Biography of Tina Sugandh

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Bollywood celebrity Tina Sugandh, is also known as ”The Tabla Girl”. “It is intricate and you do need a bit of muscles, so I guess the traditional role is for men, but I do see more women playing and it feels good. I remember I used to sit behind the tabla before the show was to start and people would look at me and think that I was tuning it for my father, and then they’d be so shocked when I would play!,” emphasizes Tina on her connection with the instrument. The fact that she can sing, dance, and play numerous instruments has led to comparisons to Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls and other mega-talented performers like Shakira. Tina is mostly a guitarist and a tabla player, although she also dabbles with other instruments. 

She’s also the creator of Mom on Top Shop (natural skincare for expectant and postpartum women, and bestsellers like “Bake It” and “Shake It”). A number of reality programs featuring Sugandh and her spouse Tarz have aired on television, including Bravo’s Newylweds: The First Year of Marriage. Deals with Sony and Hollywood Records, three Billboard Hot 100 hits, collaborations with Timbaland and Ringo Starr, and over 3,000 gigs since she was 5 are just a few of her many accomplishments in the entertainment industry. 

Tina on working with Ringo Starr, “I would have to say working with Ringo Starr was most impressive. Not only was he incredibly funny, but he was really humble and down-to-earth.  I sang in hindi and played tabla on his album (there is actually really great footage of me teaching him tabla on my youtube). He asked me to come back to his house two weeks later  to come and hang with his family as a “thank you” for being on the album. There was home-cooked Indian food and everything! I remember one of our conversations being about how fragile we all are as humans and how a tornado could wipe us out at any moment. He’s just a really humble dude.”

An activist for miscarriage consciousness, Sugandh has also revealed the details of her eight pregnancies and five losses. She is a mother of three, and she urges other women to do the same. Tina reportedly has a net worth of $10 million, which she amassed as a well-known television host and character before becoming a TV star and substantially boosting her net worth.. Her net worth tends to grow as a result of her other talents as a talented musician since she is continuously working in the entertainment sector.

Early Life and Introduction to the Entertainment Industry 

Tina was born in Mumbai on October 17th, 1984. She moved to New Jersey with her family as a child, where she grew up. Indeed, Tina grew up in a creative environment, since her mother was a radio performer and her father worked as a keynote speaker, comedian, and solo vocal artist. When she was a little girl, her family used to perform at small gatherings around the U. S. and the Caribbean.

Tina was found at the age of fifteen by Sean Harris, a writer and creative mentor. Sean encouraged Tina to start a career in music, which she eventually accomplished. Tina worked in the studio with Harris while finishing her undergraduate education at Rutgers University as a biology major, and performing with her relatives on weekends. She also composed her own tracks while in the studio with Harris. She was recruited to Rebellion Entertainment after her graduation from university, where she spent that year honing her songs and generating new recordings for the company. 

Her Career and Accomplishments

She was signed to Hollywood Records as a vocalist and also worked as a composer for Warner/Chappell Music, which gave her valuable experience and further improved her career. As of this writing, she has actually written over 60 songs, and worked with notable personalities like Ringo Starr, Kelly Ripa, and Fat Joe, among others. Tina loved working with Fat Joe! Tina recalls to Urban Milan, “I had an amazing time with Fat Joe at my music video shoot for “So Good”.  We had an all day, all night shoot that was 2 days long, and Fat Joe’s call time was 6am on the last “night! He strolled onto the set with a big smile on his face, was totally humble, and told me how much he loved “So Good”. He probably just strolled in from the bar which had something to do with how happy he was, but what else are you going to do on your way to a 6 AM call-time in NYC?,” 

“Break Me” was showcased in the opening night episode of the new “Melrose Place” series in 2008. Her remix of the song “Break Me” ranked at number four on the Billboard Dance Chart in 2008. Sugandh’s first album, “Tabla Girl,” was published in the following year. Her financial situation was secure. Besides hosting the “Asian Variety Show”, Tina is also a well-known television personality, having starred in the documentary series “Newlyweds: The First Year,” which explores the lives of four newlywed couples from their wedding day to their one-year anniversary.

Says Tina on working in the entertainment industry , “The toughest thing about the entertainment industry is how cut-throat it is, and no matter how talented you are (ask all the “Gaga’s”of the industry and they will tell you the same), before every yes, there are a thousand no’s that you have to somehow pick yourself back up from.”

Her Personal Journey

Tina Ludwigsen married Tarz Ludwigsen, her longtime lover and producer, in December 2011 in a ceremony that was clearly very public. As a newborn, her son Tarz David who was born in 2013 after Tina suffered two miscarriages, became an H&M model. 

His younger sister born in 2015, was named Song Eleanor Sugandh. The child is named after Tina’s late mother, Geeta, who died of breast cancer 20 years ago. TIna says her mother’s name was Geeta, which translates into Hindi as “song”.

Apparently, Tina’s daughter’s birth was traumatic, as an emergency C-section was performed because the baby’s heart rate had decreased, and was not returning to normal. 

How She Inspires Others 

“I’ve always tried to inspire others, and the inspiration changes depending on where I am in life. One example is that after having 5 miscarriages, I made it my goal to get on air in order to make women aware that “1 in 4 pregnancies are miscarried” as that statistic helped me immensely to get through all my miscarriages. I managed to state that statistic in front of millions while doing a crazy pregnancy reveal as a guest on Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live”, and I received so many emails from women stating that it helped them as well.”


Who is Tina Sugandh married to? 

Tina Sugandh is married to Tarz Ludwigsen.

Where was Tina Sugandh born?

Tina Sugandh was born in Mumbai, India on the 17th October in 1984. 

What is Tina Sugandh’s net worth?

Her current net worth is $10 Million.