Best Indian Restaurants in Minneapolis

May/01/2023 / by Team Seema
Indian Restaurants in Minneapolis
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Situated Close to the meeting points of the Mississippi and Minnesota rivers, Minneapolis is one of the most popular cities with a massive population in America. Minneapolis is famously known for its excellent park systems; Minneapolis has several beautiful sceneries, including waterfalls, wetlands, sublime lakes, and creeks.

Being an extensive and beautiful city to live in, Minneapolis has attracted a considerable population of people of different races and ethnic groups, leading to the development of a multicultural society. Different cuisines have emerged from the different cultures that chefs in the city have compiled.

Among the different cooking cultures and techniques that different people in Minneapolis have developed, there is one that various people in the city have highly appreciated, and that is Indian traditional cooking.

India has always been known for its wide variety of delicious delicacies prepared from traditional cooking using its unique spices and ingredients. However, being in Minneapolis does not mean you need to visit India to experience these super dishes; we have various Indian restaurants in Minneapolis that can give you the experience.

Usually, the city of Minneapolis is widely known for its extensive list of restaurants that offer different kinds of dishes, one of them being Indian restaurants that are ready to take care of Indian food lovers.

The Indian restaurants in Minneapolis Mn guarantee the best dishes that will make you feel as if you are in Mumbai or any other city in India, Experiencing the various delicacies. But being new, you need to know the restaurants in the city that can offer you the best experience. Below are some of the best Indian restaurants in Minneapolis.

India Palace Uptown

Located close to the Sublime -Mueller- park near Lake of Isles in the Southern part of Minneapolis, India Palace Uptown restaurant offers nothing but the best when it comes to Indian dishes. The great environment of the Restaurant is just the ideal place for birthday celebrations, couple anniversaries, or even dinner dates.

This Restaurant is one of the few places in Minneapolis that offer a wide range of vegetarian dishes prepared using traditional Indian spices, herbs, and mixed ingredients to bring out a unique taste of Indian food.

The experienced chefs in the Restaurant know how to table the Northern and Southern traditional Indian cooking in the heart of America. Some of the famous dishes on the menu of this restaurant include; are Pani puri, Dahi poori, tandoori chicken, aloo chat, and aloo ka paratha.

Gandhi Mahal Restaurant

The Gandhi Mahal restaurant, which changed its name to Curry in a Hurry, is one of the best restaurants offering Indian food in Minneapolis. The best restaurants offer not only Indian dishes but also a variety of Bangladesh dishes you can try.

The meals prepared here contain recipes and ingredients passed down from generations. Experienced chefs play a crucial role in transforming traditional Indian recipes into modern dishes that give you a reason to try them.

The restaurant converts the fresh ingredients acquired from different parts of India into delicious dishes prepared in a more professional way to suit your craving. The organic flavors in their food attract people who flock to the restaurant to experience the taste of the dishes.

Bombay Palace

Located in one of the quiet neighborhoods in the city of Minneapolis, Bombay is one of the most incredible places where you can walk in and get the best experience in Indian foods. The restaurant has a wide variety of Indian dishes that can suit your taste, from hot sauced foods to mild sauced dishes.

They offer unique vegetable and beef samosas that can give you a worth for your money, not forgetting their lentil soup spiced up to give you the best taste. The place’s environment is ideal for a birthday party or even a dinner date. Depending on what experience you want to get, the staff will always be there to make sure they cater to your desire.

Gorkha Palace

If you have an event, be it an anniversary or a birthday party, and you wish to have a good place where you may get the best service, then the Gorkha Palace is the place you need to seek. Through their warm welcoming, the staff will ensure that they give you the best service to see your event flourish.

The staff is always ready to take you through their diverse menu and give you extensive details about the dishes available on the menu. The menu contains a variety of dishes that are composed of Tibetan, Indian, and Nepali dishes.

Chefs have spiced dishes such as murgh makhana or butter chicken, malai kofta, chole, and chicken tikka masala. Chefs prepare most dishes in this Restaurant from organic ingredients derived from local farms and gardens.

Kadai Indian Kitchen – Skyway Minneapolis

Kadai Indian Kitchen is ideal for a quick breakfast or lunch. Ideally, the place is also suitable for dinner dates and events like anniversaries. Using both Northern and Southern Indian dishes cooking styles, the chefs at this restaurant transform the herbs and spices available into delicious dishes that many love.

Chefs prepare the meals such as Biryani and tandoori chicken in an expert manner that includes the addition of various spices and herbs that bring out the best taste from the dishes. If you want the best lunch, you can order the Hyderabadi chicken Dum Biryani, which involves a chicken cooked in basmati rice, herbs, and spices.

 The Chicken malai tikka is another dish you can have for dinner with the mango lassi, which is the best drink you can have.

Malabari Kitchen Restaurant

Situated in the Cedar-Riverside in Minneapolis, the Malabari Kitchen restaurant offers the best taste of Malabar cooking. Malabar, a town located on the southwestern coast of India, has a rich history in the Spice trade, with the common spice traded being the Malabar pepper.

The rest restaurants provide a wonderful dining experience with a high comfortability that makes you enjoy your meal in an ideal environment. The menu has a wide variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes that give you a wide selection of the dishes you might want to try.

Some of the dishes you can try from this restaurant include shrimp biryani, the mushroom sandwich, which goes well with a pineapple smoothie, and the vegetable cutlet.

Hot Indian Foods

Being in various locations in Minneapolis, the restaurant serves a mixture of Indian and Mexican foods. Various Indian-influenced dishes include quesadillas, yummy fries, and burritos.

With its location on 8th Street or Lake- street, this place is perfect for a quick lunch if you are in a hurry. They offer a wide variety of dishes, including Kathi rolls, vegan options, gluten-free options, and carnivores with high gluten.

Dancing Ganesha

The Dancing Ganesha is a classic restaurant arranged in an outstanding manner that guarantees comfortability as you enjoy your meal. They have a perfect space that can enable a family or a group of friends to have a good time together without worry.

They serve delicious traditional Indian dishes stuffed with various spices prepared from unique ingredients to give you the best experience in the dishes. They offer the best service starting with a warm welcome from their staff, who are always ready to serve you.

They have an extensive menu that ranges from soups, vegetarian dishes, different kinds of naan, and appetizers.

Darber India Grill and Bar

Darber India Grill and Bar is another restaurant that has been operating for some time now, making it one of the most trusted and loved restaurants by the people of Minneapolis. The Restaurant has extensive dishes that range from Vegetarian dishes to non-vegetarian Indian dishes to suit their loyal customers.

They have an extensive menu that contains different kinds of Samosas and Biryani, chili pakora, tandoori scallops, and seekh kebab. Additionally, it is not a must that you take your meal from the restaurant because they have takeaway services that can enable you to buy your meal and have it in another place such as home or at work.


Which is the Top Indian Restaurant in Minneapolis?

The top Restaurant serving Indian food in Minneapolis is the Himalayan

What is the List of Indian Restaurants that are Top in Minneapolis?

Some top restaurants offering good Indian food in Minneapolis include Nepali kitchen, World famous Momo, Dosa South Indian Grill, and Spice and Tonic.

Which is the most famous dish served in most Indian restaurants in Minneapolis?

The most famous dish served in the Indian restaurants in the city is tandoori and Biryani.


Whether you want a highly spiced or medium spiced Indian dish, Minneapolis contains various restaurants that can give you the best experience in Indian food. However, you must make sure you visit these restaurants on weekdays because most of them are usually closed during weekends.


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