Cooking Tasty Jhalmuri

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If you’re like most people, you’re probably on the lookout for appetizing puffed rice snack recipes. Jhal Muri, a Kolkata classic, is a simple and tasty snack perfect for serving to guests. If you’ve ever gone to Kolkata, you’ve probably seen this Bengali delicacy on every street corner. Jhal means “Spicy,” and Puri means “Puffed Rice.” People often line up for a thonga or cone filled with this delectable treat. Jhal Muri, also known as Jhaal Muri, Masala Muri, or Jhal Mudi, is extremely similar to  Bhel Puri but has a distinctive flavor of its own. A raw mustard oil taste is what sets it apart from its other relatives such as Masala Madakki, Girmit and Churmuri.

Soldiers in Kolkata bought it from Bihari migrants selling it on the streets during World War II. For over a decade, British cook Angus Denoon had been selling it around the streets of London. He had a taste of Kolkata’s street food and fell deeply for the modest dish’s flavor.

Unlike most other chaat, this one is not deep-fried, making it a far more nutritious and a healthy alternative. It’s light, low calorie, vegan, gluten free, and can be prepared in a mere 16 minutes!

When serving it at home, consider using the original thonga or paper cone, which is a great way to capture the flavor of this typical Kolkata delicacy.

It’s also light on the stomach, making it an excellent tea-time snack or companion to your chai. This might also be a great recipe for a kid’s birthday party or a get-together with companions.

How to Make Jhalmuri

Jhalmuri Recipe Ingredients at a Glance

  • Muri, kurmura, puffed rice, marmara, pori, and murmura are all names for the same product. This food is light and low in carbs, making it ideal for a quick, healthful snack.
  • This dish’s taste is enhanced with the use of fresh coconut. To prepare the fresh coconut, either grate it or cut it up very finely.
  • Bengali Jhal Muri calls for plenty of mustard oil. It enhances the dish’s uniqueness and deliciousness by imparting a strong taste.
  • For added crunch and nutrition, add some vegetables to this crispy snack. Here, we’ve included a slew of vegetables, including tomato, cucumber, onion, and potatoes, as well as fresh coriander.
  • It doesn’t matter what kind of sev mix you have at home. To improve the flavor, use ground sev mix.
  • Many spices are needed to add zest, in addition to the above-mentioned components. Chaat masala powder, roasted cumin powder, black salt, and red chili powder are among these.
  • Roasted peanuts may also be added to the mix.

Recipe Card


  •  2 cups of puffed rice
  •      3 tbsp of Sev mix
  •      1/2 onion
  •      2 tbsp of potatoes
  •      A tsp of green chilie
  •      2 tbsp of fresh tomato
  •      2 tbsp of cucumber
  •      1 tbsp of coconut
  •      2 tbsp of of coriander
  •      ½ tsp of cumin powder
  •      ½ tsp of chaat masala
  •     ½ tsp of salt, preferably black
  •     Salt to season
  •     ½ tsp of chilli powder, preferably red
  •     2 tbsp of mustard oil
  •     1 tbsp of lemon juice

Technique Used to Make Jhalmuri

  • A dish of puffed rice should be roasted for 3 minutes on gentle heat if it’s not crispy enough. Alternatively, if you want it crispier, you may heat it for one to three minutes in the microwave.
  • Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well.
  • Serve right after after combining all the ingredients.

Jhalmuri Cooking Tips

  • To create Jhal Moori, the muri should be crispy. 
  • Three minutes in a pan of hot, dry air will do the trick. 
  • You may also cook it in the microwave for 1-3 minutes.
  • Yellow peas and sprouted chana are also good additions to your dish, as is chopped raw mango.
  • The meal would be incomplete without the flavor boost provided by the mustard oil. So don’t skip it, then.
  • Chanachur may also be added to your Jhalmuri. It adds a wonderful crunch to the dish.
  • If you’re cooking this for kids, you may omit the green chilies.


Can we make jhalmuri with poho instead of puffed rice?

Yes, you may substitute puffed rice with poho.

How many calories are there in jhalmuri?

Each serving of Jhalmuri contains around 200 Kcal. There are many less calories per serving in this dish since it isn’t deep fried and is made up of largely healthy components.

Can we make jhalmuri ahead of time?

Making it ahead of time is not recommended since it will get soggy if left out for too long. The crunchiness of JhalMuri may be achieved by mixing it fresh and serving it.

However, it is possible to cut the veggies and keep them in the fridge, before combining them with other ingredients and the puffed rice before serving.