Dazzle like Cleopatra with Cat Eye Makeup

cat eye makeup
Image courtesy of Pexels

Cat eye makeup dates back to Ancient Egypt. Women like Cleopatra used kohl to create a wrap-around look and flick back then. These black and green flicks framed her eyes and added drama and allure. However, it wasn’t until the introduction of liquid eyeliner by beauty brands like Max Factor and Maybelline in the 1950’s, when cat eye makeup become an international phenomenon.

The trend was also later popularized by actress Brigitte Bardot and supermodel Twiggy. So what exactly does the cat eye makeup look entail? Simply put, it’s when the outer corners of the eyes are designed with makeup to appear pointed, similar to that of a cat’s eyes. Here is our cat eye makeup tutorial.

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Steps on how to apply cat eye makeup

The following guide will teach you how to do cat eye makeup step by step.

  • Draw a line on your upper lash line. You could begin by applying tinier strokes and move toward thicker strokes as you progress.
  • Ascertain the flick angle. You can use the natural shape of your eyes to get the correct angle. If you want to get the right flick shape, just think about where your extended lash line would be, for that perfect angle. If you’re finding it difficult to obtain your angle, simply apply some eye shadow to obtain the correct curve.
  • Design your flick with your favorite eye liner. If you’re not sure at first, use dotted lines first, and then fill in the lines later. Remember that the flick should connect with the line you’ve initial y created at the top of your lash line.
  • Don’t forget to remove any smudges.

Tips for applying cat eye makeup

  • Use a vanity when you apply the eyeliner here, as this makes it easier to rest your arm and keep your hand steadier for a smoother application.
  • Always lay the groundwork by first priming your eyes for an even canvas. Use tape as a guide for improved line precision.
  • Begin by drawing your wing first to make the application easier.
  • Try not to pull the skin toward your brows, as this can affect the shape of your lines.
  • It’s best to always look downward when applying liner.


Is cat eye makeup for everyone?

Women with al eye shapes can wear cat eye makeup. You can apply the cat eye makeup look whether you have hooded eyes, round eyes, almond eyes, or down- turned eyes. All you need to do is discover how to do cat eye for your specific eye shape.

For almond-shaped eyes, begin by using a very sparse line in your eye’s inner corners. You may then intensify the thickness using your liner, once you get to the outer third section of your eye. You may also add a sparse winged look too.

If your eyes are down-turned, they may need a bit of a lift. Do so by brightening the corners of your eyes with a light eye pencil. Remember to not add any product to your lower lash line. Accentuate your top lash line instead, by applying your liner to the highest section of your eye’s arch. Then design a sparse flick upward at your eye’s outer corners.

With hooded eyes, apply your eyeliner to the base of your lash line. Use thick lines here. Create a bold, long wing to boost definition. If you want your hooded eyes to appear rounder, make bolder lines at your eye’s center and sparser at corners.

If you have round eyes, first line your upper lash line. Then line your eye’s outer corners with a lengthy wing. You can lengthen your wing by utilizing your eyeliner along your bottom and top lash lines.

How do you do the perfect cat eye makeup?

The following advice will guide you on how to do cat eyeliner perfectly every time. Firstly, always ensure that your eyeliner is not dried out, as this will prevent you from obtaining smooth lines.

As discussed earlier, you should also always use the unique shape of your eyes to create your eyeliner shape. Don’t forget to create the perfect outline. A common flaw when learning how to do cat eye makeup is getting a curly cats result. This occurs when your wing curls in an upward fashion, instead of horizontally.

You can avoid the curly cats look by mapping out your outline, before you apply your eyeliner. Simply imagine a line that moves outward from your eye’s outer corner to your outer brow bone. The line should move in the same direction as your outermost lash.

For that perfect cat eye look, it’s best to never close your eyes when applying your eyeliner. Doing so will alter the shape of your line completely, as your eye shape is different when open and closed.

Remember to position your head in a comfortable position. You should also relax your eyes as much as possible, and draw your line without blinking. If you have a handheld mirror, place the mirror under your chin, and glance downward while drawing your line. If you don’t get it right perfectly, don’t worry, as you can just use your concealer or make up remover pen to perfect your look.

How do you do classic cat eye?

Actress Aubrey Hepburn often wore the classic cat eye look. In fact, her look was synonymous with cat eyes. Here is how to do cat eye to mirror her signature look.

Mark your outline with liquid eyeliner. If you really want that Hepburn appeal, create a sharp, broad flick. Remember to angle the flick outward and upward, beginning at the end of your upper lash line at approximately 45 degrees.

Then stretch your eyeliner across your upper lash line. Begin with the inner corner of your eye, and don’t move away from your lash line. Join the flick to your line. You may also widen your wing, but don’t deviate from the 45 degree slant. If you want, you could add some black mascara to intensify this classic look.

How do you do simple cat eyeliner?

Design your outline by applying a light-colored eye shadow from your upper lash line, right through to your crease. The eye shadow can help prime your eyelid. This helps your eyeliner to glide on smoother. The shadow also enables your eyeliner to stick better to your eye, and can prevent those unsightly smudges. Remember that this a simple look, so you don’t want to use a dark eye shadow here, as it creates a bolder, more dramatic look. It’s best to use an eye shadow closest to your natural skin tone here.

If you’re using a makeup brush to create your outline, find your outline’s end by angling the elongated part of your brush from your nose to the outermost end of your eyebrow. Remember that your wing should follow this direction.

Place a dot above your crease with your eyeliner. This will mark the end of your wing. Place the mark lower down for a simply cat eye. Draw a line from that dot to the outermost part of your upper eyelid. Construct a line from the top of your wing to the mid part of your lash line.

Next, fill in the empty spaces between the line and your upper lash line. Use some cotton swabs to cleanse your eye area afterwards. Thereafter, add a finishing touch by drawing a line covering your eye’s inner corner.

How do you do cat eye makeup for beginners?

If you don’t know how to do cat eyeliner, there are a few hacks you could use to simplify the process. Firstly, you can invest in a cat eye stamp like the Vamp Stamp. This product lets your literally stamp on your wing with one easy application.

You could also use a wing stencil to help you draw the perfect cat wing. Or place some tape in the direction you want your wing to go, before drawing your flick. Using dots to shape your wing and line is also great for beginners. Simply draw your dots, and then connect them via your eyeliner.