Jeffrey Sparr: A Salute of Gratitude for Memorial Day

My faceless characters have always been one of my trademarks. This Memorial Day I thought to use them to honor the many men and women of our armed services that have risked their…


Museums That Peek Into Europe’s Past

These museums provide insights and provoke nostalgia, plus they feature some of the cooler collections you’ll find this side of Europe

Warli Art

Unique & Oldest Indian Art – Warli Art Design

Warli Art: The oldest unique Indian art that was mostly created by the tribal people to communicate is the warli art designs. Read to know about warli art.

The Women of Bihar and Khud Se Pooche

Through Khud se Pooche, the women of Bihar are asking for dignified healthcare, making a statement with the help of Princess Pea

parul shah

A Kathak Benefit to Aid the Untermyer Gardens

This is the story of the Parul Shah Dance Company’s Untermeyer Gardens performance, making their pieces COVID-appropriate, and bringing Kathak to a wider audience.