Best Indian Restaurants in Bellevue

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Indian Restaurants in Bellevue
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History of Indian Cuisine

Traditional Indian cuisine has existed for nearly 8,000 years. It’s cultural heritage includes meals that were enjoyed by ancient mercenaries traveling on horseback, the working class, and Indian nobility. Kings and queens had dishes such as the ancient samsa, or the samosa.

Other traditional entrees like the shish tawook have their origins in the Middle Eastern tradition as part of the popular kabob series. These are where cubes of meat are roasted on long sticks known as skewers. You can roast them alongside any of a variety of vegetables, such as potatoes or carrots. These shish tawook treats use chicken rather than steak and have their roots going as far back as the Ottoman empire.

How Climate Impacts Indian Cuisine

India is located in the heart of south central Asia. Due to its unique geographical position on the map, the country has always enjoyed a rich and diverse climate range, from a warm, tropical climate to parts that are very cold. Known as the alpine climate, it refers to the part of India that’s cold, windy, and a bit snowy at times. So how does this impact India’s rich and diverse cuisine?

One thing that helps is the diverse range of ingredients. Spicey ingredients are harvested in warmer, more tropical climates while colder climates are friendlier to flavors that are a little milder. Stronger spices do better in hotter regions due to their ability to harbor antibacterial growth in a warmer environment.

Others believe that plant products thrive much better in warmer climates as opposed to meat and animal products for the simple fact that they don’t spoil as quickly. But whatever the case might be, there appears to be a universal norm for spicey foods to be grown and consumed in tropical regions while blander foods and foods containing animal products fare better in colder regions.

India has enjoyed better food and recipe diversity than any other region on the planet. Perhaps that’s why Indian traditional food has become popular in other parts of the world in recent years, including Bellevue. Below are the top restaurants that serve food within the Bellevue area.

Top Ten Indian Restaurants in Bellevue

Bellevue is a US city located in Washington state. It borders the mighty Lake Washington and sites facing the infamous Seattle urban area. Bellevue boasts a diverse culture of arts, from its timeless sculpture garden to the region’s annual Jazz and Blues festival.

Residents place great value on youth performing arts as well as public art. The city funds its own arts program, which inspires residents and attracts tourists from all over the world. And tourism brings a touch of culture to each city, which adds more to art. And cooking is an art form that embraces culture from every corner.

This outlook on cooking and fine dining has led to an increase in the interest in international tastes in most U.S. cities. Restaurants with fine Indian cuisine have recently cropped up in the Bellevue region. A series of current establishments in the city have minimal ratings of 4 out of 5 stars and are esteemed for excellent customer service. What’s more, they are also known for balancing health with excellent flavor.

1. Desi Takda Indian Grill

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

If you want a quality paneer tikka dinner plate, then you just might enjoy Desi Takda Indian Grill. This particular establishment is well-known for creating spicey crisp potatoes such as the aloo tiki, which are an Eastern version of classic hash browns.

A quick view of the menu gives you a glimpse into the wide variety of their vegetarian options. Plus, you can indulge in healthy alternatives such as the butter paneer, which is an onion, tomato and cashew recipe blended with butter and spices.

From all appearances, Desi Takda Indian Grill balances delicious with nutritious. The paneer is low carb and slow to digest, which makes it good for weight maintenance and loss. The high potassium content is amazing and makes it a better option for good blood pressure.

2. Taste of India

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

A Taste of India takes the meaning of surplus to the highest level. Even small appetizers require sharing with a friend in order to be finished. But that’s not the only item that puts Taste of India on the map for good ratings.

Taste of India is reputed for its many spicey ethnic meals, some of which include two famous dishes of the same ilk: the butter masala and the tikka masala, two zesty tomato based dishes that keep you feeling full for hours.

There are other delicacies to sample, such as the famed coconut curry, whose base consists of a blend of coconut milk, curry paste, carrots, and salt and pepper seasoning. You can also try the peppery tandoori chicken with its fine blend of chili powder and coriander spices.

3. Simply Indian Restaurant

Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Of all of the known restaurants listed, Simply Indian is a bit different. Their gourmet cooking uses a lot of curry base in the recipe. There’s goat curry and chicken curry, both of which are meat based. This means that the goat curry has the distinction of having goat meat as its base ingredient. The same goes for the chicken curry.

But what makes Simply Indian truly stand out is its high standards for cleanliness and safety. All restaurant staff are fully vaccinated against the variants of Covid. This should give you peace of mind when it comes to your own health and safety. However, proof of full vaccination is required for service.

4. Naan N Curry – Issaquah

Rating: 4/5 stars

If you’re considering an ethnic diner that’s both locally owned and operated, you should definitely check out Naam N Curry – Issaquah. The place is best known for its flavorful chicken dumm biryani, which is fully loaded with rice and stacked with chicken. Your other dishes include bitter melon (karela) and ground lamb. You could also check out the creamy chicken tikka masala or the chana masala, the latter of which is made from a chickpea sauce base.

The restaurant is predominantly Pakistani but serves food that’s original to the entire Indian subcontinent. You’ll not only taste a broader cultural variety but can feel safe getting your food there. Strict covid protocols include takeout only and signs that guide customers in and out in ways that enforce social distancing.

5. Mayuri Indian Cuisine

Rating: 4/5 stars

Mayuri Indian Cuisine is known for its genuine Indian cuisine. The restaurant has a family-friendly atmosphere and is equally conducive to single diners.

What Mayuri is best known for is its generous portions that come at an affordable price. For a price of $12.95, you can get an entire plate of food at the lunch hour. Plus, the seating strictly adheres to current Covid guidelines with tables being placed at a minimum of 6 feet apart.

One popular delicacy offered by Mayuri are the mango pickles. Mango pickles are prepared with a variety of sweet and sour spices blended with fresh mangos. They are a popular appetizer that can be served with any meal, including breakfast.

Mayuri has other traditional Indian foods such as soups, chicken and vegetable plates. They have vegetarian, vegan and gluten free recipes for those with unique tastes. Each meal is served in an avant-garde atmosphere with detailed tapestries and rugs bearing simple, abstract art.

You can stop by for a friendly meal of pakoras in any variety, from mild spicey onion, spinach or potato to a mild or spicey chilli version. There’s plenty to go around. Plus, you can order takeout.

6. Chutney’s of Bellevue

Rating: 4/5 stars

Chutney’s of Bellevue offers a quality dining experience that’s known to be unforgettable. When you first walk in, your nose will be gently assailed by all manner of traditional Indian spices.

You’ll have the intimate experience of smooth, low lighting accompanied by soft, ethnic music. Restaurant servers and management greet each customer with the utmost courtesy and with prompt service.

Chutney’s is well-known for its tandoori chicken made with oil, spices and yogurt blended with boneless chicken. And if you decide on something else, you can certainly try the garlic nan and rice dishes with vegetables. There’s also the chicken takka masala or the lamb cashew with its blend of aromatic spices and white rice.

Chutney’s attracts locals as well as tourist from around the world. People native to India enjoy dining at Chutney’s as if it were home.

The best part about Chutney’s is that you can order takeout. You can also order delivery through Grubhub anytime.

7. Taj Palace of India

Rating:4/5 stars

If you love spicey punjabi cuisine, then the Taj Palace of India is your ideal dining place. The restaurant is known for its chicken biryani, a popular native dish of chicken with mixed rice, vegetables and nuts. You can enjoy this with a side dish of white rice or alone.

The Taj Palace is known for fast and friendly service. Upon arrival, a server will greet you courteously and with a smile. You’ll be seated then handed a menu with your choice of regular or vegetarian entrees. There are pre-dinner snacks and a self-service buffet with a few options. The only worry is that some of the food is heavy on the spice. So if you’re used to mild, this may not be an ideal eatery.

8. Moghul Palace India Cuisine

Rating: 4/5 stars

If you love chicken boot kabob or the takka masala, you might enjoy the Moghul Palace India Cuisine. Food is served quickly and in a relaxed, family-style atmosphere.

And who knows, you just might love some of their other fine fare. The Mali kofta, with all its spiciness, boasts a vegetarian touch with its potato and paneer that’s deep-fried and smothered in a tomato curry. There are other dishes you can enjoy that are both regular and vegetarian straight from the menu. The buffet has a variety of fruits and other sweets for an after-dinner treat.

7. Chaat House

Rating: 3.5/4 stars

Chaat House may have a high average rating, but some laud the establishment for its vast menu of Indian paan and an assortment of ethnic snacks. And yet there’s more: Chaat House has a list of parathas made of unleavened bread that’s fried as a popular appetizer among guests. You even have a list of fried samosas of your choice.

The best time for business appears to be weekends. Families from everywhere come to enjoy fine, ethnic cuisine. But if you don’t like crowds, that’s fine. Takeout is always an option. Plus, you can come in the morning before 11:30 or during dinner on a weekday.

Summing Up The Indian Restaurants in Bellevue

Ethnic cuisine in Bellevue is a popular treat. Families, friends and singles can all enjoy the fine dining in a relaxing atmosphere. The arts culture in the Bellevue metro area is friendly and conducive to many forms of ethnic cuisine, including Indian food. And if you still want to practice covid safety measures, you have options. Takeout can be done in the restaurant, by phone, or through a mobile app. You can dine any way you choose.