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Christmas is the Season for a Home Makeover

Dec/28/2021 / by BINDU GOPAL RAO
Photo Credit: Urban Zen

It is that time of the year when red and green hues dominate the landscape. Experts weigh in on ways to bring in the festive Christmas spirit home.

Warm Vibes

To call December the most exhilarating month of the year is not an understatement. The onset of a festival demands a high-spirited environment. Christmas is one of those richest festivals that requires a variety of decorative techniques. And most of us associate Christmas with colors of red and green. 

Anurag Pashine and Pallavi Pashine, principal architects at Salankar Pashine amd Associates, call for more lights and lanterns, the need to replace soft furnishings of the sofas with pristine white upholstery, and give the room a festive touch with metallic shades.

Photo Credit: Design 21

According to Rohit Suraj, CEO and founder of Urban Zen, “While our Christmas trees and stockings over the mantle place are a given, what tends to be overlooked are the smaller details. Cozy corners with warm throws and side tables for cups of hot chocolates and books, decorative lights in the shape of snowflakes or tiny fir trees strung through the house, and strategically placed vases and bowls of potpourri that bring in the fragrance of Christmas. We’d also recommend decorating the staircase railing with conifer garlands with candles and lit candles on the side of the treads.”

Décor Details

PHOTO CREDIT: DESIGN 21 christmas decor
Photo Credit: Design 21

Red and plaid are some elements that fit perfectly into the Christmas time ethos. They are a classic element used for decking up the fireplaces, mantles or can be used to decorate the tree as well. 

“Usually, it is the living room where the exchange of gifts occurs, so this is the place that is usually decorated to the max,” says Sumit Dhawan, founder and principal architect at Cityspace’82 Architects. “For the hearth, red battery-operated lanterns can flank the space. Fairy lights can be used on the tree or the fireplace. The couch cannot be left untouched as well. Most importantly, the couch can be refreshed using cozy throws, new pillow covers with snowflakes on them, and a deep vacuum clean.” 

Do not forget to decorate corridors. Ar. Nikita Pathak, Co- Founder at Design 21 says, “bring together different patterns and textures in a few selected colors belonging to the same color family and go full board to give a cozy warm feel. “Do use purple as a highlight color. Purple brings in peace and an element of luxury with it. For a more homely feel use shades of mustard. Use multiple rugs. They are perfect for keeping a space warm while keeping it cozy and chic.”

Let there be Light

Seasonal festive home makeovers add a unique charm to the celebrations while also recreating the much-needed year-end warmth during the winters. 

Photo Credit: Cityspace’82 Architects

“Christmas and light go hand in hand,” says Aashita Chadha, CFO, The Karighars. “Add candleholders, wine glasses, or mason jar lights to accentuate the glamour of the room. Christmas is all about bright colors, and some might also enjoy adding metallic shimmer to their furnishings. One can make it a family bonding activity and make handmade wreaths and other Christmas decor items for the home interiors,” One can declutter and rearrange the furniture to add new zest into the interiors and bring in an updated look. Add spunk with wall hangings and metallic artefacts as they aid in bringing additional festive shimmer indoors. 

According to Robin Sisodiya, founder of ASRO Arcade, “Lighting is another aspect that can be made use of in bringing in festive cheer. Make use of soft candle lights and string lights within the spaces. LED lights in the form of strip lights or star curtain lights can spruce up the room.”

Nature Nuances

Accessorize the coffee table and the dining table with floral centerpieces and bright table runners that aid in offering a festive zest to the environment. Use white crockery that helps bring in all hues together. Add bling by using Christmassy ornaments or origami artwork that helps in decorating the space in a classy manner. 

Kapil V, founder of Bonasila, says, “We all know that a Christmas tree is the most mandatory decor item during this season. But, have you thought of decorating the space more with some more pleasing and aromatic bunch of flowers? White and Red Roses, Red poinsettias, Amaryllis, lilies can also be considered. You can also hang the flowers around the living and dining space to re-model the vibe.” 

Enliven the dining space because food is a significant part of any holiday celebration. It is the one area where everyone bonds over sumptuous food, drinks, and warm smiles. The table can be further provided with cheeful table mats and runners. Put out white crockery that complements the red and green color theme. Use floral centerpieces and popping table settings that bring out the sophisticated elegance of white. The end goal of the festive season is to be happy and spend some relaxing time with people you love.

By keeping in mind a few principles of decoration and a loose idea of what you want to decorate, it is very easy for a person to enjoy the festive season without any hitches. 


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