Cultural Food: Explore Different Cuisines

Aug/02/2021 / by Seema Staff

What’s the first thing that hits your mind when you think of roaming in countless cities? Well, let us throw a guess, it is food. Isn’t it? Undoubtedly, food first and the world later. Have you ever wondered why food is so integrally related to culture? Well, no one could deny that it’s impossible to perceive the framework of culture in the absence of food. No, not just that when it comes to jotting down the favorite destinations, many people often do it according to their preferred cuisines. So, for all those with wanderlust and unique taste buds, here we are bringing different types of food cultures from a myriad of countries. Not on your platter but definitely in front of your screen. Let’s start with our foodilicious ride now!

  1. Italy

Yes, Italy is the first name on our list for all obvious reasons. Starting from taste to variety, Italy knows how to treat your taste bud forever. The essence of olive oil with the tangy flavor of the tomato is considered to be the soul of all distinctive dishes out there. Besides, the touch of traditional herbs makes it a perfect pick for every foodie who adores exploring the best cultural foods.

Be it your penny pasta or your beloved pizza, you should thank Italy for the incredible inventions in the food industry. Besides that, not only the taste but the presentations of Italian dishes are entirely worth your praise. If so far you have not been through the yummiest range of food in Italy then just go and try it out, we are sure that you won’t end up with any regret.

The Italian Food Culture Facts

  • In the South part of Italy, tomatoes lead the charts of all dishes. On the other hand, North Italy is more inclined towards cheese and dominant dishes are more eminent. 
  • Pizza was the prime food invention of Italy.
  • On average, every Italian consumes approximately 52 tons of Pasta every year.
  • Italian food follows the supremacy of semi-cooked vegetable leaves in different dishes.

Food Fests that you should not miss

  • Carnevale
  • St. Joseph’s Day
  • Vinitaly
  • Risotto Fest

 Best Picks

 Chicken Cacciatora, Risotto, Cipollate con Pancetta, Melanzane di Parmigiana.

  1. France

France’s lesson of “quality food matters” to the whole planet signifies remarkable food goals. We won’t deny that France does not cover the widespread lane of food options, but the less, the better is the crux of French food and culture. The best part of choosing France as your good-to-go country is that you will end up with plenty of options of scrumptious wine and baguette. 

More than that, the use of garlic empowers the food found in the country. How can we miss mentioning mushrooms and onions, since these two are the main ingredients of world-famous Paris dishes. All in all, France is superbly rich on the sides of food presentation and flavors.

The French Food Culture Facts

  • France serves a country-made variety of Cheese
  • If you are 16, you are legally eligible to drink in France
  • Baguettes are complementary and unlimited
  • Wasting food is a crime in France 

Food Fests that you should not miss

  • Salon Du Chocolat ( The Chocolate Fair)
  • Fête Gastronomie Goût France (French Cuisines)
  • La Percée du Vin Jaune (for wines)

Best Picks

Coq au vin, cassoulet, Boeuf bourguignon, Chocolate soufflé.

 Paella Valenciana, Gazpacho, Jamón, Patatas bravas.

  1. India

Yes, we know that India never stops to surprise when it’s about food. The tangy flavors, outstanding aroma, limitless options, and terrific taste shape the separate recognition of Indian cultural food. The most amazing thing that excites us is that in India, you can try delicious regional tastes such as Malwa food, Rajasthani food, Punjabi food, Gujarati Food, South Indian food, and so on.

India serves the max vegetarian cuisines because 44% of the Indian population is vegetarian. Unlike other countries, Tea is the day-start drink in India, which is a heart-winning combination of boiled milk and specially picked tea leaves. Also, the home-prepared white cheese called Paneer is the broadly admired foodstuff in India. Besides all that, the compilation of traditional herbs with spices is what contributes to the yummy Indian savors.

The Indian Food Culture Facts

  • India serves a variety of more than 300 desserts
  • India is the spice hub of the world
  • Curries are the specialty of Indian food
  • Indian food is based on 6 rasas (taste)- Sweet(madhur), Sour(amala), Salty (lavana), Pungent(katu), Bitter (tikta) and Astringent (kasya)

Food Fests that you should not miss

  • National street food fest (For street food lovers)
  • Great Indian food festival (For Indian Food lovers)
  • Goa food and cultural festival

Best Picks

Daal Baati, Dum Biryani, Hara-Bhara Kabab, Butter Paneer, Chole Bhature, Idli-Dosa.

  1. China

Up next, the food culture of China is more comprehensive than you can ever imagine. China is one of the rare countries that prioritize the variety of food like anything. The main reason behind the irreplaceable value of food in the country is that the Chinese are always interested in trying new cultural dishes. The daily Chinese meals include- grains, fruits, meats, and veggies.

Believe it or not, but among all the different food cultures, China is known to serve the healthiest version of the food. There is one rare fact about the eating habits in China that the traditional Chinese people don’t love to consume dairy products. However, they fulfill the void of diary stuff with Tofu and Soymilk. Well, if you are planning to experience the magnificent food culture in China, there are chances that you won’t repeat the same dish because you will be amazed at the dishes-diversification.

The Chinese Food Culture Facts

  • China comes up with eight culinary cuisines
  • Noodles and Momos are the staples in China
  • Every food holds a superstitious symbol
  • Presentation is the life of Chinese cooking 

Food Fests that you should not miss

  • China International Wine and Food Fest
  • China Xiamen International Vegetarian Food Fest
  • Dongzhi Fest 

Best Picks

Kung Pao Chicken, Chow Mein, Yangzhou Fried Rice, Fish-Flavored Shredded Pork.

  1. Spain

There is no sign of doubt that every resident of Spain is a hard-core food lover. Eat, sleep and repeat is the real-life loop of Spain. No, we are not at all kidding because Spain is extremely invested in making the food-centric needs a big hit. Not just that, but people out there merely work for 3 hours, and the rest of the time, they give in trying out the tastiest dishes definitely when they are not sleeping. 

The custom of snack-munching is a big hit in the country. Apart from that, they truly provide you with prolonged severe food intervals. Ranging from Mediterranean Sea fruits to saffron personified Moors, Spanish food delivers the wholesome bonds of human and food connection. Lastly, Spain is the leading oil producer on our planet; thus, we can say that here you can put your hands on the best cultural foods.

The Spanish Food Culture Facts

  • Max vineyard area coverage
  • King of Saffron with 75% of world-production
  • Jerez is one of the most famous wines of the universe, which comes from Southern Spain
  • Omelets are the Tortillas of Spain 

Food Fests that you should not miss

  • Mad Cool Fest
  • The Wine Battle in Haro

 Best Picks

  1. Mexico

It’s entirely justified to call Mexican food to be Magical food. Yes, we are saying this for numerous reasons. Offering unbeatable healthy dishes like tacos, quesadillas, and much more, Mexico never disappoints you on the grounds of value for money taste. Basically, Mexican food is an amazing blend of heated Thai food and semi-Indian curries. More than that, the presence of Greek salad gathers all the attraction of food lovers from the whole world.

Not just that but the predominant flavor of avocado, beans, lime, sauces, and garlic creates the actual fascination for the respective food culture. Besides, all these ingredients contribute to the antioxidant properties, which is a big must for our fitness. Precisely, do not miss to say yes to a Mexican fun-food trip if you ever get a chance since Mexican food will surely make you fall in love ever and ever again.

The Mexican Food Culture Facts

  • Mexico is the birth-place of tomatoes
  • Mexico is filled with endless options of Mexico regional food
  • Traditional Mexican desserts contain red chilly as their main ingredient
  • Breakfast is their heaviest meal of the day 

Food Fests that you should not miss

  • Three Kings Bread Fiesta
  • Corn and Tortilla Fair

Best Picks

Tacos al pastor, Chilaquiles, Chiles en nogada, Enchiladas, Elote

  1. Japan

Our list will be incomplete if we miss mentioning Japan in our take on different food cultures. Same as engineering, Japan is an expert in the food department too. Every one of us knows that Japan is the home for the best possible dose of Sushi. Not only that, but the rice-based dishes are also another food gem that comes straight from the country. 

The love of Japan for Fishes acts as the overpowered staple. Even Japan takes the responsibility of consuming 50% of the world’s total fish catch. Apart from all that, the vibrant colors of popular Japanese dishes like Sashimi, Unagi, and Tempura are the absolute treat for eyes and mouth. Simultaneously, the tempting aroma of Japanese cuisine makes it one of the sphere’s most highly rated food cultures.

The Japanese Food Culture Facts

  • The fish that comes with Sushi is always raw
  • The slices of Sashimi implement the real difference in Japan
  • Usual Japanese food consists of rice, fish, pickles, plus soup

Food Fests that you should not miss

  • Katsushika Food Fiesta
  • Kyushu Beer Festival

Best Picks

Soba, Onigri, Yakitori, Sukiyaki

  1.  Thailand

We all should thank Thailand for originating the thing called street food. Everyone would surely agree that Thailand serves the best balance of all food ingredients, including veggies, spices, herbs, and much more. The most shocking aspect of Thai dishes is that you will find them sweet, salty, sour, crunchy, and spicy at the same time. Presenting the mastery of food arts, Thailand truly fits the area of food culture perfection.

The formal notes that are compiled with the lemongrass legacy form the uniqueness of Thai food. Whenever you encounter the opportunity to treat your taste buds with Thai cuisine, make sure to count upon Massaman Curry. Additionally, the amazement of the popular green salad will surely take away your heart.

The Thai Food Culture Facts

  • Thai food culture is all about eating together
  • Fish sauce is a significant ingredient in Thai dishes
  • The abundance of tropical food
  • No compromise with fresh herbs

Food Fests that you should not miss

Taste of Thailand food fest

Best Picks

Pad Kra Prao, Kao Ka Moo, Khao Soi, Yam Nua (Beef Salad), Pad Woon.

  1. Russia

Trust us, Russia is still an underrated player in the food industry. Loaded with multiple implausible cuisines, Russian food culture is worth your attention. Most of the dishes here seem to be inspired by their historical bond with Europe and the Middle East. Still, Russia is capable enough to leave its benchmark in the genre of food wonder. As soon as you step into the country, you will find the dominance of Slavs’ ripped cereals and vegetables. No matter what you choose to taste, it will always end on a happy note while finishing the last bite of your platter.

The Russian food culture is quite different from other countries because most Russian dishes carry a historical significance or story behind them. The lovely feel of shish kebab, lamb, and soups will vibe you up with the enriched food legacy of Russia. Top of all, Russia delivers simply the best range of Pancakes known as Blini. So, wherever you chalk a plan to hit the country ensure you keep Blini in your new to taste list.

The Russian Food Culture Facts

  • If you love fresh bakery items, Russia is the one-go place for you
  • Bread and salt is the greeting food of Russia for all the guests
  • You will find an endless variety of soups in Russia
  • Russians try to grow enough potatoes for preparing the winter stock 

Food Fests that you should not miss

Taste of Moscow

Best Picks

Pelmeni, Beef Stroganoff, Syrniki, Kasha, Borscht.

  1. Greece

Here is the last but most cherishing food culture that we would love to share with you. Greece owns the ultimate food affection for preparing dishes with pea purees, garlic, fish roe dip, peppers, courgettes, and much more. Standing ahead as the biggest exporter of olive oil, Greece is maintaining the high bars of the food industry all around the globe.

The idea of Greek food is based a lot upon grilled meat, octopus, and cheese. That’s why Greek food culture is a renowned name when it comes to serving top-notch dishes to seafood lovers. Also, while checking through the scattered cuisines of the country, do not forget to try honey and baklava as it’s one of the most delicious combos to tickle your taste buds.

 The Greece Food Culture Facts

  • Cucumbers record the highest consumption in Greece
  • Ancient Greece people were mostly vegetarian 
  • The tradition of keeping goats for milk was originated from Greeks
  • Bread and olives are the staple Greek food

Food Fests that you should not miss

The Mushroom Festival

Best Picks

Dolmades, Moussaka, Courgette balls, Pastitsio, Papoutsaki.

Final Words

So, it was our take on different types of food culture from all over the world. Hopefully, this post will help you greatly in experiencing delicious cuisines all over the world. Hurry up, prepare your kind of list to explore new dishes, and keep spreading the love for food forever!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are some examples of cultural foods?
    Tacos, Idli-Dosa, Dolmades, and Moussaka are some examples of cultural foods.
  1. What is cultural cuisine?
    The unique and specific kinds of cooking practices followed by numerous cultures are known as cultural cuisine.
  1. What’s the most popular cultural food?
    Sushi in Japan, Chole Kulcha in India, and Chow Mein in China are the most popular cultural foods.
  1. How does culture affect food?
    Food is an essential element of culture; hence it affects the culture directly.
  1. What is the number 1 cuisine in the world?
    Italy is the number 1 cuisine in the world.