Which Restaurants in Sunnyvale are Top in Serving Indian Dishes, and What is the Secret to their Success in Serving the Best Indian Food?

Mar/11/2023 / by Team Seema
Indian Restaurants in Sunnyvale
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Located in California, Sunnyvale is famously known for its various tourist attractions, such as Lake Tahoe and the Sierra Nevada. The city is also home to different agricultural practices practiced in its rich area, once agricultural land.

With hard-working farmers and plenty of produce, the markets present in the city are filled with different kinds of foods. Most of these locally grown foods are harvested before being cooked in various ways using other ingredients that bring out a variety of tastes.

Most of the dishes in the city are of diverse cultures from Asia to Africa and Europe that are prepared based on their culture. When it comes to Indian dishes, you don’t have to worry because we have Indian restaurants in Sunnyvale Ca that can serve you better.

But you need to have an idea of these restaurants, especially if you are new to Sunnyvale. Some of the best restaurants in Sunnyvale include;


You can talk about the top Indian restaurants in Sunnyvale without mentioning the Satkar Indian cuisine. Located in El Camino Real Sunnyvale, the restaurant offers the best traditional Indian dishes that are prepared amazingly.

A wide variety of North Indian dishes include vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes that will fill up your stomach and give you a fantastic experience. The restaurant contains a wide variety of desserts you can choose not forgetting the beautiful services offered by their staff.


Located in the center of Sunnyvale, Sankranti restaurant has not only excellent Indian food but also outstanding hospitality that will make you keep coming back. The sweet aroma from the spices that fill the air whenever you pass around will make you stop by and taste their dishes.

The hot and delicious dishes that are prepared and served outstandingly are what best explain this restaurant’s success. The meals contain various added flavors to bring out an extra taste. Sankranti is not only a place for dinner and lunch but also a place you can carry out your event.


If you want to experience the best traditional Indian cooking, then the UvalacharU restaurant that you need to visit. From tasty food to excellent services and a warm welcome from its staff, the restaurant guarantees you the best experience that you have ever had.

They have a buffet that allows you to choose from the various dishes offered in the restaurant. Although it has a small area, the restaurant offers you the best services away from its dishes stuffed with different flavors.

Chitti Gaare

The North Indian Cuisines are undoubtedly the most common dishes when it comes to Indian dishes. However, they are even better when they reflect on the dish dal makhana and naan combo.

Chitti Gaare offers the best for such dishes—prepared by professional chefs who utilize Indian cooking to bring out the best dishes. Stuffed with various spices and flavors, the meals at Chitti Gaare give a completely different taste to Indian dishes. They create an Indian spirit through their conducive environment and services.


Ugadi is purely a vegetarian restaurant with a variety of dishes that are prepared in the home style. The restaurant offers a wide range of Indian dishes prepared using the best ingredients and mixed spices to bring out a fantastic taste.

Additionally, various curries are also prepared from a mixture of spices that are of Indian origin and some from different parts of the world. The restaurant has been operating for a while, making various people trust and love it.

They offer Indian mixed with curries served in a conducive environment that allows you to enjoy without worry.


Zareen’s restaurant is also one place that guarantees you the best experience of Indian dishes. The restaurant has an outstanding technique of selecting the best Indian dishes and snacks, which they have compiled together to create an entirely different taste of the meals.

The flavors from various sources are added to the meals prepared to ring out an extra taste of the Indian dishes. The ample family space provided in the restaurant enables you to experience these dishes with your family.

Chaats and Currys

The Chaats and Currys restaurant is a homemade restaurant that creates a feeling of being in India. Their specialization in the outstanding Indian Punjabi makes them different from other restaurants offering Indian food.

The restaurants offer various aromatic spices specially mixed to bring out an incredible taste that will give you value for your money.

Vishnuji Ki Rasoi

The restaurant has a unique role in bringing different Indian foods such as North Indian foods, South Indian foods, Gujarati, and Punjabi food together. This Maharashtrian restaurant gives you nothing but the best Indian food that you can’t afford to miss.

The restaurant creates a taste of India through the dishes prepared here, which include the mugavadi bhaji, Zunakabhakar, Thaalipeeth, and other dishes prepared the Indian way. The dhaba setting in which the restaurant is built will guarantee the best feeling of being home as you enjoy their spiced, delicious meals.

Madras Café

In the downtown area, Madras café offers the best South Indian dishes that are prepared specially. They have a mission of providing nothing but the best when it comes to traditional Indian Cuisine.

The restaurant is an inspiration of the largest city in South India, Chennai. It gained popularity in the town before being brought to America by the owners. Coming to America, the restaurant continued offering the best, which became a success for the owners.

FAQs about Indian Restaurants in Sunnyvale

Which is the Most Famous Indian Restaurant in Sunnyvale?

The Most Popular Indian restaurant in Sunnyvale is the UlavacharU Indian Restaurant.

Where Can I find the Best Indian Restaurant in the City of Sunnyvale for delivering food?

The best restaurant for delivering Indian food is the Abhiruchi, located in El Camino Real.

Which is the Most Popular Dish Served in the Indian Restaurants in the City of Sunnyvale?

The most famous dish in the restaurants is the Tandoori.


Various restaurants can give you the best experience in Indian dishes; however, these restaurants vary in their style of preparation, and therefore you need to understand that one type of food at a particular restaurant may taste different from another. You need to identify the restaurant near you and try out its food before judging the dishes.


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