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Communication: Shaping Teen Values

Nov/30/2022 / by Anusuiya Mehrotra

How does communication shape our values? How essential is communication today and how does it influence and shape us as individuals and as a community? How do we discern right from wrong in the information flow? How do we evaluate the benefits of the information and create and consume information responsibly?

Communication is a way of expressing oneself by sharing one’s ideas, information, feelings, emotions with others. It plays a vital role in everyday life and cannot be avoided. It is done not only through words but also through body language and the energy surrounding us. Effective communication takes place when the interaction between human beings is meaningful, the output is of some use. It may educate somebody, clear a misunderstanding, lead to managerial efficiency, or solve a problem. Thus, depending on what one takes from a communication with others, one’s character, values, and attitude are built.

Communication is extremely important in today’s world as it shapes us as individuals and as a community. With the world developing so quickly, there is an excess amount of information that needs to be passed to different people. The flow of information is done through communication at all places. At an office it is between staff members at all levels, keeping them updated about the organization’s objectives and other developments. This makes the organization a coordinated and an efficient one. At school, it occurs between teachers and students, among teachers and among students.

Communication makes sure to clear misunderstandings and also helps in maintaining relationships. Thus making the community a productive one. Developing good human relations provides a lot of benefits to the individual himself and further to the community. Communication helps in building those by allowing one to express their feelings and ideas to another and understand those of another. Another major factor of communication is preparing people to accept change. Overall development of people’s mindset is done through it.

Communication also helps in boosting motivation and morale. With an effective communication system, there is an ensured change in attitude and behaviour of people which increases confidence. The removed misunderstanding makes people understand each other better and thus motivates them to work more productively and harder. Thus we can say that communication plays an extremely important role in shaping individuals as well as a community.

One major aspect of communication is discerning right from wrong in the information flow, and evaluating the benefits of the information and creating and consuming information responsibly. It is extremely important to make sure you are collecting and passing on the right information. False information is dangerous because of its ability to affect public opinion and electoral discourse. If not right, it leads to misunderstandings, disputes, reduced efficiency and productivity of the community as well as individuals. To make sure you are keeping authentic information, always pay attention to the source of the information. Only if it is a reliable source, one should believe it and pass it. Never blindly believe what someone tells you. If one is unsure of a certain information, do your research. If the language used is vague, or if it uses the words “scientists say” or “research shows” is used without specifying names, then it is best to confirm it from another source. Thus having a good information system built in the community would benefit, a poorly built one would only cause more trouble.

To successfully evaluate communication, observe the environment to figure out where it can be applied. To ensure its success, combine previously learned information with the newly acquired one. This can be used by students in a school or by business persons at the international level.

Communication should not harm anybody. It is important to care for others, be empathetic, and use the information responsibly.

Communication promotes one’s development. It is necessary for building character, values, productivity and success. Where there is life, there always is communication helping it along.


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