Biography of Pooja Chandrashekar

2 years ago / by Swarnendu Biswas
Pooja Chandrashekar
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Striving to Make Healthcare More Humane

Pooja Chandrashekar is a third year MD and MBA student, studying at Harvard Medical School and Harvard Business School, where the focus of her study is on improving healthcare delivery for underserved.

Encouraging Girl Power in STEM

At the same time, she is the Founder and CEO of ProjectCSGIRLS, which is an international nonprofit with an objective to encourage middle school girls to explore technology and computer science.  Founded in 2013, ProjectCSGIRLS is dedicated to closing the gender gap in computing and technology.

If one were to write a biography of Pooja Chandrashekar some day in the near or distant future, he or she should mention the fact that she founded ProjectCSGIRLS when she was in the sophomore year of high school. She is a passionate advocate for expanding access for girls and low-income students to STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education and has voiced on the underrepresentation of women in technology. National Center for Women and Information Technology and the Clinton Foundation have recognized her efforts.

Amazing Achievement

Pooja Chandrashekar graduated from Harvard College, earning an A.B. in Biomedical Engineering. There is news on Pooja Chandrashekar that after her graduation, she completed a Fulbright Scholarship in Goa, India, where she researched the affect of stigma among autistic children in rural communities.

There is also news on Pooja Chandrashekar that only at the age of 17, Pooja became eligible to be admitted to 14 top US universities, which included eight Ivy League schools. This is an amazing achievement indeed.

Esteemed Recognition

Pooja has achieved esteemed recognitions at such a young age. She is a Paul and Daisy Soros Fellow and was selected among the 2021 Forbes 30 Under 30 Healthcare list. In her website, she says that “I am passionate about building an equitable healthcare system by improving healthcare delivery for underserved patients.”

Pooja also serves as the Managing Assistant Editor for Healthcare: The Journal of Delivery Science and Innovation. It is a peer-reviewed quarterly journal that publishes cutting-edge research on innovations in healthcare delivery.

So, if one asks what is the profession of Pooja Chandrashekar then Founder of a nonprofit or a journalist would be more apt answers than just saying that she is a student.


With whom Pooja Chandrashekar is married to?

There is no news in public domain about her marriage. In all likelihood, she is unmarried till date.

Where is Pooja Chandrashekar born?

While researching about Pooja Chandrashekar one can easily come to know that she was born in Fairfax, Virginia, in the US to immigrant parents from Bengaluru, India. The age of Pooja Chandrashekar is 23 years.

What is Pooja Chandrashekar’s net worth?

There is no authentic news in public domain about her net worth.

When did she start her career?

One can say she began her career withProjectCSGIRLS in 2013.