Bringing Mod 60s Makeup Trends Back

1960s makeup
Image credits: Lovesevenforty via Pixabay

60s Makeup is synonymous with powders, contoured smoky eyes, winged eyeliner, humongous lashes, pale pink or peach cheeks, and nude lips. The girlish makeup looks of fashion icons like Twiggy also popularized this mod 60s makeup look. The following is a guide on how you can reinvent or bring back this classic look with easy makeup techniques.  

Makeup Steps for Smoky Eyes

1960s makeup
Smoky eyes with cat eyeliner, big eyelashes, pale pink or peach cheeks, and nude lips typified the 60s makeup look.

Image credits: Sara Dabaghian via Unsplash
  1. Apply a primer to help increase your eyeshadow’s staying power.
  2. Conceal any under-eye dark circles. You can also apply concealer to your eyelids as a base for your eyeshadow.
  3. If your eyebrows are unruly, define its shape with stencils, and tweeze them.
  4. For a 60s mod look, use brown, earthy, or taupe eyeshadows. 
  5. Apply the lightest shade in your palette under your brow bone and to the inner corner of your eye, to help brighten your look.
  6. Line your eyes with a black liquid eyeliner, using an ace makeup technique like the cat-eye wing. To do this draw a reasonably thick line along your upper lash line from the corner of your eye to the end of your lash line. Then place your flick. You may also go over the line for additional boldness, and to cover any missed spots along your lash line. 
  7. Utilize a densely-packed eyeshadow brush to apply a dark eyeshadow over your eyeliner. 
  8. Smudge that same dark eyeshadow across your lower lash line for dramatic effect.
  9. Use a blending eyeshadow brush to apply your medium brown eyeshadow  to your crease, and keep blending until all harsh lines disappear. 
  10. Apply your darkest brown shade to the outer corners of the eyeshadow, extending it past your crease. 
  11. Apply a nude eyeshadow to your lids to help blend the edges of the darker brown eyeshadow. 
  12. Apply a set of false eye lashes for that classic mod 60s makeup look. 
  13. Apply black mascara to your lower lashes. 
1960s makeup
Image credits: Jazmin Quaynor via Unsplash

Products You Will Need for 60s Eyes

  • Eyelid primer 
  • Concealer 
  • An eyebrow stencil
  • Tweezers
  • An eyeshadow palette that includes dark, earthy colors
  • A fluffy eyeshadow brush 
  • A blending eyeshadow brush 
  • Black liquid eyeliner 
  • False eyelashes 
  • Black mascara 

60s Makeup Steps for Natural Looking Cheeks

  1. For a more chiseled look across your cheekbones, contour your cheeks before applying your blush. To do this, suck in your cheeks to ascertain where the hollows of your cheeks are. Then tilt your blush brush at a 45 degree angle, and position it on your cheekbone. Place contour powder on an angled contour brush. Alternatively, you may use a bronzer darker than your natural skin tone. Place the contour brush just beneath your hairline, and move down to half the length of your cheekbone. Apply the contour powder or bronzer in downward swipes to create the shadows. 
  2. If you have an olive skin-tone, choose a peach blush, as this will help balance your tones and undertone. Apply this lightly to the apples of your cheeks for a natural glow. Note that peach blush can be used on all skin tones, but flatters olive skin best.
  3. If your skin tone is darker, apply berry, terracotta, or coral shades lightly to the apple of your cheeks for a natural blush look. 
  4. For a light skin tone, use a light pink blush to achieve a pale pink look. Apply this lightly to the apple of your cheeks too. 
  5. You may now use your blush brush to blend the contours, and help soften any harsh lines or patchy areas.
1960s makeup
Image credits: Lovesevenforty via Pixabay

Products for 60s Cheeks

  • A blush brush 
  • Contouring powder or a contouring stick 
  • An angled contour brush
  • Bronzer as a replacement for a contouring stick or powder.
  • Blush  

60s Makeup Steps for Nude or Neutral Colored Lips

  1. Remove flaky skin cells from your lips by exfoliating them. Simply rub a pinch of sugar over your lips to exfoliate, and rinse off thoroughly with water afterwards. 
  2.  Moisturize your lips by applying your favorite lip balm. Opt for lip balms that are non-glossy, as the extra moisture will make it difficult for you to apply your lip color.
  3. Apply your lip liner. Be sure to select a shade darker than your natural skin tone. If you want your lips to appear fuller, apply the lip liner along the outer edges of your lips. 
  4. Apply at least two coats of your nude lip color for the best results, as this helps to help eradicate color patches. A few great nude lip color brands include NYX professional soft matte lip cream and Smashbox Always On lipstick in deep nude for medium skin tones. 
  5. Finish off the nude lip look with your favorite lip gloss. For a look that’s truly natural, opt for a transparent lip gloss, or one with a subtle pink hue. 
Image credits: ClamyCosmetics via Pixabay

Products You Will Need for Nude Lips

  • A sugar scrub for exfoliating 
  • Moisturizing lip balm 
  • Lip liner 
  • Nude lip color 
  • Lip gloss 


How do you wear 60s makeup?

With 60s makeup, the aim is to primarily focus on your eyes. 60s Eyes are dramatic with an emphasis on smoky eyeshadow, cat eyeliner, false eyelashes, and mascara on your lower lashes You can also curl your lower lashes, upper lashes and your false ones with an eyelash curler. Fashion trendsetters like Twiggy set the 60s makeup scene with girlish trends like nude or neutral lips and pale blush too.  

How do you know what 60s makeup to use?

Smoky eyes for 60s makeup mostly consists of natural eyeshadow shades like variations of browns and taupe. If you like, you may also use darker colors for the smoky eye effect like charcoal. The mod 60s look also includes a signature cat eye look, so if you want this look, you should add a liquid eyeliner to your beauty arsenal. For the pale cheek look, you should choose a blush that complements your natural skin tone. For instance, if you have an olive skin tone, choose a peachy blush shade. If you are dark skinned, you should opt for berry or coral blush. If you have a light skin tone, it’s best to use pale pink blush for a natural look. 60s Makeup also goes hand in hand with nude lip color, and glassy or pastel pink lip gloss. 

How do you do 60s makeup?

Start your 60s makeup look by focusing on your eyes. Eyes should be dramatic, with huge false eyelashes topping off an alluring smoky eye look. Prime your eyelids first, before applying concealer to them as a neutral base. Then apply a smoky eye with brown and taupe eyeshadows, and a winged cat eye with your liquid eyeliner. Finish off your smoky look with a pair of false eyelashes, and apply a few coats of mascara to your lower lashes.  Accentuate the 60s makeup look with a hint of blush in light pink, peach, terracotta or berry. Complete your mod 60s makeup by exfoliating your lips, applying lip balm, lining your lips, applying nude lip color, plus a finishing touch of sheer or light pink lip gloss.