Come On! Those Pumpkins and Apples Won’t Pick Themselves

3 years ago / by Melanie Fourie

pumpkins and applesNothing quite beats the mouth-watering taste of halwa – that scrumptious, pumpkin-laced delicacy. Coming up close are the  coconut-roasted pumpkin curry, apple pie and cider, caramelized apples, and pumpkin curry packed with apples and lentils.

This fall, why not meld your need to test yourself with your passion for cooking with fun activities like apple and pumpkin picking! Well, here is how to do it staying safe while remaining suitably clad, and also indulge in some other delightful family farm activities.

Why You Should go Picking Apples and Pumpkins

Fall is marked with an array of family traditions, including picking apples or pumpkins. While traditions are fun, they also cultivate stronger, endearing family ties.

The activity also gives you a sense of accomplishment, and will help pack your larder with your favorite fall cuisine and baked goods. You can still do justice to other fall food, like sweet corn, peaches, blueberries, and strawberries.

It helps that you will be out in nature, enjoying the fall foliage, or simply reveling in the festive mood. Post-picking, you can also spend quality time with your loved ones, prepping your apples for freezing.

If you pick apples at an organic orchard, you will also be promoting sustainability and helping preserve the planet. In addition, supporting a farm near you helps local businesses, which also reduces the carbon footprint associated with long-haul deliveries and so helps the environment, too, This also means that your food is fresher and healthier.

Packing and Dressing for the Occasion

Complement the rich hues of the season’s color palette by wearing earthy tones like cream, brown, orange, and green.  You can also match your tops with staple denim jeans. Or pair your jeans with your favorite plaid shirt and a layering white T-shirt. Fall can get nippy, especially in the late afternoon, so remember to wear or pack a jacket or coat.

You can also go for something practical, like denim overalls, over a cotton T-shirt. Overalls are ideal for picking apples and pumpkins since you can stash all that loot in the pockets Don a pair of Wellington rain boots if the weather calls for it, or a pair of comfy sneakers if things get warmer.

Don’t forget to bring a basket for your spoils and a pair of UV sunglasses, since you will be outdoors for hours. You should also protect your head from the elements with a snug beret for colder days, or a sun hat if things get too bright.pumpkins and apples

Other Exhilarating Farm Activities

Other fun things to do at a farm include tractor rides and petting zoos. You and your family can also explore a corn maze – in a socially distanced manner, of course. Some farms offer zip lining, to let you get a bird’s eye view of the surroundings, as well as pig races and cow trains.

You can also engage in an educational activity like cider-pressing, providing the farm actually has the equipment. Kids can take pony rides, too.

Keeping Safe During the Pandemic

Always wear a face mask, and carry an alcohol-based hand sanitizer when visiting farms. If you do not have your own sanitized basket, get one from the farm that is covered with a clean plastic bag liner, since this reduces cross contamination. Maintain a social distance of at least six feet, sanitize your hands post-picking, and select a farm that takes your temperature before letting you in.

Timed entrances into farms prevent too many people from simultaneously occupying orchards and pumpkin patches. Visit farms with clear signage that details their Covid-19 policies. This serves as a guideline for visitors. If they lack signage, they should at least have field staff managing visitor traffic. Also try visiting farms that have smooth traffic flow plans, with demarcated entrances and exits to prevent bottlenecking.

Farms offering tractor rides should sanitize all seats and handrails after every ride. Always try to seat yourself six feet from the other groups here. Try choosing tractor rides with seat demarcation markings or tape, and a staff member to ensure that pandemic policies are obeyed.

If you’re visiting a petting zoo, note that animals may cart the virus around. It’s therefore important that you avoid kissing an animal, or putting your face near to an animal’s. Always sanitize your hands before and after touching the animals. Maintain a safe distance from other zoo guests.

Once home, either remove and air, or wash your clothing thoroughly with soap suds since the coronavirus can attach itself to apparel. Remember to doff your shoes, clean the soles with disinfecting wipes, and leave them at your home’s entryway.

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