Breaking Barriers As A Woman of Colour: Nina Ahmad

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Nina Ahmad
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The very first woman of color to hold statewide office in the Commonwealth’s 233-year history would be Nina if elected. Additionally, Dr. Ahmad would be the state’s first woman of color to hold the position of governor. Keep reading to learn more about Nina Ahmad.

Meet Nina Ahmad

Nina Ahmad is a member of the American congressional delegation. She is a Democrat in the House of Representatives. After winning the primary election in June 2020, she is one of many candidates vying for the job of Pennsylvania’s Auditor General.


Nina Ahmad
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Nina was eleven years old when she experienced the worst of Bangladeshi politics in her own country. Greed and corruption sparked acts of violence and a sense of hopelessness in the community. Politicians who pursued a career in politics fostered discord.

That’s when she first learned about organizing and realized how important it is to build a solid community. Nina with her family sat in awe as socially conscious Americans joined forces with Bangladeshi citizens to mobilize for peace. Over in Pennsylvania, activists and labor unions banded together to halt the violence and transform life as she saw it half a globe away. When Nina saw a way forward, her outlook on life changed.

Personal Details

Nina Ahmad
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Nina arrived in Pennsylvania at the age of 21 and immediately began working hard to pay her way through the University of Pennsylvania. She graduated from Thomas Jefferson University with a doctorate in chemistry and went on to finish a medical fellowship there. Nina developed a varied network of friends and coworkers and came to terms with her heritage as an American patriot.

As a molecular scientist and a conscientious small company owner, she had huge success in both fields. Ahmad, 61, married her longtime love, Ahsan M. Nasratullah, in a lavish ceremony. Her family includes a spouse, two children (Joya and Priya), and they’ve all resided in Philadelphia. raising two college-educated kids who are now making a difference in their communities as well as being a caring wife and mother.


Nina Ahmad
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Nina is an outspoken supporter of the rights of women and people of color. She has been a driver for change for the Philadelphia chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) for almost half a decade, and she continues to function as a national board member today. As a member of charity boards, Nina has shown her ability to contribute as a pioneer in her community. With the help of union-generated and labor-built relationships, she’s been able to create excellent employment while also making important, ethical choices about community investments as a small company owner.

The former Wills Eye Hospital as well as Thomas Jefferson Medical College medical scientist currently serves as Philadelphia’s former Deputy Mayor, as well as the city’s current former President.

As a Deputy Mayor for Public Engagement, Nina was in charge of managing dynamic individuals and programs, as well as participating in the administration of a $4 billion operating budget in public monies, under Mayor Kenney’s leadership most recently. Aside from politicians including Mayor Michael Nutter as well as Governor Tom Wolf, Nina has worked directly with business owners and the general public.

With her help, the city’s Commission for Women was established, wage fairness was achieved, and harassment in the workplace was eradicated. It was Nina who collected the city’s Youth Commission, Office of Black Male Engagement, and LGBT issues to support her reform and opportunities.

The National Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, where Nina served as a member for President Barack Obama, advised on important problems impacting the health, employment, and well-being of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

Nina is well aware that hard work, knowledge, and understanding may shine a light on the struggles of people who are marginalized. A sense of belonging is a prize that must be earned. It has the ability to accelerate and have a significant effect. It’s because of the people who battled for her that Nina is willing to fight for others. Her current task is to just repay the money.

They claimed she promised to work with Biden, Attorney General Shapiro, and State Treasurer Torsella to “deliver the change Pennsylvanians demand,” according to a statement.

In the next months, she’ll focus on energizing the party and expanding her base of support ahead of the November general election.

FAQs About Nina Ahmad

Is Dr. Nina Ahmad, MD accepting new patients?

Dr. Nina Ahmad is a Ravena, New York-based Family Medicine specialist. She’s taking on new patients right now.

Does Dr. Nina Ahmad, MD offer telehealth services?

Dr. Nina Ahmad has yet to say whether or not she provides telemedicine solutions for her patients. Please inquire with Dr. Ahmad about telehealth options.

What nationality is Nina Ahmad?

First-generation Bangladeshi-born Pennsylvania politician Nina Ahmad is vying for the office of Lieutenant Governor.

Where was Nina Ahmad born?

Ahmad grew up in Bangladesh but moved to the United States when she was 21 to attend the University of Pennsylvania.


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