Ms Marvel: Educational and Entertaining

Ms. Marvel brings together superheroes with the tragedies of the partition of India, harkening back to history to create relevancy


5 South Asian Series to Stream Now

They deal with diverse issues – but are all remarkably compelling, and if you want our recommendation, stream them now!

Netflix Series

Explore Best of Netflix Series in 2022

Thanks to the day-to-day miracles of the internet, Netflix has become inseparable from modern lives. For all, Netflix and chill top the chart of all quality time plans. So, if you are…


ZEE5 Global Boards the ‘South Express’

ZEE5 Global announces their initiative to bring in more South Indian audiences by launching ‘South Express’ with a variety of big titles

Watching Netflix on TV

Best Netflix Movies of 2021

Raise your hand if you have spent hours trying to surf through all the categories available on Netflix to finally realize that you don’t have enough time to watch the film. It…

Best Movies on HBO Max

Best Movies on HBO Max

It’s not TV; Its HBO – The famous slogan was true even before the advent of online streaming platforms came in to existence and became a daily part of our lives. The…

‘Modern Love Mumbai’ releases on Amazon Prime today

Modern Love India is finally here and it’s for its release on 13th of May. Featuring six of Indian cinema’s choicest directors, it is a fascinating exploration of the raw and jagged…

Meera Simhan and Reema Sampat cast in ABC’s The Son in Law

“The Son in Law,” premiering on ABC in 2023, is an age-old story—poor boy meets rich girl and has to impress difficult, sneering in-laws. But what when we’re talking a significantly older…

HBO Shows

List of Best HBO Series & Shows To Enjoy

HBO Shows: Want to know what’s new on HBO. Check out this list on this blog about the best HBO shows and HBO series to enjoy with your friends and family. Read more.


The Real Housewives Fly East to Dubai

The new version of America’s most popular guilty pleasure franchise is slated to leave the country and will be set in Dubai