Best Time to Visit Jamaica: An Overview

Sep/09/2021 / by Team SEEMA
Best Time to Visit Jamaica
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Jamaica is this beautiful tropical paradise in the heart of the Caribbean which offers delicious food, lively music, and an incredible culture.Jamaica’s warm temperatures, clear turquoise waters, and incredible food, is inviting enough to have the number of visitors increasingly year on year.

Sure, the island country is beautiful and breathtaking but you need to know when to visit. So, when is the best time to go to Jamaica? Brilliant question to ask and would be a good idea if you are planning to visit Jamaica.

This travel planning guide will give you a clear picture on what to expect in each of the seasons so that you can easily plan your trip to the mesmerizing island.

Jamaican Winter:

Winter is the most popular season for travelers to Jamaica, which runs from December through March. This also means that due to the peak tourist season you will find droves of tourists and people everywhere. Which, in other words, means that the prices will be steep and would require you to plan ahead and make your hotel and travel bookings in advance?

Since this is the best time to visit Jamaica, the beaches may be crowded during this time of the year.As March is the beginning of spring break season, so be mindful of younger crowds and expect some more activities associated with the young. Speaking of which, reggae fans come to Kingston during the first week of February to celebrate the Bob Marley Week. There are concerts, lectures, fashion shows, and karaoke contests during the entire week of celebrations. The Bob Marley Museum expectedly is the center of the action for fans and music lovers.

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Jamaican Spring 

The high season stretches through to April after which the number of visitors reduces due to the rains. The temperature remains comfortable in the in the 70s and 80s. As it is almost the end of the peak season you may be able to get better deals and discount packages during this time. In the spring, the seasonal events include the St. Elizabeth Horticultural Society Flower Show and the Curry Festival. It may also be one of the best times to visit Jamaica for the International Kite Festival that is held on Easter Monday in St. Ann.

Jamaican Summer 

There is always a debate whether planning a visit to Jamaica in summer is a good idea or bad. As it is also the hurricane season, many would desist from planning a trip during this time. However, on the other hand you can make the best use of this time to take advantage of the discounts that are offered during the summer. Even though it is a hurricane prone area, yet Jamaica has remained unscathed by recent hurricanes. There may be some rain during the summer and it is recommended to check the weather forecast before you make a plan to visit Jamaica during this time. It may turn out to be the best time of the year to visit Jamaica due to the low season the beaches are not crowded, hotel rooms are available and discounted, and the temps range between the low 70s and high 80s. Even though it is the low season, there are a lot of activities and festivals that are held during the summer including the Caribbean Fashion Week,the Reggae Sumfest, the Black River Day and the World Reggae Dance Championship.

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Jamaican Fall 

During autumn the temperatures still range between the low 70s and mid 80s in Jamaica. However the island also experiences the highest rainfall during this season. A trip could be planned towards the end of October, which is the month that gets the most rain. Between end of October and early December may also be the best time to visit Jamaica as there is less rain, the temperature is still inviting and the crowds haven’t begun flocking in yet. Since Jamaica offers much more than just the beautiful beaches, it is also a good time to explore some of the other natural attractions of Jamaica.Some of the best attractions to visit during this time would be the the Blue Hole in the mountains, Dunn’s River Falls, Negril Cliffs and many more such attractions without the jostling crowds. Even during this season you can still finds events to attend like the marlin tournaments, Heroes’ Day and Restaurant Week.

Jamaican Shoulder Season 

The shoulder season which is from mid-April to May and then from November to mid-December is also the best time to Jamaica. There are so many advantages that weigh in favor of the shoulder months. The weather is amazing and there is not much crowd around as the peak season diminishes. It gives you the pleasure of exploring the magnificent surrounding and sites at your own slow pace, which is synonymous to the pace of this Caribbean island.

Cheapest time to travel to Jamaica

There is no argument to the fact that everyone should have Jamaica on their bucket list for all that it has to offer. The decision is easier to make if the cost is not too heavy to bear. For the budget friendly trip to Jamaica, it is recommended that you plan a visit

between November and mid-December. This is the shoulder month just before the onset of the peak season. The discounts and package deals on hotels and flight are easier to find and are more affordable.

Best Time to Visit Jamaica
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Jamaican Climate

Invariably every visitor to Jamaica plans to stay on the coast close to the pristine beaches. Due to the northeasterly trade winds, the seashore remains relatively cool. The temperature variations are surprisingly slight and is anywhere between 71°F and 88°F around the year. The Jamaican winter can be chilly at times especially during early morning and at night and is also driest season.

As you would have ascertained by now that Jamaica offers an ever-pleasant weather and is a year-round destination. However, you can take a pick from the above mentioned seasons that suit your taste, interest and budget.

Best Time to Visit Jamaica
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Is there a bad time to go to Jamaica?

The worst times to visit Jamaica are August through October during the Caribbean hurricane season.

What month is hurricane season in Jamaica?

Jamaica, which is surrounded by the Carribean Sea, lies within the Atlantic hurricane belt. Fortunately, direct hits are uncommon. Like most Caribbean islands, Jamaica has a hurricane season that officially starts on June 1st and lasts through November 30th.

What is the cheapest month to go to Jamaica?

High season is considered to be January, November and December. The cheapest month to fly to Jamaica is August. Usually, outside of peak vacation times avoiding December (Christmas), summer break (July-August), and spring break (March) in particular.

What should I avoid in Jamaica?

Jamaica is one of the most relaxed vacation spots in the world and is mostly considered safe. However, taking precautions will go a long way towards being able to enjoy your trip to the fullest. Do not lose sight of your belongings, do not venture out alone, do not take rides with strangers and stick together with your group.

What is the rainiest month in Jamaica?

The wettest months in Kingston are from September to October. However, keep in mind Jamaica seldom sees a full day of rain.