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The Literal Spirit of Christmas

Dec/25/2022 / by Anika Mahansaria

Great books that capture the mood of the festival

Christmas is when the whole world comes alive. Marked by snow, chilly weather and, of course, kids on their best behavior waiting for a gift from Santa.

However, there’s more to Christmas than just buying gifts. It’s a time to spread joy and happiness. A time to give back to the community, who helped you become who you are today. It’s a time to spread love and cheer with everyone. Children wait to hear stories about Christmas. These stories often explore Christmas as the season of giving, joy, happiness, and family time.

The first book on anyone’s Christmas wish list is the oldie but a goodie: “The Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. The book doesn’t have any of the typical Christmas elements like Santa Claus or reindeer, but the lessons it teaches why it remains a firm favorite with children even today. The story follows Scrooge, a miserly old man, as he rediscovers his love for Christmas. The ghosts of his past, present, and future take him on a trip down memory lane, ending at his grave. The ghosts show Scrooge that if he continues to go on the track he is going, eventually he will have no one left. This story brings in the Christmas spirit with the joy of giving and spending time with their families and helps children realize that one of the major joys in Christmas is quality time.

Next up, a book perfect for mystery lovers is the queen of crime, Agatha Christie’s “Hercule Poirot’s Christmas.” The book follows the murder of Simeon Lee as he invites his four sons and their wives over for Christmas only to drop the bomb that he’s removing them from his will. As always, the culprit is hard to find despite all the clues being there. The perfect locked room mystery for any armchair detective, this book shows Christmas spirit in the importance of family yet also shows that the holidays aren’t always the best time for people.

Holidays are when people dream of romance. Christina Lauren wrote the perfect novel, “In a Holidaze,” an instant New York Times bestseller. Mae, the female protagonist, is stuck in a time loop. She wished to see what would make her happy which resulted in her being stuck in the time loop, until she gets her true love under the mistletoe. With one hilarious disaster after the other, Mae finds herself reliving the day over and over again. A classic Christina Lauren novel, packed with Christmas cheer and unforgettable characters. This novel is perfect for adults trying to recapture the spirit and magic of Christmas and wishes.

The next classic on the list is “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” a nostalgic book for everyone. Set in the mythical town of Whoville, the grinch sets out to ruin Christmas for all the Whos. The joy of Christmas puts a smile on everyone’s face, except that of the grinch. The incessant music, loud noise and happy people annoy him to no end.

To combat this, he dresses up as Santa and takes his dog Max to steal the presents of all the Whos in Whoville. Of course the story ends happily, but not without a few valuable lessons. The grinch teaches us an important lesson which is to be kind to everyone as one small act of kindness can help change someone’s life. This story is perfect for little children as it helps them understand so much more about kindness and other morals like the impact of any unkind words on someone.

Another Christmas themed book is “Letters from Father Christmas” by J. R. R. Tolkein. How many people wrote to Father Christmas, wishing for a response? Father Christmas wrote back to some children and, for the first time, these stories are becoming public. These are stories that explore the themes of mischief and happiness and truly capture the essence of Christmas. The stories involve the beloved reindeer and missing presents, as well as clumsy polar bears climbing rooftops. Perfect for a younger audience, these stories will put a smile on anyone’s face and are a pleasure to read.

Reading these timeless tales gets everyone into the holiday mood. These books show the joy of giving, the importance of family, and the happiness surrounding Christmas. Although not every book mentioned shows Christmas in a cheerful light, they all make us value what we have a bit more. They capture the magic of Christmas.

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