Best Indian Restaurants in Pittsburgh

May/01/2023 / by Team Seema
Indian Restaurants in Pittsburgh
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Pittsburgh is one of the best cities in America that you can enjoy visiting. Located in the State of Pennsylvania, the city provides one of the best dining areas through the different restaurants within the town.

Most of the restaurants in this city have various cooking techniques borrowed from different parts of the world. These different cuisines result in various delicacies that cater to other people’s desires for pleasing dishes.

You don’t have to worry about your pocket or how much money you have to experience these delicacies because the restaurants vary from simple eateries to very complex high-class restaurants that offer the best service experience at an extra cost higher than the normal cost.

Pittsburgh is famous for its wide variety of foods that give you a reason to smile, including Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, and Indian foods. If you are an Indian food lover, you do not need to worry because we have the best Indian restaurants in Pittsburgh to take care of your needs.

Most of the cuisines prepared in restaurants in this city are usually of North Indian and South Indian roots. Their mode of Cooking and ingredients reflect the regions from which those dishes originate.

Whether you are visiting Pittsburgh for the first time or you are a permanent resident of the city, you can try out the following best Indian restaurants in Pittsburgh to experience these amazing dishes.

Mintt Fine Indian Cuisine

We can’t talk about the Indian Restaurants in Pittsburgh without mentioning the Mintt fine Indian Cuisine restaurant. With two locations in Pittsburgh, one along Banksville Road and another one in Monroeville, the restaurant offers the best that is there when it comes to food.

As much as the restaurant is known for its Indian dishes, it also offers the best combination of Indo-Chinese food to give you value for your money. The restaurant utilizes the Indian recipes in their Cooking by blending these fresh recipes and adding them to their food during preparation to create an amazing taste.

However, the spice level in the dishes they make determines how spicy the food will be. If a certain dish has a spice level of 10, the plate is more likely to be extremely spicy. Therefore, you must order the spice level you will be comfortable having.

The restaurant’s menu has various dishes, including Kebabs, tandooris, Pulao, exotic biryanis, naans, and dosas. Additionally, they offer on-site catering services, grilled dosas, oven-baked tandooris, and rotis to the visitors. They also have baked cakes like eggless and customized cakes that you may want to try out. 

Tamarind Savoring India

This restaurant is famously for its success in cooking, which enabled it to win various awards from Pittsburgh magazine, Urbanspoon, and Pittsburgh city. The restaurant has a special role in offering the best Indian Cooking to its visitors in Pittsburgh.

Located in Green Tree and Cranberry, this amazing restaurant is just what you need to visit if you are a big fan of Indian dishes. They have a diverse menu that offers various kinds of dishes that are served in buffets during weekends.

The restaurant allows you to experience different forms of Indian Cuisine that have been compiled into a single dish. The Green Tree branch has an additional dining facility for you to enjoy your dinner with your loved ones.

The pastry section of their menu contains the chicken and egg puff, not forgetting the crisp chicken you can enjoy with your family. They also have a unique dosa, chaat bazaar, and tandoori spiced up to the latter.

Café Delhi

The Café Delhi is a popular restaurant known specifically for its specialization in non-vegetarian Indian dishes. They offer all varieties of kebabs and special meals, such as the spiced mini idlis, lychee paneer, and the mixed trio you would want to try.

Aside from that, they also have appetizers such as the Mirchi, which contains fried chilis stuffed with peanuts before being served with onions and lemons freshly cut. Additionally, you can as well try their tandoori dish, which is excellent, or their specially made biryani containing a variety of spices.

If you are in a hurry, you can ask for a wrapped meal you can carry and enjoy in place of your desire, at home or work. They also offer evening snacks such as the popular panipuri dish, Chana batura, and vegetable samosas, not forgetting the catering services that can suit your event correctly.

Udupi Café

Located near Venkateshwara Temple on Old William Penn Highway, Udupi restaurant is just the place you need to visit if you want to taste dosas or Udupi. The restaurant has a special place when it comes to the use of Indian recipes in its cooking. Being on the outskirts of the city, this restaurant is the ideal place for you to have your breakfast or dinner.

The restaurant offers the idli, a cake containing steamed rice and lentils, the rice and lentil patties Vedas, and the rice and lethal crepes dish, the dosas. The restaurant’s name was derived from a famous Indian cuisine Udupi, which is still alive.

They also offer a combination of Indo-Chinese meals such as fried rice, soups, and Manchurians. They also have a special meal from South India known as the thali that you can try. Don’t forget to taste their specially made madras coffee and the rasam vada.

Taj Mahal Inc

This restaurant is situated along McKnight- road, which is in the North of the city of Pittsburgh. The restaurant is famously known for its unique name from one of the famous seven wonders of the world.

They have lunch buffets that contain a variety of vegetarian recipes, non-vegetarian recipes, tandooris, different desserts, and appetizers that favour all kinds of visitors’ needs. They use very minimal oil to prepare their food which is healthy for you.

The cheese and yoghurt present on the menu is prepared by the restaurant itself, which defines the real identity of the restaurant. They offer buffets on Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, and their meals are specially made for everyone. The restaurant normally employs different kinds of Indian cooking in their meal preparation, depending on the original meal.

Spice Affair

Spice Affair is a restaurant that is located on Brilliant Avenue on the East side of the city of Pittsburgh. The restaurant is highly recommended for special dinners like dinner dates. 

They offer a remarkable variety of meals, from tandoori and bread to tandoori shrimp and kebab. Additionally, the restaurant has various options of lassi that can have the flavour of mango, rose, or just plain lassi.

For an excellent experience, a glass of lassi that contains the rose flavour is recommended because it completes your meal in an ideal way. The naan bread such as Kabuli naan, keema naan, and chicken cheese naan is also prepared outstandingly. The restaurant specializes in dishes in North India.

Prince of India

Located on Fifth Avenue, the Prince of India restaurant gives you a reason why you should drive or walk by this place. It is not known for its buffets by people alone but also for the students who love the services offered.

 It would be best if you did not take the meal from the restaurant because they offer packed foods that enable you to carry and enjoy in different places you might like. They have very popular basmati rice that is loved by many.

The restaurant also has vegetarian meals that give some people a chance to enjoy their meat-free dishes. The restaurant is the ideal place if you want to have a meal as a group due to the pleasant environment that is available.

They are usually opened as early as 11 a.m on their breakfast menu and at 4.30 p.m; for dinner during weekdays. Their weekends are slightly different with their lunch being served at 3 p,m rather than the normal 4.30 p.m.

Coriander India Grill

 Situated in the Squirrel Hill neighbourhood, the Coriander India Grill restaurant has been the favourite restaurant for most people around the place for a while. The restaurant offers various delicious vegan meals that suit your craving.

It prepares Northern and southern Indian Cuisines and an impressive variety of Indo-Chinese dishes. The restaurant gives you the power to choose the level of spice you want your meal to contain to get the taste you love.

The restaurant normally opens daily at 11.30 a.m; for lunch except on Sundays when it opens at noon. They offer a large selection of meals prepared using Indian spices and combined ingredients to bring out the taste.

The Mataar Paneer is prepared in a wonderful way that brings out a sweeter taste flavoured by adding creamy sauces that make it even more unique.

All India Restaurant

Situated down the street a short distance from the Tamarind, All India Restaurant is another place you may want to visit. They are famously known for their buffets, which most customers love.

They also offer a wide variety of dishes you order from, especially if you are a fan of traditional Indian delicacies. Apart from Indian dishes, they have gone an extra mile by offering Chinese foods on their menu.

No matter how late it is, you don’t have to worry about dinner because this restaurant is open till late at night. The friendly staff that is welcoming and ready to serve will give you a reason to return to this restaurant. They also have vegetarian dishes options that are specially cooked and spiced too.

Choolaah Indian BBQ

The Choolaah Indian BBQ restaurant offers you a chance to fill your bowl with a wide variety of delicious dishes prepared in the restaurant. They also offer other dishes served as street food, wraps, and side dishes of Indian ingredients and spices.

The restaurant has exposed different varieties of Indian dishes to new visitors to the hotel through their years of specialization in traditional Indian dishes. The restaurant works towards maintaining a simple and spicy meal that is of Indian Cooking. Their favourite Choolaah salad is just but one of the meals that are included on their menu.

Taste of India

Situated near the children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, the Taste of India restaurant offers over 100 meals. Their services range from special buffets to super delicious dinner meals spiced up with different beverages.

Since the restaurant’s opening in 1991, there are various types of foods that the restaurant has prepared, including lamb, chicken, paneer, biryani, tandoori, seafood, and goat. The restaurants also offer a wide variety of desserts and appetizers you can enjoy.


Which is the Top Indian restaurant in Pittsburgh?

People’s Indian Restaurant is the top restaurant in Pittsburgh.

Which is the List of Restaurants Serving Indian Dishes in Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh has a variety of Indian restaurants, including Biryani house, the taste of India, prince of India, and Spice affair, among others.

Which is the Most Famous Dish Served in Pittsburgh’s Indian Restaurants?

The Tandoori is a famous dish served in most Indian restaurants in Pittsburgh pa.


Apart from the few selected restaurants famously known for their dishes, other restaurants in the city can also give you a taste of Indian dishes. However, if you want to experience these dishes, you must visit these places on weekdays because most restaurants are closed on weekends.


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