Classical Indian Music

An Overview of Indian Classical Music

Classical Indian Music The rich tradition of the Indian classical music originated in South Asia and can now be found in all corners of the world thanks to great musicians and artists…

Rock Songs

Best Classic Rock Songs of All Time

Best Rock Songs The best rock songs of all time will forever shape the musical landscape. As it has been proven, a great rock song truly has the ability to transcend time.…

Pop Songs

Best Pop Songs in the world

This the genre of music that perhaps holds the distinction of producing the most hits. The song is a hit if it sells million plus copies, simple. The origins of the genre can…

Best Love Songs

Check out the List of Best Love Songs of All Time

Best Love Songs We fall back on love songs to express sentiments that perhaps in real life, we find it hard to put into words. In most cases they are penned by…

Bollywood Songs

Bollywood Songs: List of Best Bollywood Songs at All Time

Best Bollywood Songs The strongest link that connects most Indian Americans or Indians for that matter, living far from home is Bollywood. For some, an interest in Bollywood movies and songs, a…

charu suri

Charu Suri: A Blender of Melodies

Charu Suri creatively brings together Carnatic, Sufi and classical jazz to create an acclaimed sound distinctly her own

Kiran Ahluwalia’s music breaks boundaries

Music made by the South Asian diaspora has always held the world’s interest: whether in the rich history of classical music, the ethereal beauty of devotional music like the Gurbani, or the…

Not just a social media influencer but an inspirational artist, a talented musician and a skillful performer

Sheena on Song


Sheena Melvani is an artist with an ever-growing tribe of followers on social media, thanks mostly to her roots as a singer and songwriter. Sheena uses social media to inspire, communicate and influence with a positive spirit. 

You may already be a fan of the singer and her “Interrupted” series on TikTok. Her life experiences, her conversations  and her talent have allowed her to develop a multi-million strong fan base on various social media platforms. Sheena is not just a social media influencer but an inspirational artist who has made a place for herself with the entertaining tangle of music, comedy and pranks.

Sheena spoke to SEEMA from her home in Boston about her journey, during which music has been a constant companion, and the social media fame she has earned.

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