We are one, ‘cause we all share the same passions. As we celebrate the 75th year of our respective freedom from imperial rule, we also sadly are reminded of 75 years of division. Whether it is India or Pakistan, as people we rue the fact that we are on opposite sides and the split of 1947 is not just limited to territories, but talent as well. 

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Musical maestro Annette Philip on finding her joy

Annette Philip an incredible vocalist, a professional recording and performing artists, a composer, pianist, AND the founder and director of the Berklee Indian ensemble, which brought South Asian music to the Berklee College of Music in Massachusetts. 

Annette Philip is known for her dense choral arrangements and concept-driven productions with memorable collaborations with the likes of A.R. Rahman, Zakir Hussain, Bill Whelan and Buster Williams. The artist shared her incredible journey with SEEMA – from the backwaters of Kerala to the Back Bay in Boston.

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