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The cover of Sarah Todd’s new book My Indian Kitchen

Food for Sarah Todd’s Soul

Backed by her training in French cuisine and her six years traveling across India, she ensured the food at Antares focuses on local produce in a modern shared dining experience with a touch of spice.
Likewise, in “My Indian Kitchen,” the recipes are inspired by everyday people.
“I drew inspiration from street food vendors, families who shared their meals and homes with me and chefs who generously passed on recipes and tips,” Todd says. “I am fascinated by the incredible diversity in flavors, methods, and culture in the art of Indian cuisine. My goal is to introduce the novice to Indian cuisine by giving the techniques to create Indian inspired dishes. For the more experienced in Indian cooking, I hope the book inspires them to be creative and play around with the cuisine.”
She believes that Australian cuisine is diverse, focusing on quality ingredients that lend themselves well to marrying with flavors across India. Her philosophy in the kitchen involves making quick, healthy, flavorsome dishes in 20 minutes for weeknight meals.

Moonwalking with Einstein by Joshua Foer

The SEEMA Summer Reads Guide

Summer of 2021 has been quite the mixed bag for many people. On the one hand, it’s given us the chance to get out and explore more of the world as we take cautious steps outdoors again. On the other, we’ve all grown accustomed to a certain sedentary lifestyle that we’re hard-pressed to go cold turkey on. One thing that’s kept a lot of us on Team SEEMA sane is the chance to do some reading, catch up on books we’ve been meaning to for years or discovering new works by authors unheard of.

As September calls for a return to learning, here’s a guide of the SEEMA team’s summer reads that we highly recommend and really believe would be worth your while!


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