Best Indian Restaurants in Louisville

5 months ago / by Team Seema
Indian restaurants louisville ky
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Indian food has a reputation for its heat and extreme use of spices. The best Indian restaurants in Louisville combine delicate heat and flavors. Kentucky’s love of Indian food is in its infancy, but it continues to grow under the influence of top chefs. Louisville’s Indian food options cover every budget and dining option.

1. Shalimar Indian Restaurant

The Shalimar’s chef is a skilled artist in the delights of Indian food. The restaurant offers delivery and pickup services. To get the most from Shalimar choose a sit-down meal. The friendly staff will help you choose the perfect meal for your tastes. The kitchen uses clay ovens to deliver succulent and tender dishes for every guest. The traditional restaurant design is tidy and easy on the eye. Enjoying a sit-down meal lets you get the lowdown on the best options on the menu. A chicken tikka masala is a popular option. The house specialty is a biryani plate that brings an authentic taste of India to the menu.

2. Kashmir Indian Restaurant

The Kashmir Indian Restaurant is trying to bring Indian dining outside. A spacious patio and weekend buffet make this a popular dining spot. Finding Indian restaurants Louisville KY residents already know about is like finding a hidden gem. The unpretentious atmosphere of the Kasmir Indian Restaurant makes it a favorite. Saag chicken and a full korma menu are among the most popular dishes on the menu.

3. DakShin Indian Restaurant

This family-owned restaurant has become known for its bright and airy restaurant environment. The traditional view of Indian restaurants in Louisville is of dark rooms and low music. DakShin has an open dining area ready for you to enjoy. The family restaurant has a range of authentic dishes in different heat levels. The chef has taken inspiration from different areas of India to create a diverse menu. The South Indian delicacies on offer include many vegetarian options. Bagara Baigin is a stuffed eggplant dish that is flavorful and filling.

4. Tandoori Fusion

Farm-to-table restaurants are a popular option for diners. Tandoori Fusion’s owner brings farm fresh vegetables from his own property. Some of the dishes are traditional Indian meals from the south of the Sub-Continent. Other meals are surprising takes on Ameican classics. A popular menu item is the double cheese tikka masala pizza, with an Indian bread base. This modern restaurant has a modern location and menu for you to enjoy. The farm-to-table restaurant uses high-quality vegetables that change with the season.

5. Himalayan Restaurant

The Nepalese chef has brought some of the most ambitious and flavorful meals of India to his menu. The balanced spices create warming food that reflects the beauty of the Sub-Continent. Traditional menus from across India are popular with diners at the restaurant. If you are hungry for a snack, choose street foods at Himalayan Restaurant. Order the samosas and pakoras to go for a tasty afternoon snack.

6. Hyderabad House

Indian restaurants Louisville KY entrepreneurs have established are no longer traditional spaces. Hyderabad House is a prime example of the fun and excitement offered by Indian food. The fast and friendly atmosphere has built a dedicated following. The chef is an innovator who has brought authentic Indian food to its customers. Traditional appetizers and vegetarian options are available. The real taste of India is available in the form of South Indian delicacies. The Sambar Wada is a local favorite. The dish is a deep-fried fritter made from black lentils and curry leaves. A vegetable curry soup provides the perfect dipping sauce.

7. Clay Oven Indian Restaurant

High quality at affordable prices is the key for the owners of the Clay Oven Indian Restaurant. Located in one of Louisville’s strip malls, Clay Oven is modernizing Indian cuisine. Opened in 2014, the restaurant has built a loyal following among fans of Louisville’s best Indian restaurants. Classic dishes are available, including lamb vindaloo and shrimp masala. The long list of vegetarian dishes includes tasty saag paneer.

8. Taj Palace

The Taj Palace has won awards for service and recipes in Louisville. One of the best Indian restaurants Louisville KY has to offer, Taj Palace provides gluten-free dishes. The menu includes meat and vegetarian specialties to several soups and salads. The vegetarian entree section is wide-ranging and includes some rarely seen dishes. The aloo broccoli is tender and tasty. The Punjabi aloo is an enjoyable mix of potatoes and tomato sauce cooked in Indian spices.


Which are the top Indian restaurants in Louisville?

The top Indian restaurants in Louisville include Shalimar Indian Restaurant and Kashmir Indian Restaurant.

How many Indian restaurants are there in Louisville?

The number of Indian restaurants in Louisville is growing. Currently, around 20 restaurants are in daily operation.

What is the most famous dish that is served in the Indian restaurants in Louisville?

Chicken tikka masala remains a favorite among diners. Louisville’s Indian restaurants are popular for their vegetarian and gluten-free menu items.