Bitilasana Marjaryasana – Cat Cow Pose

Jul/30/2021 / by KT Hall
cat cow pose
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Ever wake up and feel like you need a good stretch to put your body back into alignment? You might want to try cat-cow pose for better flow and balance and to reduce back pain. Synchronize it with your breathing to relieve stress and unwind.

Why Cat Cow is Among the Best Stretches

Cat and cow pose yoga (Marjaryasana / Bitilasana) are more than just easy stretching techniques. It can invigorate your prana, synchronize your movements and maximize your coordination. That’s because cat and cow pose is both freeing to the spirit and healing for the body.

Because the pose combines two different poses, cat pose and cow pose, it increases flexibility and postural awareness in the spine. To reduce back strain and promote proper spinal alignment, practice cat cow pose routinely.

Combining Cat and Cow Poses

The pose is a combination of two. These include cat pose or Marjaryasana and cow pose which is considered Bitilasana. Cat-cow is a gentle body stretch that’s ideal before a yoga routine or workout. Some people use this pose as a gentle mid-day stretch especially if you sit for long periods at work or school. Note: this pose is not the same as pelvic tilting. You’re flexing and extending exaggeratedly to include your entire spine, not simply your pelvis.

If you’re trying cat pose in yoga for the first time, you’ll understand why it’s given that particular name. Simply envision a cat on all four paws that’s ready to pounce. Because cow pose exaggeratedly stretches your spine, it’s one of the reasons it became known as cow pose.

Cat pose in yoga is a preferred way to open your lungs and chest for better breathing. It can also improve your posture and promote a healthier spine as you’re more likely to sit straighter and stand taller after this pose.

Benefits of the Pose

Cat cow yoga is beneficial for improving spinal flexibility as it can free the tense points in your body. To maximize the benefits of this powerful pose, align your breathing when you go from cow pose to cat pose. Instantly feel the freedom your body experiences. It’s invigorating for your mind, body and soul, and to open your chakras.

This pose increases the circulation between the spinal disks. Reducing stress to these areas can calm the mind and provide you with more emotional balance when combined with breathing techniques. Cat cow exercise is also a technique that you can use often to release tension in your neck, back and spine.

With this pose, you’re able to stretch your neck, back and torso and gently pull and strengthen your stomach muscles, adrenal glands and kidneys. Another benefit of the pose is that you’re opening the chest wall and reducing tension and muscle tightness. Hence, deep and slow breathing is recommended to help you calm your mind and relieve any stress.


What are the benefits of Cat Cow Pose?

Benefits include increased flexibility in the spine. You can also stretch the neck, back, torso, stomach muscles, adrenal glands and kidneys. An additional benefit is how this asana opens the chest wall. It can reduce tension and muscle stiffness.

What is the difference between Cat and Cow Pose?

Cat pose (Marjaryasana) is arching your back out in a stretch as if you were slouching. Cow pose (Bitilasana) is a gentle stretch that pushes the abdomen forward toward the ground. This pose isn’t like a pelvic tilt as you flex your entire spine, not just the pelvis.

Why is the Yoga Pose called Cat Cow?

Cat cow pose resembles a cat stretching and arching its back. It’s also similar to a cow stretching and pushing its belly out and hips forward. Hence, the name. With this pose, you’re promoting a healthy spine and opening the chest, lungs and back muscles.

Does Cat Cow improve flexibility?

Yes, cat cow can improve the flexibility in your back and spine. To enhance this, align your breathing when going from cow to cat pose to help open the chakras.

Why does Cat Cow feel so good?

Cat cow pose is a full stretch that invigorates the prana. This freeing pose can also synchronize your movements and improve your muscle coordination.

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