Best Indian Restaurants in Austin

Apr/30/2023 / by Team Seema
Indian Restaurants in Austin
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Austin, Texas has become one of the food capitals of the U.S. Indian restaurants in Austin, Texas are growing in popularity. South Asian food trucks and restaurants are bringing new flavors to the Lone Star State. Texas is better known as the home of Tex-Mex and steak. Austin residents are sampling Indian spices and ingredients from South Asian cuisine. The history of Indian restaurants in the U.S. dates back to the 1920s. Indian cuisine will celebrate its 100th anniversary in America with fans in Austin, Texas.

1. Jaipur Palace

Jaipur Palace is a South Austin restaurant offering high-quality Indian cuisine. One of the best Indian restaurants Austin offers, Jaipur Palace brings northwestern Indian food to Texas. The recipes from the state of Rajasthan set this restaurant apart from its rivals. One of the specialties of Rajasthan is the spicy pickles enjoyed on their own or as part of a larger meal. Jaipur Palace has become one of the top restaurants in the Southpark Meadows neighborhood.

2. G’raj Mahal

The Indian restaurants in Austin, TX have been expanding into new sectors. G’raj Mahal began life as one of Austin’s many food trucks. Chef Sydney Roberts started out in a food truck. She later moved into G’raj Mahal’s current location on Rainey Street in 2013. The restaurant maintains its food truck atmosphere and is a welcome addition to Austin’s restaurant scene. Sydney’s husband, Robert was born in Goa and introduced some regional recipes to the menu. Samosas remain one of the most popular parts of the G’raj Mahal menu.

3. Bombay Express

Locals have their own opinions on which are the best Indian restaurants in Austin. Locals in Austin have become supporters of the Bombay Express restaurant. The restaurant has become famous for its high-quality vegetarian and vegan meals. Lunchtime soups are a specialty of the restaurant that is popular into the evening. The weekend thalis meals are available with two curry choices, deals, and rice. The authentic meals at Bombay Express has helped push it to the top of the Austin restaurant sector. Providing a place to enjoy vegetarian and vegan meals is important to Austin’s residents.

4. Whip In

You may not expect to find some of the best Indian cuisines in a craft brewery in the heart of Austin. Whip In has been bringing craft beer to the residents of Austin since 1986. Over the years, the Topiwala family has served different types of food to their patrons. Whip In continues to provide Indian-style street food with an authentic flavor. Dhaba-style Indian food is one of the most authentic you can sample. Truck stops throughout India continue to provide vegetarian and meat-based meals for travelers. A large plate of food is available at Dhaba truck stops for a low price. The use of ghee has become a staple in Dhaba cuisine. Austin’s Whip In brings this simple fare to the people of Texas who can enjoy Indian meals each day. Chandan Topiwala keeps the local style Dhaba popular by adding Tex-Mex flavors. The Dhaba recipes made from scratch accompany the craft beer produced onsite.

5. Asiana Indian Cuisine

If you are looking to find a good entry point into Indian cuisine, Asiana Indian Cuisine could be for you. The restaurant is located in South Austin’s Circle South Ridge neighborhood. Diners come from all over Austin to enjoy Indian food at Asiana. One of the best Indian restaurants in Austin TX, Asiana Indian Cuisine makes chicken tikka masala to a high standard. Chicken tikka masala is not the most authentic Indian meal but is a good entry point to the cuisine.

6. Biryani & Co

A restaurant named after biryani should be good at producing this dish. Fortunately for the people of Austin, Biryani & Co. has become the go-to for one of the most famous South Asian dishes in history. The restaurant produces biryani with goat, chicken, and eggs. The menu is not limited to biryani dishes. You should arrive early on the weekends to sample the house specialty rice cakes. These sought-after rice cakes will sell out if you do not arrive early in the day

7. Spice Fine Indian Cuisine Biryani Place

This biryani specialist in North Austin has become popular for its Dum pukht cookery method. The chef uses the Hydrabad dum pukht method for all biryani recipes. The method has helped the restaurant become a favorite with Austin’s Indian community. The Dum pukht method is popular in Northern India and Pakistan because of its layers of flavor. Dum pukht translates as cooked over a slow fire and refers to a long cooking method used for each dish. Sealing each dish in a clay pot and cooking over a low flame gives Spice a unique approach among Austin’s Indian restaurants.

8. Nasha

Nasha’s chef Mahesh Shinde takes a unique approach to his Indian recipes. The fusion restaurant, Nasha, combines Indian spices with classic Tex-Mex recipes. Nasha creates Indian-inspired tacos and quesadillas. Mahesh Shinde even produces Indian-flavored margaritas. The cardamom margarita has become one of the iconic drinks at Nasha.

9. Bombay Dhaba

Bombay Dhaba is a food truck but it is one of the best-reviewed Indian restaurants in Austin, TX. The truck opened on S First St. on the south side of Austin. You will never get bored of eating at Bombay Dhaba because the chef changes his recipes each day to suit his mood. Whether you are working in South Austin or exploring south of the river, Bombay Dhaba is a must-visit. The recipes created by the chef come on a plate featuring two curries, roti, rice, and a dessert. You can choose between lamb, chicken, goat, or vegetarian.

10. Star of India

The Star of India restaurant lacks a cozy ambiance but offers flavorful food. If you are looking for the best Indian food you cannot go wrong with the classic dishes on offer. The Star of India provides Indian food fans with classic dishes. Star of India provides an authentic taste of India in the form of deep-fried samosas with peas and spiced potatoes. If you are looking for a location to sample authentic masala chai, you need to look no further than Star of India. Masala Chai is a tea infused with aromatic spices for an Indian flavor. The tea is the inspiration for the well-known Cai tea latte.


Where can I find the best Indian restaurants in Austin?

The Indian community in Austin continues to grow and bring authentic Asian flavors to Texas. Restaurants offering innovative and traditional Indian flavors have opened in most neighborhoods.

What is the most popular dish served in Indian restaurants in Austin?

Chicken Tikka Masala remains a perennial favorite in Austin. The fusion of Tex-Mex and Indian on offer at Nasha is bringing new fans to Indian flavors.

The list of Indian restaurants in Austin?

Indian restaurants in Austin include:
Jaipur Palace
Bombay Express
G’raj Mahal
Whip In
Asiana Indian Cuisine
Biryani & Co
Spice Fine Indian Cuisine Biryani Place
Bombay Dhaba Star of India


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