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Best of Friends – Kamila Shamsie

Apr/05/2024 / by Team Seema

Zahra and Maryam have been best friends since childhood in Karachi, even though—or maybe because—they are unlike in nearly every way. Yet they never speak of the differences in their backgrounds or their values, not even after the fateful night when a moment of adolescent impulse upends their plans for the future.
Three decades later, Zahra and Maryam have grown into powerful women who have each cut a distinctive path through London. But when two troubling figures from their past resurface, they must finally confront their bedrock differences—and find out whether their friendship can survive.
Thought-provoking, compassionate, and full of unexpected turns, Best of Friends offers a riveting take on an age-old question: Does principle or loyalty make for the better friend?

SEEMA’s View: Expertly crafted, this book is a captivating read, adorned with a graceful style that entices you to keep flipping through the pages. It presents a poignant portrayal of a lifelong friendship, skillfully delving into the imperfections of the characters, while the conclusion is both devastating and filled with hope.


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