Choosing the Best Indian Restaurants Buffalo NY

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Indian Restaurants in Buffalo NY

Buffalo was established by European Settlers in the 18th century and has grown into an eclectic city. More than 1,000 families from the Indian Sub-Continent have settled in the area of New York State. The popularity of Indian food in Buffalo includes fast food and fine dining. The flavors and colors of professionally prepared Indian meals are unbeatable. From classic chicken tikka recipes to vegan dosa meals, Indian food is comforting throughout the year.

1. India Gate

Tucked away in a quiet part of Elmwood, you will find India Gate. The restaurant can feel like stepping back in time with its mood lighting and quiet music. A relaxed ambiance allows you to focus on the excellent food on offer. Indian restaurants Buffalo, NY residents love offer authentic spices and flavors. Classics from the Sub-Continent are available from India Gate. Curries and vegetarian dishes are the backbones of India Gate. A history of providing Indian food has made this quiet restaurant a hometown favorite.

2. Taj Grill

The Taj Grill has become a favorite for Indian food in the Buffalo area. The Taj Grill’s chef is an expert in bringing traditional Indian spices to the meals you love. The menu at Taj Grill reflects the eclectic nature of Indian food. Salads, appetizers, and desserts have a South Asian twist. Taj Grill offers a range of meals, including the popular chicken Pakora dish. Thin slices of chicken breast deep-fried in a chickpea batter are a house specialty. Adding a modern twist to traditional recipes includes the onion bhaji and the gobi Manchurian options.

3. Indian Spice House

Few Indian restaurants in Buffalo are as central as the Indian Spice House. The restaurant’s home is blocks from the Electric Tower and the Town Ballroom. Having a high standard of food to back up its excellent location shows the restaurant’s success. The recipes on offer cover a wide range of options, including Indo-Chines fusion. Vegetarians and vegans are well catered for at Indian Spice House. Vegetarian dishes include paneer kulcha providing a warming cheese-filled treat. Traditional curries are available to keep everybody happy with different spice levels available.

4. Dosa Place

The Indian restaurants Buffalo, NY residents enjoy do not follow the traditional rules. Dosa Place is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant specializing in south-Indian cuisine. The experienced chef has been producing Indian food for four decades in Buffalo, NY. The chef brings the dosa to the mainstream at Dosa Place. Dosa is a battered crepe flavored with cheese, spices, and vegetables. This specialty dish from Southern India is a treat made with love at Dosa Place.

5. Buffalo Tikka House

Located in the historic Allentown District, the Buffalo Tikka House is a local community favorite. The restaurant home is close to Shea’s Buffalo Theater and the UB Medical facility. The mix of traditional fare and specialty dishes has made this a popular eatery. A popular recipe is Chicken 65 using authentic Indian spices and chilies. One of the leading vegetarian options at the Buffalo Tikki House is the channa masala.

6. The New Jewel of India

Excellent food compliments the view across Lake Erie at the New Jewel of India. Kulbir Singh has brought authentic Indian dishes for 30 years at his own restaurant. Chef Singh emphasizes quality at The New Jewel of India. The Thursday night dinner buffet has become a hit with local patrons who enjoy a wide range of dishes. Chef Singh provides an eclectic menu ranging from vegetarian to chicken and meat. The Alu Tikki potato pancake is a particular favorite. Specialty bread attracts Indian food enthusiasts from across New York State.

7. Bollywood Bistro

A more relaxed atmosphere is available at the Bollywood Bistro. One of the best Indian restaurants in Buffalo NY is focusing on the University at Buffalo. The Bollywood Bistro is a low-cost restaurant offering speedy service and tasty recipes. Traditional Indian recipes have a low cost for all to enjoy. Cauliflower curry and kidney bean dishes give an American twist to classic Indian meals.

8. Bay Leaf Restaurant

If you are in a hurry to eat on your lunch break or during a busy shopping trip, Bay Leaf Restaurant is a good option. The Indian food options are available alongside pizza, Chinese food, and chicken tenders. The traditional Indian options include chicken tikka and traditional curries. The Bay Leaf Restaurant offers a spinach saag paneer and a traditional potato Aloo Gobi. The chicken tikka wrap and the samosa plates are excellent on-the-go options.

9. Tandoori Hut

Indian restaurants in Buffalo run the board of fine dining and no-frills joints. The Tandoori Hut is a no-frills option that provides some of the best-tasting Indian food in the city. Vegetarian specialties dominate the menu, with Dal makhani a particular favorite. The blend of lentils with ginger and garlic is a light, tasty menu option. Freshly made lamb and goat curries bring locals to the restaurant from far and wide.

10. West Side Bazaar

The West Side Bazaar gives you a different approach to finding excellent Indian food. Several food providers populate the Grant St, location. Chefs from South Asia bring an authentic twist to the different menus. Options range from Indian dishes to Chinese food. This market-style restaurant in the heart of the shopping district has biryani plates and fresh samosas.


Which are the top Indian restaurants in Buffalo?

There are plenty of options for Indian restaurants in Buffalo, including India Gate and Dosa Place.

List of Indian Restaurants in Buffalo?

India Gate
Taj Grill
India Spice House
Dosa Grill
Buffalo Tikka House
New Jewel of India
Bollywood Bistro
Bay Leaf Restaurant
Tandoori Hut
West Side Bazaar

What is the most famous dish that is served in the Indian restaurants in Buffalo?

A range of dishes is available from Indian restaurants in Buffalo, NY. Chicken tikka and samosas remain a local favorite. Buffalo offers some different options, including plenty of vegetarian and vegan options.