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Comic Books for Adults

Sep/24/2023 / by Melanie Fourie

Uncover a treasure trove grown-ups will love

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September 25 is National Comic Book Day—the perfect excuse for the family (including the grown-ups!) to indulge in the mesmerizing world of comic books. Learn about the relevance of comics in our society and pick a relaxing read from our recommendations.

Comic books vs. graphic novels

There is a distinction between comic books and graphic novels.

Comic books are often shorter and published in a serial format. They are often associated with superheroes and are released periodically, usually monthly. Comic books usually follow multiple ongoing storylines and feature episodic storytelling.

Graphic novels, on the other hand, are longer and more self-contained works. They tell a complete story from start to finish, often in book-length format. Graphic novels come in various formats, such as hardcover, softcover, or digital editions, and can explore a wide range of genres and themes.

The Relevance of Comic Books in Society

Comic books have transcended their origins as children’s entertainment and now hold a unique place in modern society for several reasons.

Diverse Representation: Comics have made significant strides in diversifying characters and creators, reflecting a more inclusive world.

Social Commentary: Many comics tackle important social issues, sparking discussions and raising awareness.

Artistic Expression: The combination of visual art and storytelling allows for innovative artistic expression.

Literacy Promotion: Comics serve as a valuable tool for improving literacy skills, making complex topics accessible to all ages.

The Best Comic Books for Adults

“Archie Comics: Betty and Veronica Jumbo Comics” by Ian Flynn

Archie comic books are guaranteed to evoke a sense of nostalgia, as their characters were born in 1941. In the title “Dr. Zardox’s Revenge,” Dr. Zardox is a bad man who has a robot that follows his orders. He wants to take over Riverdale. To beat him, the Crusaders and Superteens will have to work together again. In “On the Web,” Veronica Lodge’s new expensive bag has been snatched. While Veronica’s prized treasure has been lost, Wyatt Raymond, called “the Web,” is there to help with his techie and detective skills.

“Spider-Man: Miles Morales” by Brian Michael Bendis

Illustrator Sara Pichelli and author Brian Michael Bendis collaborated to create this first volume of the comic book series. The character Miles Morales, who becomes Spider-Man, was introduced as a new incarnation of the iconic superhero. Miles Morales has arrived at the top of his game in this comic book. Not only does he become a part of the Marvel Universe, but in this comic book he also becomes a full-fledged Avenger and interacts with heroes like Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man.

“Ms. Marvel” Comic Book Collection by G. Willow Wilson

“Ms. Marvel” introduces us to Kamala Khan, a relatable and endearing character. G. Willow Wilson’s writing brings depth to Kamala’s journey of self-discovery. You can find collected editions at comic bookstores or major retailers. This collection of G. Willow Wilson’s comic books, originally released as Ms. Marvel (2014) #1-19 and Ms. Marvel (2015) #1-38 by Marvel Comics, showcases Pakistani Kamala Khan as the fresh face of Ms. Marvel. This relatable heroine hails from Jersey City and made her debut in the pages of Captain Marvel.

“Ms. Marvel: Beyond the Limit” by Samira Ahmed

Taking one of Marvel’s finest heroines to new levels, Ahmed, who is well-known for her innovative work in young adult literature, delves further into Kamala Khan’s abilities and the fortitude that makes her a role model. In this comic book, Kamala Khan’s life is flipped around after an intergalactic explosion in a Chicago laboratory. As Ms. Marvel’s abilities begin to malfunction, time is of the essence in determining the root cause.

Super Commando Dhruva by Anupam Sinha

Known for his trademark yellow and blue outfit, Super Commando Dhruva is the commander of a fictitious government-sanctioned criminal fighting organization called Commando Force. Raj Comics publishes this collection of comic books. Its line-up includes other titles such as “Home of Nagraj “and “Bankelal,” among others.