantastical elements of the mentioned comics make it a captivating read.

Ms. Marvel

Author: G Willow Wilson

Ms. Marvel Comics is an exciting story about a superhero who uses her extraordinary powers to save the world. Kamala Khan is just like any girl from Jersey City, but then she is suddenly empowered with ability.

The story speaks about her newly gained power and how she copes with her gifts’ understanding and the danger. She is all set to save New York. Ms. Marvel is a delicious gift of Marvel comics that covers a range of superheroes. This is a gripping series of adventures shared by Ms. Marvel. It is a perfect teenage read.

This one Summer

Author: Mariko Tamaki

This One Summer is a story about a family and how the changes occur in a family. It shares a ritual that Rose and her mom and dad take a holiday on a lake house in Avago Beach every Summer. Here Rose stays with her friend Windy and enjoys their time together.

The story takes a big turn when Rose’s mom and dad are fighting this Summer, and things have been changing. Not only this, the grown-up Rose had various dramatic problems with local teens. This one Summer has changed Rose’s life in a big way. It is a fantastic teenage read with exciting twists and turns.

Through the woods

Author: Emily Carroll

Through the Woods is a compilation of stories based on various hardships of life.

Here it shows how fairy tales can go weird and get one into a problem. The story “Our Neighbor’s House” brings out how a neighbor can land you in a crisis. “A Lady’s Hands Are Cold.” is another gripping story about a bride holding all the secrets.

Followed by a spooky yet exciting story Y “My Friend Janna.” The stories are thrilling and compelling to read. So, if you are looking to pick up a weekend read, there is nothing better than ‘Through the Woods.’


Author: Richard Mcguire

Here is a revolution that comes straight from the great comic innovators. The comic is based on mind-bending science fiction. The thought process of Richard McGuire is marvelous, and it is surprising to read how the various events have occurred in space and what we have now.

The writer has talked about the third dimension. This comic is altogether a very different reading experience in itself.

How to be Happy

Author: Eva Woods

How to be Happy, as the title suggests, is a book where the author shares both sunny and sad phases of life in terms of character. The story revolves around two opposite characters, Annie and Polly. Annie is unfortunate due to her problems in life, and Polly, on the other hand, is a lively person. The book shares the journey between two people and how they influence each other and communicate to live a happy and fruitful life. The book is a perfect pick for a positive weekend, and it is best to enjoy it with a cup of coffee.

The Wicked + The Divine

Author: Kieron Gillen

The Wicked + The Divine is a series of supernatural powers and the mortals and wicked. The series talks about the reincarnation of God as humans, the Divine. Plus, how they work together to destroy the Wicked. Though it may sound simple, it is a well-known subject presented in exciting and spell-bound instances. It is one of the thrilling reads that no reader can ignore.

Messy Roots

Author: Laura Gao

Messy Roots is a very light-hearted yet deeply emotional story about an American who is the offspring of Chinese immigrants. The girl is from Wuhan, China, and as the pandemic breaks, it becomes pretty famous due to the breakout. The book illustrates how a girl is affected by the Messy Roots she came from and how people treat her. The book shares an insightful point of view that we do not even think about. So, this makes Messy Roots an excellent pick for thought-provoking ideology but in a lighter way.


Author: Marjane Satrapi

Persepolis is an intriguing story about a young girl growing up in Iran. Growing up in such a volatile situation is not easy. The author has shared her own story with a bend. She has beautifully depicted the entire scene and problems in her black and white comic strips. Moreover, the plot highlights the situation in Iran and how the people spend their lives. It is about how a courageous girl speaks her mind and makes a place for herself. It shares the effects of war on the people living in those areas and how they lead their lives. It is a heart-touching read.

The Department of Truth #1

Author: James Tynion IV

The Department of Truth #1 is a commendable and exciting book. It shares the exciting adventure of the lead character Cole Turner who is interested in conspiracy theories, but studying is one thing, and proving them all right is another. The story is plotted with exciting twists. Ahead the plot goes with the finding of other dark truths and how to reveal them. This is a perfect weekend gripping read. So, if you want to share something interesting with the young minds, this is the pick.

The Many Deaths of Laila Starr

Author: Ram V

The Many Deaths of Laila Starr is a never reckoning series. The story speaks about the exciting topic of immorality and how it is to be stopped and used. The story begins with the idea that humanity is about to find the key to immortality. The young Laila Starr has found a way to be placed in the time and place and create immortality.

Now the real question is, what will Laila Starr do? Will she share it and disturb the working of the universe, or will she keep it to herself? This is a head-spinning read. It will be interesting to find out what happens next, death or immorality.

Once and Future

Author: Amy Rose Capetta and Cori McCarthy

Once and Future is about the past and future coming together. The story begins with King Arthur coming back from the dead to get back to England and the lead character is all set to stop him. It is a gripping adventurous read.

Who would have imagined the past and Future coming together? The series shares the myth and prophecy and mind games. So, if you are ready for a thrilling ride, pick up the book and buckle up your seat belt.   

4 Kids Walk Into a Bank

Author: Matthew Rosenburg

4 Kids walk into a bank is a book based on child psychology. It is based on instances that share how a child responds to the hard times. The story revolves around Paige and how she chooses to commit a crime with her friends to rescue her father.

The tale covers various emotions, including friendship, family, love, crime and helplessness. The book is undoubtedly an emotional rollercoaster.

The Waiting

Author: Calle J Brookes

The Waiting is a fantastic murder mystery. It is the story of FBI agent Fin McLaughlin. He has committed many sins that he regrets throughout his career and wants to make up for them.

He even made a deadly mistake that nearly got a woman killed. Well, there is no forgiveness for it, but is it so? Was she killed? What happened to her? Well, this gripping thriller will leave you amazed. So, if you are looking for a thrilling ride. This is the best pick we commend

The Bitch Planet vol 1

Author: Kelly Sue DeConnick

This Sci-fi is mind gripping and eloping you to a different world. The Bitch Planet is sewed with a woman in prison. Well, it is through the various compliance with her patriarchal work that will result in the penal planet in the galaxy.

It is about the new crop of fresh femmes that have arrived and can change the whole scene. Science is about making the most significant discovery and changing the face of the world. It will be fascinating to know what happens next? How the Bitch Planet saves the world and a lot more. So, say ‘Hi’ to this gripping graphic novel.


Author: David B

Epileptic is one of the most innovative comics. The story revolves around how the writer is growing up with an epileptic brother. It is a six-volume series. The series shares how the author spent an idyllic early childhood playing with the neighborhood kids and with the family in Florence.

The whole world changed for them when his brother was diagnosed with epilepsy and how they cope with it. It is a heartwarming book that shares various emotions, helplessness, and more. It shares a different point of view with the world on how the family takes the change and works through it. It is a heartwarming series and a must-read.


Author: Warren Ellis

Transmetropolitan is infused with dark humor with unconventional journalism. The story is about a journalist named Spider Jerusalem who was forced to return to a job he hated. It all happens due to the money he owed to the publisher.

The author highlights the evil side of the journalism space and tries to throw light on the injustice happening to the journalists. The main character does not care about what people/politicians think of him. Basically, the tale is about a bold journalist and his tragedies. The enlisted comic book makes you face the harsh truth with surprising twists and turns.

Astro City

Author: Kurt Busiek

The story is about different characters living in Astro City. A big highlight of the book is five teenage friends who went on a trip to “find themselves” or find their role in this world that seems too difficult to understand. Later on their journey, one of the five teens dies while fighting another group.

Astro City is a place that is both blessed and cursed simultaneously; both superheroes and supervillains live together. Not just that, but they also get to see each other daily and fight for their existence and justice, which is very weird and wonderful. Reading such books makes one feel like they belong to that actual space.


Author: John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell

The book is about the civil rights movement, which is portrayed from the perspective of those leaders. The people who have felt and heard everything from a closer view. The book describes the history of the younger generations, which is extremely relevant to the world we live in today.

This highlights the struggle of Mr. John Lewis’s work during his fight for civil and human rights. Despite police telling them to bow down, how they stood stronger. All the tear gas attacks, mental torture and insults never broke their belief in fighting for their rights. He was also sent to jail numerous times. This book is an epic piece of art in American history.


Author: Robert Kirkman

In this book, Mark Grayson is an average high school student and his dad is an alien in the face of humans. Later in his life, Mark started to discover his superpowers. So he started practicing them while his dad played the role of his mentor.

Soon after in the story, the Omni man, the most powerful superhero on the planet, gets kidnapped and returned within a few days, but he feels as if it has been 8 months. The sequencing of the Invincible is snappy and appealing. This book is a must-read for all the superhero fans, it has all the superhero vibes to it, yet it is so different from all other superhero comics.

Fun Home

Author: Alison Bechdel

Here comes a fascinating book that focuses on the childhood and the Youth of the author. The author also describes her complicated relationship with her father. The book also taps on different issues such as suicide, mental abuse, depression, gender orientation, etc.

Her father, Bruce, also had a homosexual relationship with high school students. Sometime after his wife demanded a divorce, he got killed in an accident later concluded as suicide. The author also describes her struggle with her sexual identity when she realizes she’s a lesbian and her confrontation about the same with her parents. The book is so relevant to the instances of the struggle; everything is very well described.


Author: Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith is well known for his light-hearted comedy and dark fantasy. The book Bone is a fictional novel with stories of romance, adventure and full of tragedy. Bone is a story of three cousins named Phony Bone, Fone and Smiley.

All of them get separated and lost in a vast desert. Slowly, they all find their way to a forested valley with so many strange and beautiful creatures. It is a fascinating read. Precisely, bone has pretty much everything anyone desires in a graphic novel; this comic sums up all of it.

Scott Pilgrim

Author: Bryan Lee O’Malley

Scott Pilgrim is a 23-year-old boy who lives with his gay friend in Toronto. Scott plays bass in a band. One night Scott had a dream about a girl. Later he finds the very same girl delivering a package. Soon after, he discovers that the girl’s name is Ramona flower, who had recently shifted there from New York after a messy breakup.

Further, he comes to know that Ramona is curved and he had to defeat all her seven evil exes. He decides to do so. After a lot of tragedy, twists and turns, they met again and started their relationship like new after a long time. They held each other’s hand and disappeared into the Subspace. The book is hopelessly romantic and filled with mystery.


Author: Alan Moore and Stephen R Bissette

Hellblazer is a contemporary horror comic. John Constantine, the main character, is displayed as a kind and confident man who made more enemies than he had defeated. He was considered to be a questionable friend.

Later his magical abilities were getting out of control. The book is brilliant. You can’t get enough of John, no matter what it is. The artworks in the book are also adorable. This horror mystery is filled with disturbing creatures. No contemporary horror fan can leave this beauty.

Paper Girls

Author: Cliff Chiang

Paper girls is a story of four 12-year-old newspaper girls. After fighting with another group, they ran after them and reached a mysterious construction house with a time machine. They got caught by the energies transmitted by the time machine.

All the girls frequently traveled in the 20th and 21st centuries and met their past and future selves—a beautifully crafted adventure series. Full of surprises, this series never misses even a beat.

Black Panther

Author: Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Black Panther is an eminent character in the Marvel series. He is much more than just a superhero. This superhero comic is filled with drama and action with some of the most unimaginable and substantial plot twists to have ever existed in the world of comics.

It is not a one-go thing; this has layers to it. T’challa, aka Black Panther, became a comic hero way before he came to marvel. Book also tells how he was exposed to a herb that gave him exceptional powers. All these elements make him no less than a hero. Not just that, but Black Panther transforms the face of humanity with his marvelous superpowers.


Author: Craig Thompson

This autobiographical comic revolves around the life of Mr. Thompson’s childhood, his love life and his life as an adult. The book has been featured in Times magazine as an incredible piece of art. It’s about a young man telling his story to the world and expressing himself in a way he feels the most confident.

Illustrations in the book are vibrant and full of life. The memories of your first love and the innocence of one’s childhood this book brings back memories. Such a delicate piece of art can make you feel like you’re in a movie. 


Author: Frank Miller

300 is surely a limited edition. It is fictional storytelling of the battle of Thermopylae. The story begins when the king gathers a group of 300 of his best men as his bodyguards to protect him from the invasion of Persian “God kings.”

The Spartans were held back for around two days; during the break, Xerxes meets Leonidas and offers him power and wealth in return for his surrender, which Leonidas further declines. Book excels at what it seeks to do. It feels like someone is stabbing your stomach while reading this historical piece of art.

Cyclopaedia Exotica

Author: Aminder Dhaliwal

The story revolves around the cyclopes dealing with microaggression and discrimination and trying to live their lives in a way the other two eyes of the planets are living. Book has good humor, not letting the destruction and depression overpower the brain too much.

The author also highlights bullying, body shaming, sexual fetish, and intermarriages. The book beautifully covers these heavy topics in a very subtle yet impactful way. With extremely thought-provoking ideas with brilliant storytelling, this book is a must-read.

The Arrival

Author: Shaun Tan

Featuring the life of an immigrant who leaves his home and family and goes to an imaginary world that resembles the world we live in today. The story haunts and tells how scary it is to feel to be in a place where everyone is a stranger.

A place where you don’t know anything about everything: the food, the land, the people, the language, the currency, not even the animals. The book does not have words; it just has graphics, pictorials, and impactful artworks. The story teaches us to be a little more kind and empathetic.


Author: Roy Thomas and John Buscema

This Marvel comic is fantasy fiction. The story has one of the less popular avengers characters and turned it into a masterpiece. Vision, a part of an Avengers movie, is the comic’s lead character.

Vin was a synthesizer; even on his mission of humanity, his family was threatened, and he became the antagonist of his own story. The book beautifully covers cuts and bits of Marvel movies. Seamlessly tragic with a roller coaster of emotions describes the tale further with some fascinating artworks. If you are a Marvel fan, then this is worth a read.

Doom Patrol

Author: Arnold Drake, Bob Haney, and Bruno Premiani

Doom Patrol is a group of superheroes whose powers caused them trauma and pain. They are creepy and freaks. When the world gets strange, these heroes get up to save people from something unimaginable.

Together these heroes face all the threats. Despite having all the superpowers, their tragic lives were full of sadness. The book has a philosophy, comedy, tragedy, action, literature and much more depth. The story is odd and out of the box but still has that comic goofiness.

I Killed Adolf Hitler

Author: Jason

I Killed Adolf Hitler is funny, sad, dark, and uplifting all at the same time. The mentioned book has a storyline about the life of Adolf Hitler. A man is hired to go back in time to kill Adolf Hitler. With all the killing, bloodshed and destruction, this book efficiently manages to make you laugh as well.

Though there is so much more depth in the story, within just 50 pages, Jason contains, it is incredible to have so much content. He also managed to slip a little love story, making the book so elegant and put together. An absolute must-read, the artworks are also very creative.


Author: Mike Mignola

Hellboy from Hell to Earth, also known as a half-demon, grew into an adult with red skin, horns and a tail, with his right hand made of stone, also described as someone who smells like peanuts, is the main character of this book. He fights against the Nazis and the witches.

The story turns haunting and extremely hilarious. Hellboy has one of the most incredible storytelling of all time. The goal is to say that when strangeness attacks the world, an angel in the form of a stranger will come and save the world from the bad.

The saga of the swamp thing

Author: Alan Moore

The writer has been a pillar of the comic industry, targeting his primary audience as adults. His style is dark and humorous. The story is about a doctor named Alan Holland who almost gets killed by his rival fellows, who also killed his wife.

He then decided to take revenge for whatever happened to him, so swamp began to explore his powers. The story turns more horror from psychology further in the story, which is enough to give anyone chills. Later he took his revenge and fought underwater vampires who wanted to destroy heaven. The feel of reading this book with a lot more twists and fears touches the part of the soul that can’t be felt at first.


Author: Matt Fraction and David Aja

Matt Fraction and David Aja’s Marvel Comics carve the never-ending faith in the powerful world of comics. Amazingly, weaved with shocking story elements, Hawkeye makes its way straight to the reader’s heart.

The 2012 Hawkeye series is excellent, fun, and largely avoids complicated questions portrayed in most Marvel comics. These forces let the book be a great pick-up for new fans who want to see Marvel at its best.

Final Words

So, now you surely know from where you can start your journey of the best comic books of all time. These books will take you to a parallel universe of curiosity, captivation and connection. Gather all of them and attend a memorable reading session now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best comic books to read?

The best comic books to read are:
Ms. Marvel
The Sandman

How many comic books are there?

There are approximately 56000 comic books.

What are the top 5 comic books?

The top 5 comic books are:
Doom Patrol
From Hell
Day Tripper

What is the #1 comic book of all time?

Saga is the #1 comic book of all time.

Which is the best comic book in the world?

Mister Miracles is the best comic book in the world.


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