The Most Bingeworthy Shows of the Season

Here are the SEEMA team’s picks for the best shows you should binge on this month, because why not make good use of that monthly subscription?

Ten Best Indian Movies of the Year

The 10 Best Indian Movies

2020 — what a year! There was never a greater need for content than this year, as we collectively spent time on our couches staring at the television screen waiting for something…

a suitable boy BBC drama

A Not So Suitable Adaptation

A Suitable Boy BBC drama has been one of the most anticipated screen adaptations of the year. Based on Vikram Seth’s novel of the same name (published in 1993), the miniseries has…
Bingewatching Amsterdam Ave

We Can’t Stop Bingewatching Amsterdam Ave

With the closure of cinemas, stadiums, clubs, theaters, and all other forms of live entertainment, Americans have become a nation of streaming connoisseurs. One of the shows that we just binged is…

Favorite Binge-worthy

Our Favorite Binge-worthy Shows during COVID-19

With 42 out of 50 states under strict stay-at-home orders, the vast majority of Americans are making the difficult transition to spending almost 100% of their time at home. This means being…

In a Man's World

How Shital Patel Breaks Barriers ‘In a Man’s World’

In a world that seems to grant men respect simply by their gender, pioneering women have always had to take risks to claim what’s rightfully theirs.  For Shital Pital, that stand happened…

Zarna Garg

Zarna Garg: The Funny Brown Mom From Mumbai

In this day and age, it’s difficult to have an impactful sense of humor that brings an audience together while transcending cultural stigmas. If you’re a fan of quirky humor that isn’t…
Harpreet Kaur Wins Emmy

Harpreet Kaur Becomes the first Sikh female Emmy winner

Harpreet Kaur, known for making documentaries such as ‘The Widow Colony’ and ‘A Little Revolution,’ reportedly became the first Sikh woman to have won an Emmy award for a documentary on a…