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Brighten Your Home With Flowers

Apr/14/2024 / by Rashmi Gopal Rao

Turn your abode into a floral wonderland

Bouquet of spring flowers on chest of drawers against a white wall
Photo via Shutterstock

Spring is when new leaves sprout, buds begin to bloom, and there is color and cheer all around.  This season is also the perfect time to usher the cheerful vibes into your interiors.  Bring on a softer (think pastel) color palette, create sunny tablescapes, and switch to lighter textures. 

And spring décor is incomplete without a generous touch of florals. From furnishings and wallpaper with floral prints to fresh blooms and faux flowers, there are plenty of ways to infuse flower power into your home this spring. 

Wreaths, Fresh Flowers, and Foliage

From lavender and peonies to roses and tulips, use fresh blooms to give your interiors an enchanting vibe.  Hang an exquisite wreath on your front door after a bout of spring cleaning.  Made from seasonal flowers and foliage, they never fail to add a touch of vibrancy to your space.  Consider this lavender wreath available in different sizes which is sure to add in a touch of Provence to your home. 

Apart from wreaths, fresh flowers bunched into bouquets serve as the ideal artefacts that not only brighten your space but also keep it smelling fresh and fragrant.  Potted bulbs of tulips and daffodils planted in terracotta pots can serve as elegant table décor. 

If you are a fan of countryside décor or enjoy the cottagecore vibe, you can bunch together seasonal blooms like huckleberry, buttercups, green carnations, and pink roses into a mason jar and place them on your kitchen windowsill or bedside table.  They add a dash of charm and an exuberant vibe that is characteristic of the spring season.  Vintage milk cans, glass jars, and even colorful mugs are wonderful options to place these blooms. 

You can also place this arrangement on your mantle with a wicker basket filled with wooden eggs and candles lit on a vintage stand.  This will add a rustic charm to your space.  Baskets of flowers and foliage at the entryway or even on your center and dining table can bring in the beauty of spring into your interiors.

Botanical Prints

Floral prints are a great style for spring décor.  Fresh throw pillow covers sporting tiny florals in linen or soft cotton serves to add refreshing feels to your living room.  If you have the budget and are in a mood to go in for a bigger renovation, consider an accent wall adorned in floral or botanical wallpaper

An accent chair, a side table, or a pouf can also be reupholstered in garden-inspired fabric to give it a new lease of life.  Further, you can also cover the back of your bookshelf in floral wallpaper to give it a novel look.  For a boho chic look, check out flower-inspired rugs here.

Another way to incorporate florals is by creating a botanical gallery wall.  Create a collage by framing prints of spring blooms using elegant wooden frames to give your walls a seasonal makeover.  Apart from the foyer, these frames are a good fit in the dining room, bedroom as well as your kitchen wall.  Style your kitchen’s open shelves with plenty of potted plants that flourish in the season. Think tomatoes, aloe vera, parsley, onions, and even spider plant. 

Faux Flowers

Logistic and budget constraints make faux flowers a viable and convenient option.  With plenty to choose from, artificial flowers today are handcrafted with stunning realism and great attention to detail.  When using these flowers make sure to choose those with realistic colors, natural finish, and bendable stems.  Place them in creative containers and in different spaces. Try to rearrange them in a manner that they appear unique each time.  For example, if you are using them as a center piece in your living room, mix it up with real foliage to give it a voluminous look. 

Change the container and eliminate the leaves when using it in the bedroom.  Instead, you can pair it with a candle or even a book to lend it a novel look.  Ensure that you maintain these flowers by washing them with water mixed with light detergent so that they remain fresh and dust-free.


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