Best Office Work Clothes for Men

11 months ago / by Team SEEMA
Work Clothes for Men

White-collar professions require specific work clothes for men that convey professionalism and seriousness. Are you seeking new office work clothes, or do you want to improve the collection of work clothes you already own? Keeping in mind the specific requirements of men who work in offices, we describe office wear for men that are not only professional but also comfortable.

Why is comfort important while working in the office? When a man wears comfortable and professional clothes to the office, he feels good and can become more productive overall. For example, while meeting with clients, because he’s dressed not only professionally but also comfortably, his confidence receives a boost.

Mens work clothes for the office are an integral part of modern life. From shirts to pants, jackets to shoes, office men’s clothing focuses on the unique requirements of these men. The best office work clothes are comfortable, stylish, and durable.

Cotton Button Down Office Shirts for Men

Comfortable office mens work clothes include cotton button-down shirts. Cotton, a natural fiber, is the most comfortable fabric a man can wear for work.

One example of a comfortable cotton button-down shirt is the Untucked Organic Cotton Shirt from Banana Republic. The shirts are 100 percent organically grown cotton. They are button-down with a button-down collar, double-button cuffs, a check pocket, and a shirttail hem. The shirts come in a variety of patterns, as well.

Why is cotton comfortable and a good choice for the office?

It’s breathable

Fabric that holds on to your sweat and increases your heat is not breathable. Trying to accomplish work while being uncomfortably hot is not a pleasant thing to do. Cotton breaths and pulls moisture away from your body. It, therefore, keeps water from building up between your clothes and your skin. You stay dry while in the office.

It’s hypoallergenic

Whenever a person wears fabrics that are not 100 percent natural, they risk skin irritations. Polyester, for example, can cause a fabric allergy for some people called textile dermatitis. One hundred percent cotton, however, is hypoallergenic. Therefore, it doesn’t cause allergic reactions, irritating the skin and making it uncomfortable.

It’s weatherproof

Another benefit of cotton fabric is that it’s suitable for protecting you from the heat and the cold. Air rests between the skin and the material. This flow allows for not only fresh air but also insulation.

It’s soft

Another reason why cotton is comfortable is that it’s soft. Therefore, it feels good against the skin.

Cotton Office Work Pants for Men

Comfortable business pants should be as comfortable as an old pair of jeans but not look like an old pair of jeans. Comfortable office work pants allow men to bend over, sit in a chair, walk and reach up with comfort. We discussed why cotton button-down shirts are so comfortable, but so are cotton office work pants.

Examples of men’s cotton work pants are the Elastane Stretch Weekday Warrior Dress Pants at Bonobos. The pants are 97% cotton and 3% elastane. Elastane is also known as spandex or lycra. It’s highly stretchable and breathable. These Bonobos pants are stretch cotton pants.

Cashmere Office Work Sweaters for Men

Cashmere is incredibly soft and comfortable. It’s a 100 percent natural fiber that comes from the wool of the Kashmir goat in the Nepal Himalayan region. The thread is soft and strong – it’s heavy enough to act as a coat but light enough to make for a nice sweater or socks.

Comfortable men’s work clothes include cashmere office work sweaters for men. A comfortable cashmere sweater for men is the V-Neck Cashmere Sweater by Nordstrom. It is 100 percent cashmere in three colors.

A cashmere sweater for the office is an excellent piece for a casual Friday or a casual office environment. Let’s look at why?

Cashmere keeps a person warm in cold weather, but not too hot in warm weather.

One of the best facts about cashmere is that the fabric keeps a person warm even in the coldest weather, but it also doesn’t get too hot in warm weather. Why is that? Cashmere is ideal for cold weather because it is water-resistant; it also works for warm weather because it won’t retain sweat and become waterlogged.

It’s soft.

Cashmere is perfect for sensitive skin because it’s soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic. So, it’s excellent for people with dermatitis or eczema because air is allowed to circulate underneath the fabric.

It’s strong.

Cashmere is another one of those kinds of materials that is not only soft but also strong. It doesn’t shed as much water or lose its shape as other materials.

Wool and Polyester Office Work Blazers for Men

Comfortable white-collar clothes include light office work blazers for men. These are dressy enough for the office but light enough not to feel uncomfortable. An example of such a blazer is the Stretch Wool Blazer from Huckberry. It’s made of stretch wool, a mixture of wool, polyester and elastane. It has a chest pocket, two waist pockets and two interior pockets. You can match the blazer with matching trousers.

What are the benefits of a wool blend such as the blazer from Huckberry?

Wool is a natural material superior to polyester, an artificial fabric. We discussed the possibility of adverse reactions to polyester, but are there benefits to a wool and polyester blend?

The blend is stronger than wool.

Mix the materials, and the final product becomes stronger. Durable clothes last longer and save the buyer money. However, you still need to pay attention to the quality of the blazer purchased. What may look durable may not be because some polyester fibers can cause wool fibers to fray.

What’s an easy way to determine quality? Price. You get what you pay for when it comes to clothes. Cheap, poor-quality clothes come with an inexpensive price tag. Quality clothes do not unless you buy the item on sale or second-hand.

More colors are often available.

You can often get more designs and colors than 100 percent wool with a wool blend.

t feels good and doesn’t look artificial.

The final product does not look artificial when you mix polyester with wool. The mixture also feels good against the skin without the itchiness of wool.

It’s durable.

When you mix the two materials, wool will last longer, fades less, and shrinks less.

It’s affordable.

Because the pricey wool is mixed with the less expensive polyester, it brings the cost of a wool blend down. The final result is not a cheaply made item, but a good quality item with a more affordable price tag than 100 percent wool. ()

Stretch Wool Suits for Men

One of the hallmarks of white-collar office attire is a suit. Suits that are not only professional but also comfortable include stretch wool suits for men, such as the Jetsetter Stretch Wool Suit by Bonobos. This is a tailored suit with 97% wool and 3% elastane. It also comes in a variety of colors. The jacket has modern notch lapels and double-button, double-vent, and non-functioning button cuffs. It has a Bemberg lining and an interior passport pocket.

Comfortable Office Work Shoes for Men

White-collar men who work in the office sit for much of their work. However, they’re also on their feet. Comfort for anyone starts from the ground up. A man who works in a professional office would not walk around in socks or slippers. That would be inappropriate. Comfortable office work shoes for men, such as the Men’s Dobson Cap Oxford by Johnston & Murphy, are a suitable alternative. The Men’s Dobson Cap Oxford has a sleek exterior and a sheepskin lining that provides comfort all day long.


What Are the Best Work Clothes Color for Men?

White-collar clothes for men come in recognizable colors that have been office favorites. Many men stick with these colors. However, some men wish to venture out of the typical office color wheel. When that happens, they must make the right decision. If he makes the right decision, he can look professional, in control, and command a personal style. If he makes the wrong decision, he can look unprofessional and not trustworthy.

Because more and more men are embracing a more comprehensive range of color selections, what are the best work clothes color for men that follows the standard for success?

Conservative colors

Conservative colors are seen on many men in office professions, and straying from those colors is rarely seen. Traditional colors worn by men in the office are colors that don’t offend and blend in. These colors include black, gray, navy blue, dark brown, and taupe.

Semi-conservative colors

In addition to conservative colors, wine, eggplant, and forest green, which are semi-conservative colors, can be worn. You must take care with these colors, however. You will unlikely find a man dressed in a wine-colored suit while working in a white-collar office, but his shirt or tie may include the color.

Vibrant colors
Some men like and appreciate vibrant colors. But what is the most appropriate way to incorporate these colors into a white-collar office environment? Know which vibrant colors are right for you.

Vibrant colors include red, yellow, bright green, orange, etc. To look your best, it’s essential to know what colors look best on you. That starts with knowing whether you have warm, neutral, or cool undertones. Here are two tips on how to determine it:

Look at your veins.
Take a look at the veins in your wrist. Do they appear blue or green? If blue, you have cool undertones. If green, you have warm undertones.

What does your skin do under the sun?

Those will cool undertones tend to burn quickly, while those with warm undertones don’t and get darker.

But what about neutral?

Going back to the vein test, if your veins match your skin color or if they appear colorless, you likely have neutral undertones.

Incorporated vibrant colors with conservative colors.
As the majority of a man’s office outfit, bright colors are not appropriate for most corporate offices. Therefore incorporating the colors with conservative colors is the right way to go. For example, a tie and handkerchief can include bright colors such as solids or stripes, polka-dots, or paisley prints.

Cool undertones
Cool colors include deep purple, emerald, bright blues, etc. If you have cool undertones, you will look good in a gray suit and a white collared shirt. You could add a deep purple tie and matching handkerchief to include a vibrant color.

Warm undertones
Warm colors include yellow, red, orange, etc. If you have warm undertones, you will look good in a navy suit and a white collared shirt. You could add a yellow tie and matching handkerchief to include a vibrant color.

Neutral undertones
You can safely create combinations from both the warm and cool variety if you have neutral undertones.

What Are the Basic Work Clothes for Men?

Every man in a white-collar office needs basic office wear for men. It’s not difficult to dress professionally with the proper selection of clothes.

A suit that is the most important color for a white-collar office is a navy suit. A navy suit represents a color that best represents corporate life. After the navy, you’ll want to include gray, deep charcoal, black, and other conservative colors.

Dress shirts
Dress shirts are a vital component of white-collar attire. These are essential components whether a man wears a shirt, suit, and tie, a suit and a shirt, or just a shirt and a pair of pants. Every man should have white dress shirts, to begin with, and include blue, striped, and checked.

Dress pants
In addition to suits, a white-collar office worker should have a few pairs of dress pants. Choose navy, medium gray, and light brown.

Sports coats
In cases where a suit is not needed, you should have a couple of sports coats.

You should have a variety of ties.

You’ll need at least one pair of comfortable shoes!

You’ll also need comfortable underwear and undershirts.

Today’s socks are pretty interesting. Men’s socks are more than just solid conservative colors. We are now seeing patterns, in some instances, bright designs. As with the vibrant colors discussed above, it’s okay to insert some personality with socks but not overdo it. Colorful, funny socks can undermine your representation in an office. So use care when choosing your socks and make sure they work with the environment.

Typically, earrings and heavy chains are not appropriate for a corporate office. What is reasonable is a watch. The watch can be anything from a conservative look to a highly stylish Rolex.

Final thoughts on basic mens work clothes:
Follow the white-collar office uniform.
Solid suit, patterned shirt, solid tie
Solid suit, patterned tie, solid shirt
Solid suit, solid shirt, solid tie (As long as one element is contrasting – for example, a solid suit of one color and then the solid shirt and tie of another.)
Pay attention to textures and patterns.
You want your textures and patterns to match—for example, heavy wool fabrics with very light materials are not a match.

Can We Include Jackets as Work Clothes for Men?

A suit jacket is a part of a suit. A sport coat is not part of a suit but is a separate piece of clothing purchased individually. A blazer is also an individual piece of clothing—for example, a solid color blue blazer with ornamentation on the blazer.

A jacket is absolutely part of work clothes for men. Again, you should always pay attention to the choice of color and pattern to look professional.

White-collar professions require specific work clothes for men that convey professionalism and seriousness. However, as we’ve highlighted, these work clothes do not have to be physically uncomfortable. When you choose materials such as cotton, you can be comfortable and put together. Office Workwear has become an integral part of modern life. From shirts to pants, jackets to shoes, the best office men’s clothing focuses on the unique requirements of white-collar working men.