Biography of Shabman Mobarez

Mar/07/2023 / by Team Seema
Shabnam Mobarez
Image credits: Gursharndeep Singh via Pexels

Shabman Mobarez is a famous footballer who was born in 1995 in Afghanistan to an ethnic Pashtun family. In 2003, the Mobarez family migrated to Denmark due to the war that had been going on in Afghanistan. She developed a passion for football when she was a young girl playing with boys in the street without her parent’s knowledge.

After some time, Mobarez was invited to join a professional football club, and that is when she informed her parents about her involvement with football, her parents were positive about it. They offered her full support, where she played for the Danish City Club. The popular footballer is currently living in the United States of America. She is sometimes referred to as cyclist Shabnam Mobarez due to her love for bikes as she cycles as a form of exercise.

Mobarez has continued to play football passionately as she lived her dream and eventually became the captain of the Afghanistan women’s national football team. In 2016. This is after she declined to play for the Denmark women’s national football team. She has always been determined to bring change in her birth country Afghanistan and felt that playing for Denmark would be letting her country of origin down. Before becoming the captain, she started as a striker and then switched to the midfielder position.

About Shabnam Mobarez

Name: Shabnam Mobarez

Date of birth: 27th August 1995

Place of birth: Kabul, Afghanistan

Age of Shabnam Mobarez: 26 years

Religion: Muslim

Profession of Shabnam Mobarez: Footballer

Marital status: Single


Since she was a small girl, Mobarez was always passionate about football. She would sneak out to play football in the street with the boys without her parent’s knowledge. She was always focused and hoped that one day she would play for the national team. Sometimes she would watch football tournaments in her home area, and she would be very excited about it. As she grew up, she got offers to play for different clubs, and she settled for the Danish football club; her parents gave her all their support.

As usual, she was very hardworking and determined to become the best, and eventually, her efforts and talents were spotted by different national teams, including Afghanistan and Denmark. When she got the offer to play for Denmark’s national women’s football team, where she was living with her parents, and declined it, citing that she only wanted to play for her country of birth, Afghanistan. That is how she got to work with the national women today, rising to the captain level, which she is very proud of. In 2018, Mobarez received her FIFA coaching license C from Dubai as she has been constantly coaching the refugees’ children aged 6-16 in Denmark.

Shabnam Mobarez Relationships

Shabnam Mobarez is not married, and very little is known about her relationships. This great woman footballer has managed to keep her personal life very private. There is no information about whether she has darted or is in any relationship; perhaps she is focused on growing her career before she can get into a serious relationship and decide to settle down and have a family. We can only wish Mobarez all the best in her football career and wish that she can continue becoming better in all that she does.

Shabnam Mobarez Net worth

Shabnam Mobarez is among the wealthiest Football players & listed as the most popular Football Player. Shabnam Mobarez’s net worth is approximately $1.5 Million. She has accumulated this wealth through her hefty salary for playing for the Afghanistan national women’s football team. Since Mobarez is very focused and hardworking, her net worth will increase to more millions in the next few years. We sill her the best in her career.

Shabnam Mobarez Social Media

The famous footballer is active on all social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. She has grown her fan base over a while, and she has a large number of followers on each platform. She uses them to promote her career and encourage those who look up to her that they can also become what they want to be in life. On Twitter she is @shabnammobarez, Instagram @shabnam_mobarez), on Facebook Shabnam Mobarez and she has a youtube channel called Shabnam Mobarez.

On the different social media platforms, you will find different kinds of information regarding the footballer, events that she would be attending, and pictures she takes while playing and training.


1. How many competitions has Shabnam Mobarez won?

The famous footballer has played in many matches for the national team and the Danish city club. Together with her team, Mobarez has won many competitions, as they are always focused and ensure to give their best during the football competition. No wonder she was promoted to the team’s captain.

2. When did Shabnam Mobarez start her career?

Since she was a young small girl, Mobarez was passionate about football. She could play in the streets with her friends without her parents knowing. She started her career professionally when she got the offer to play for the Danish City club. From there, she became more popular and got the offer to play for Denmark and Afghanistan national women’s football teams.

3. Is Shabnam Mobarez married?

The popular footballer is not in any relationship, and she is not married. Perhaps she is first focusing on building her career before she can settle down and start a family.