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Cucumber Labneh Canapes

Jul/16/2023 / by Bindu Gopal Rao

This simple dish is ideal for summer soirees

Cucumber rolls with yoghurt on a tray
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These healthy, fresh yet delicious savoury canapes are easy and quick to prepare with just five ingredients. “In this recipe, thin slices of cucumber are rolled to perfection, enclosing store bought labneh or hung curd,”  says Tarun Panjwani, application chef, Fagor Professional – Middle East. He suggests serving these canapes as an amuse bouche, pick up appetizer or pass around snacks at a party.

Recipe courtesy Tarun Panjwani, application chef, Fagor Professional – Middle East


English cucumber 1 piece

Labneh (or hung curd as substitute) 1 cup

Chopped olives 1 tbsp

Chopped pickled jalapeños 1 tbsp

Zaatar powder 2 tsp

Spring onion for garnish


Wash and pat the English cucumber completely dry.

Thinly slice cucumber lengthwise with skin on with a knife or mandolin slicer.

Arrange them together and wrap them in dry cloth or tissue.

Take a mixing bowl and add labneh.

Add chopped olives, chopped pickled jalapeños, and zaatar powder. Mix well.

Take a single cucumber slice, and put the labneh mix on the first end of the cucumber slice.

Roll it through the end, making sure the labneh does not come out from the sides.

Lock the canape with a toothpick and keep aside.

For plating, place all cucumber labneh canapes on a plate, spiral side facing upwards.

Garnish with fresh spring onion curls and serve cold.

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