Best Indian Restaurants in Cleveland

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Indian Restaurants in Cleveland
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The Best Indian Restaurants in Cleveland No One Talks About

Explore the best Indian restaurants in Cleveland. Please make the most of our daily meal deals and eat the tastiest Cuisine for a great value at up to 50% off local restaurants. Here are the city’s top Indian restaurants, featuring traditional Cuisine and urban interpretations.

1. Crown of India

Crown of India is a delicious Indian restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio. Located at 6740 Detroit Avenue, it’s within walking distance of several upscale shopping areas and the famous University Circle. Crown of India is a small Indian restaurant that serves a wide range of Indian cuisines. The dishes are prepared with high-quality spices, most often in the form of ground spices and herbs, but some dishes also incorporate fresh ingredients.

2. A Taste of Kerala

Experience authentic Cuisine from Kerala, India, at A Taste of Kerala. This the best Indian restaurants Cleveland. It offers authentic Indian food and is an excellent place for a pleasant dining experience. An award-winning chef from India owns the restaurant.

3. Biryani Hut Express

Biryani Hut Express is a brand-new Indian restaurant located in Cleveland. This is the place to go if you want to experience authentic Indian flavors that don’t stop with just the food. Biryani Hut Express offers a wide variety of traditional Indian dishes, including chicken tikka masala and rich malai kofta. Our chefs pridefully prepare each dish with excellence and love for every ingredient served at our restaurant.

4. 6 Flavors Indian Restaurant

6 Flavors Indian Restaurant is a Cleveland classic specializing in authentic Indian Cuisine. Located in Cleveland, Texas, the restaurant offers a wide variety of authentic dishes served with their family-style service. The menu includes traditional favorites and some more modern dishes to make your visit truly memorable. The restaurant has served its customers for many years with various delicious menu items.

5. Bombay Chaat

One of the best Indian restaurants in Cleveland, India House Curry in University Circle, serves delicious curries and Indian-style food at reasonable prices. It’s a favorite for vegetarians and vegans looking for a delightful vegetarian-friendly menu. So indulge your taste buds with a taste of India. Bombay Chaat combines three popular Indian foods: chicken tikka, masala dosa, and samosas. Curry, cilantro, and mango are served on egg omelets in foil packets on your choice of sizzling Tava or crispy puffed rice.

6. Cafe Tandoor

Cafe Tandoor is a cozy and inviting restaurant located in Cleveland. The Indian Cuisine is delicious, and the decor blends well with its surroundings. If you’re looking for an authentic Indian experience, this is it. Cafe Tandoor offers a menu that includes traditional Indian food and rice, dressings, sauces, and more. Besides the delicious main course of your choice, they also serve a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian appetizers.

7. Tadka Restaurant

Tadka Restaurant is an Indian restaurant based in Cleveland, Ohio. This Indian restaurant specializes in food items such as Chicken tikkas, Aloo Tikki, and Samosa. It also serves North Indian cuisine. It has an extensive menu filled with delicious traditional dishes and a full bar.

8. Cleveland Tiffin

Cleveland Tiffin is a historic restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio, that’s been cooking up some feel-good cuisine for years. It’s located on the corner of East 11th Street and Euclid Avenue in the historic Tremont neighborhood. An actual Columbus culinary experience, Cleveland Tiffin offers a complete dining experience with a classic Indian and Continental Cuisine menu. You’ll be eating with the best of Colorado’s farmers at this local favorite, and if you need a pick-me-up after lunch, they’ve got a great selection of draft beers on tap.

9. Indian Delight

Indian Delight makes you feel at home by delivering authentic Indian Cuisine in a comfortable atmosphere. Our food is prepared and cooked with the freshest ingredients to bring out its full flavor. The menu features popular dishes such as chicken tikka masala, tandoori shrimp, and butter naan.

10. Paradise Biryani Pointe

Paradise Biryani Pointe restaurant is a great place for Indian Cuisine with excellent service and great taste. Paradise Biryani Pointe is located in the Westside Market, a hub for Cleveland’s vibrant community of artists, writers, musicians, and chefs. The bright dining room is decorated in Indian motifs, thus bringing your appetite. It offers authentic Indian dishes as well as a beautiful selection of drinks.

11. India Garden

India Garden, located in Cleveland, Ohio, is known for its authentic Indian Cuisine. This elegant yet casual restaurant has been a local favorite since 1986. Each arrival is greeted by friendly staff eager to please and will gladly answer any questions or make recommendations based on your preferences. The eating style at India Garden is casual yet refined, allowing guests to select their favorite dishes without worry. In addition, the menu includes many vegetarian & non-vegetarian options, delicious appetizers and bread, and excellent beverages.

12. Saffron Patch

Saffron Patch Indian restaurant is one of the oldest Indian restaurants in Cleveland, Ohio, serving up some of the finest Cuisine from all over India. With its traditional decor, the restaurant serves delicious and authentic Indian food with its standard set a warm and welcoming ambiance. Saffron Patch is located in Cleveland and offers Indian Cuisine. The restaurant uses traditional recipes and spices to give every customer a unique dining experience.

13. Ruchi

Ruchi is a treasure and offers the best Indian Cuisine in Cleveland. It is situated in the heart of Cleveland’s University Circle district. Bringing together family and new traditions, Ruchi features a warm and inviting dining room with bright stripes hanging from dark wood ceiling fans. Your palate will be awakened with authentic Indian favorites like tandoori chicken, fiery naan bread, butter chicken, khichdi, and other gems.

14. Tandul

Tandul is an Indian restaurant in the heart of Cleveland, near the Ohio City Art District. It serves authentic Indian food in a cozy environment. The vegetarian buffet here rivals any other Indian buffet in town. Tandul also offers several vegan and gluten-free options on the buffet and several dishes suitable for lactose intolerant diners. Among their most popular dishes is roti bread, made fresh daily with layers of cheese and various spices, making it incredibly flavorful and satisfying.

15. Choolah

Choolah Indian restaurant has been a favorite local spot for Cleveland Indians fans. It serves up a range of Indian favorites at its Cleveland restaurant. From plates of naan and flatbreads to curries and other dishes made with fresh spices. Choolah’s menu has something for every taste bud.

Final Thoughts

Cleveland is an international hub, home to many different restaurants and cuisines, but it’s often overlooked in Indian food. The number of quality Indian restaurants in Cleveland may not be as high as one would expect from a city of this size, but there are still some excellent choices.


Which is the Top Indian Restaurants in Cleveland?

The Best Indian Restaurants in Cleveland are the star India Palace, a Cleveland staple serving tasty tandoori chicken and spicy vindaloo to hungry patrons for nearly 30 years. Yummy fare is just one reason this spot has earned its reputation as one of Cleveland’s best restaurants.

How many Indian Restaurants are in Cleveland?

There are around 30 Indian restaurants in Cleveland where you can find an authentic taste of India. Most of these restaurants offer halal food, and there are many vegetarians as well as non-vegetarian dishes.

What is the most Popular Dish that is Served in the Indian Restaurants in Cleveland?

The most popular dish served in Indian restaurants in Cleveland is the Amritsari Kulcha.