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Gen X Movies a Gen Zer Loves

Mar/12/2023 / by Akhila Jagan

These films make memories and bring diverse generations together

A poster of "Jaws"
A poster for “Jaws”

A love for movies cuts across generations. Though each has its favorite genre, the movie industry is constantly trying to keep up with the preference of the later generations. There are, however, some classics, enjoyed across generations. There are many movies released before my birth that I really love. Families still watch some films from the 70s and 80s and earlier even today. They may have got the taste for these films from the previous generations.

Movie nights are still a family affair, where everyone from parents, grandparents and kids watch movies that appeal to everyone. In my family, these are special and fun occasions, in which each member gets a turn to choose a film to watch. This has exposed my sibling and me to films we otherwise wouldn’t see. My parents and grandparents also get acquainted with the more modern films we bring in. From “The Sound of Music” to “Jaws,” here are some of my favorite older films.

The Sound of Music

This is my mother’s favorite movie. The 1965 romantic musical directed by Robert Wise features Julie Andrews as Maria Von Trapp, a novitiate who works temporarily as a governess for a large family. Andrews was one reason for the film’s mega success. As the character works on, she debates her decision of becoming a nun as she grows fonder of the widowed father and the children. The musical film also features many popular songs, suc h as “My favorite things,” “Edelweiss,” and “Do-Re-Mi.”


The film directed by Steven Spielberg is based on the novel by Peter Benchley. The 1975 film now has three sequels: “Jaws 2,” “Jaws 3-D” and “Jaws: The Revenge.” It tells the story of a killer great white shark creating havoc in a beach resort town. It falls upon a marine biologist to fix the problem. The movie was very popular, becoming the first one to earn more than 100 million dollars at the box office.


One of the most popular romantic musicals of all time, the 1978 film directed by Randal Kleiser starred John Travolta and the late Olivia Newton John as love interests. It is the story of a summer teenage romance between an Australian girl and American boy who find themselves in the same high school after the break. The film popularized many songs such as “Hopelessly devoted to you” and “Summer nights.” A 1983 sequel to the movie that lacked the old stars was not as successful as the original.


This family musical tells the story of an orphan, Annie, who endures the tyrannical Miss Hannigan in an orphanage. She gets adopted by a wealthy family, which changes her life completely. Featuring songs such as “Its a hard knock life,” “Maybe” and “Tomorrow,” the 1982 film appeals to many generations. Modernized versions were released in 1995 and 2014. Annie is sure to put a smile on our face and a song in your heart.


Steven Spielberg again! This time with an Oscar-winning sci-fi film adventure about an extraterrestrial. The 1982 films is about a young boy who rescues an alien being sought by a task force. Featuring actors such as Drew Barrymore and Henry Thomas, the movie is popular in family audiences cutting across generations.

Watching old movies is a wholesome way for parents to share old memories with their children, while also creating new ones. These nostalgia-evoking films are a great place to start.