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Indian Restaurants in Houston
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Proper Indian food has been available in Houston for years. Indian food is all about spices and texture. It is not just about how much spice you add but how evenly distributed it is throughout the dish.

Houston hosts multiple Indian restaurants of all sorts. From fine dining to casual, buffet-style, top-notch beverage programs and quick take-out, there is an Indian restaurant for everyone. The restaurants serve guests highly tailored menus, including vegetarian and vegan dishes and non-vegetarian delicacies. Below are some of the top Indian Restaurants in Houston you should try.

Narin’s Bombay Brasserie

This family-owned restaurant is located in the Galleria district of Houston, Texas. The shopping center is famous for high-end stores such as Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Coach.

The establishment has gotten praise from the Houston Chronicle for its “excellent Indian cuisine .” This restaurant offers options including Rogan, josh lamb curry, chicken tikka and marinated lamb chops. They offer appetizers such as samosas, vegetable subs and pakoras; all served hot with basmati rice or naan bread. Kebabs are also served, including chicken, shrimp or beef kebabs, and tandoori chicken.

Surya India

This is one of the most popular Indian restaurants in Houston, TX, located about two miles from Buffalo Bayou Park. Surya has been featured in Culture Map and Houstonia Magazine numerous times, and it has been voted as one of the best Indian restaurants to try. It is located along Shepherd Drive and focuses on North Indian food concerning heritage.

The restaurant’s menu consists of outstanding dishes, including Mangalorean dishes. There are more dishes such as Chicken Korma, prawn vindaloo, saag paneers, fresh naans, and tandoori.

Himalaya Restaurant

This Indian restaurant is located in Houston, Texas, at the corner of Kirby and Shepherd. This is a part of the Memorial City center near The Galleria (mentioned above). Himalaya serves some of the most delicious food you can find in Houston. If you’re unfamiliar with Southern Indian cuisine, this place offers an assortment of entree options. On their menu, you will find traditional Indian dishes such as tandoori chicken and lamb chops. They serve breaded chicken wings, fried green tomatoes and various vegetarian dishes. The curries are made with fresh spices and herbs from their garden. This is also where they make their Phall curry specialty dish.

Mahesh’s Kitchen

 Mahesh’s Kitchen is a fine dining Indian restaurant in Town Square. It combines personal design touches, including a gleeful photo of Mahesh, with a fresh approach to Indian dishes. They have an extensive menu and offer some of the most delicious Indian dishes in town.

 They serve meat and vegetarian dishes with steamed basmati rice or naan bread. Their entrees are also very varied and include chicken tandoori, lamb bhuna, seafood korma and more traditional dishes like black gram curry. Take your friends or family to this restaurant for gulf dynamite shrimp spiced with serranos, sweet and fiery mango habanero salmon or traditional chicken tikka masala.


This falls among the most elegant Indian restaurants in Houston. It is found right outside the main shopping center in Galleria. This is a perfect spot for a treat with your friends on a friend’s night out. Its floors are designed with white and black stone and it has a fabulous bar and perfects moonlighting.

They offer an assortment of entrees such as grilled chicken, grills, tandoori chicken and more. Their desserts include some delicious Indian sweets made on sights such as khakra and gulab jamun. You can order their palak paneer and a side of tandoori rice.


This is one of the most popular restaurants among locals and tourists. It is located along Washington Avenue in Houston, between Hyde Park and River Oaks. The inner walls of the restaurant are lined with Indian art and vibrant colors.

Pondicheri, inspired by Mumbai street food flavors, serves authentic Indian cuisine. They offer a variety of savory appetizers such as pudina dhokla made of green mint leaves, vegetable chaats, onion bhajia, tandoori chicken chaat and naan cheese samosas. Their entrees include tandoori salmon and chicken, lamb malai kofta and seafood biryani.

 You can stop by the restaurant for dinner and opt for their stuffed mushroom curry and ghee mashed potatoes. You will love it.

Biryani Pot

This restaurant serves some of the best Indian biryani in town. You will find it on Westheimer Road in Mid-West Houston. It has wood walls, warm leather booths, a friendly and welcoming environment and staff and spaces to enjoy your meal with your friends or family.

Biryani Pot offers a savory array of dishes that you can choose from. They are famous for their biryani, serve Hyderabadi-Indian food, and have various options, including korma chicken and house-made goat soup for a starter or a meal. You will find delicacies such as malai kofta, ginger chicken, curries, seafood and lamb masala. They are also known for their raita.


Kiran’s is another well-loved Indian restaurant here in Houston. The restaurant is located in the Galleria on Richmond Avenue, right in front of Levy Park. It looks and tastes like a 5-star restaurant boosted with its excellent services.

 Kiran deals in traditional Indian food and a modern take on recreating classy dishes and serves their food on wooden plates giving a natural sense. They offer an extensive menu, including vegetarian entrees and some meaty entree options. Their appetizers include samosas and pakoras; all served hot with basmati rice or naan bread.

They also offer a wide range of entrees, including tandoori chicken and fish. You can book a la carte or sadya tasting which they top with gobi carpaccio, a chocolate samosa, chili paneer and rasam.

Mogul Indian Restaurant

It will take you six minutes to get to this restaurant on Richmond Avenue, down the road from Houston Space Center. It has large carpets, orange and yellow colors on its walls and a wooden bar ideal for grabbing a drink before the main meal. Their entrees include tandoori chicken and fish, lamb chop, spinach saag and mattar paneer.

You can go with their Shaan e murgh which is composed of chicken stuffed with cheese and herbs.


This is one of the modern Indian restaurants in Houston found about five miles from the Houston Zoo along Richmond Avenue. If you want to try something new, visit this restaurant as it combines modern and traditional Indian cuisine.

They have an extensive menu with various curries, vandals, chicken tandoori and more. Their appetizers include samosas, pakoras and vegetable subs with basmati rice or naan bread. Verandah also has an extensive menu with meaty entree options such as grilled chicken, Mirchi Mahi tikka, butter chicken and lamb chops.

The Best Indian Vegetarian Restaurants In Houston

The vegetarian cuisine served at Indian restaurants in Houston is also very diverse. You will also find an assortment of appetizers, entrees, curries, and desserts. While many of these restaurants are known for serving many meaty dishes, you can also find a variety of vegetarian delicacies they serve. Here is a list of the best Indian vegetarian restaurants in Houston that you can visit.

Govinda’s Vegetarian Cuisine

Govinda’s Vegetarian Cuisine will be found inside the ISKCON Temple and Cultural Center. The white and gold accents and art murals pay tribute to Indian culture throughout the restaurant, making it beautiful and welcoming.

All Govinda’s dishes are vegetarian and packed with flavor. They serve vegetable curries, malai kofta, Kole, paneer pakoras and Gobi Makhani. You can also order vegan kofte with a nutty or mint sauce or aloo gobi if you need non-curry dishes. It would be best if you tried split pea yellow dal, one of the most popular Indian vegetarian dishes with an attractive appearance.

Maharaja Bhog

 When you get down the road from Houston Baptist University, you will find the top Indian restaurant, Maharaja Bhog. This is the food court inside the Hermann Park Mall. Its interior design has comfortable seating, eye-catching marble tables and warm stones.

Maharaja Bhog is an Indian vegetarian restaurant serving different types of curries and plenty of vegetarian and vegan delicacy options. They offer a large selection of appetizers including samosas, pakoras and vegetable subs.

 They serve the most popular Indian dessert in this section of Houston. Their entrees include meaty entrees such as tandoori chicken and vegetarian curries like paneer masala. You will love their thali, served with two appetizers, veggies, rice, bread, lentil soup, the day’s dish and a dessert.

Shri Balaji Bhavan

This casual Indian vegetarian restaurant is located in Houston, down the street from Udipi Cafe. It is comfortable with friendly staff and has a small bakery inside. It is an ideal spot for lunches as it offers tasty food quickly.

 Shri Balaji Bhavan serves an assortment of curries and other traditional dishes on its menu. They have a wide variety of appetizers, including samosas, pakoras and vegetable subs served with basmati rice or naan bread. Among their entrees are the popular rasam and vegetable Makhan dhaniya.

They also offer a large selection of vegetarian curries such as paneer masala, Dahi vada, veggie spring rolls, cheese uttapam and lemon rice. Their most delicious item on the menu is called kadhai paneer.

Shiv Sagar

Shiv Sagar, located in the Hines Park area of Houston, offers a large selection of exclusive vegetarian delicacies. You can choose from different curries, desserts, and samosas on this restaurant’s menu.

They also have a large selection of vegetarian curries such as their special paneer masala, murgh masala, dal makhani and the vegetable Makhan dhaniya. Shiv Sagar’s Aloo paratha, butter pav bhaji and vegetable biryani are dishes people love to eat.

Aga’s Restaurant & Catering

Aga’s Restaurant & Catering is another popular Indian vegetarian restaurant in this city eight-minute drive from Houston Community College’s Stafford Campus. This exquisite restaurant is in a mall.

 Aga’s Restaurant & Catering combines traditional Indian and Pakistani food breaking down their menu into curries categorized by biryanis, naan, proteins and barbeque plates. They offer a variety of vegetarian appetizers including samosas, pakoras and vegetable subs served with veggie basmati rice and bullet naan with jalapenos and cilantro. They also have a large selection of vegetarian entrees such as tandoori chicken, karahi gosht, and goat curry.


Where can I find the best Indian restaurant in Houston for delivering food?

Check out the city center for Aga’s Restaurant & Catering, along Richmond Avenue for Verandah, Mid-West Houston for Biryani Pot and the Galleria, a hub for several Indian restaurants with delivery.

What is the most popular dish served in the Indian Restaurant in Houston?

Indian Restaurants in Houston primarily serve curry dishes.

Which is the famous Indian restaurant in Houston?

Houston has several popular Indian restaurants including Narin’s Bombay Brasserie, Surya India, Biryani Pot, Kiran’s, Govinda’s Vegetarian Cuisine and Aga’s Restaurant & Catering.


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