Biography of Apsara Reddy & Her Challenging Journey

Mar/02/2022 / by Melanie Fourie
Apsara Reddy
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37-Year old Apsara Reddy is a strong advocate for women’s rights, anti-corruption, and anti-dynastic politics. Born in Chennai, India and also known as Ajay Reddy, this Indian politician and journalist identifies as a transgender, and has a current net worth of 1,42 million dollars.

She was the first transgender to be assigned to Congress, when in 2016, former Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa appointed her as the National Spokesperson of the All India Anna DravidaMunnetraKazhagam. She’s also possibly the only transgender person to have served as the chief of so many national newspapers the world over.

Early Life 

As a child, Apsara always longed to be female. Ramesh Reddy, her father, was from an educated family in Andhra Pradesh’s Nellore area. Anuradha Reddy, her mother, came from a well traversed family, and is responsible for shaping Apsara into the woman she’s become.


Apsara holds a BA in Journalism from Monash University and an MA in Broadcasting from City University in London, with a strong focus on Developmental Economics.

Career and Accomplishments

She worked for The Hindu, the Commonwealth Secretariat in London, the New Indian Express, the BBC World Service, and the Deccan Chronicle, among others. Celebrities such as Aishwarya Rai, Michael Schumacher, and Hollywood icon Nicolas Cage have all been interviewed by her.

She’s published pieces about politics, celebrity lives, consumerism and education, and has reported extensively from Sri Lanka, India, and Indonesia on the tsunami.

Yet that’s not all. In Tamil Nadu, Reddy had a TV program. Reddy also collaborated with UNICEF on a health campaign in Tamil Nadu for a short time. She also worked as a media adviser to Consulate General Dr. T.J. Rao in the Indian Consulate in Australia.

Says Apsara on the best memories of her journalism career, “Working with the BBC and meeting some of brightest minds in the world has been very rewarding. I loved interviewing Nicolas Cage for The Hindu. Going on the grand prix tour with Michael Schumacher and writing about it for The Hindu while I was still a student was a proud moment for me.”

Her Personal Journey

She discovered transgender sex and hormone changes when searching for a guy who wanted to be a female on Google when she was 13 years old.  Since then, she was adamant about carrying the sex-change surgery out.

A few years later, she moved to Australia to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism with a focus on Investigative Journalism. She made some wonderful nonjudgmental acquaintances in Australia, and a whole new world presented itself to her.

There she met Jacinta, a lovely transsexual lady who advised her about gender counseling. Insurance in Australia covers hormone therapy, pills, and gender therapists. So Apsara went to a gender counselor, and started her hormone therapy in preparation for surgery.

Challenges Faced

Apsara sums her challenges up as follows, “I refuse to let small minds discriminate me or deny my opportunities. Yes, there have been baseless, cruel and abusive comments and statements passed. I just don’t feel the need to dignify them with a response. I have only focused on being bloody damn good at my job and delivering for the organization I am with. Success has helped me a great deal, not just in silencing naysayers but also in standing up for many like me. After a point, I think your work and success become your reputation and not your sexual identity.”

Her Advice to Other Transgender People

Her advice to others out there is to just be truthful. She notes that no-one should be able to take away your inner serenity and dignity. She says that you don’t need people in your life if they’re going to change because of your honesty. Apsara feels that parents that love you will encourage you for being honest and fearless, instead of settling for phony marriages or putting on a show.


Where was Apsara Reddy born?

Apsara Reddy was born in Chennai, India.

What is Apsara Reddy’s net worth?

Apsara has a current net worth of approximately 1,42 million dollars.