romantic movies

The Most Moving Romantic Movies

Romance. Why is it the most popular genre of films? Romance is universal, and anyone who says that romantic movies are for women alone, needs to get his head and heart examined.…

romantic comedies

Some of the Best Romantic Comedies

The American Film Institute defines romantic comedies as a genre in which the development of a romance leads to comic situations.

Now that we have gotten used to working from home, admit it, you have also got used to those movie marathons. Well, there is never a dearth of opportunity, now that we have an unlimited amount of content available thanks to Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Given that most of us work in our PJs, we give you the opportunity to do justice to them, by getting a warm blanket, perhaps a bottle of wine, and sitting back to enjoy a marathon session of the best romantic comedies – from 1934 to 2021.

In these uncertain times, it helps to believe that, like in romantic movies, in the end everything works out.

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