Deepti Naval, The Well-Known Indian Film Director

Feb/02/2023 / by Team Seema
Deepti Naval
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About Deepti Naval

Deepti is a well-known name in the Indian cinema industry, having played actress, director, writer, painter, and photographer. She is multifaceted, but her primary contribution has always been in the field of art cinema. She has won critical praise for her compassionate and true-to-life characters that highlight the shifting status of women in India. Her work has been a key influence in the field. Deepti made her debut in 1980 with the ground-breaking film EK BAAR PHIR, in which she won the first Best Actor award. Since then, she has popped up in over 90 films, striking a distinguished niche for herself worldwide and in the Indian Film Industry. Deepti was the very first American-Indian actress to take part in Hindi films.

Biography Of Deepti Naval


Deepti completed her education at the Sacred Heart Convent in Amritsar before moving to the United States of America in 1971 with the rest of her family. Deepti is an alumnus of Hunter College of the City University of New York, earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. She chose Painting as her main topic and English and Psychology as her minors during her time there. Her curiosity for a wide variety of other topics inspired her to pursue education in a variety of fields, including American theatre, photography, as well as astronomy.

After graduation, Deepti pursued her interest in acting by enrolling in a program at the Gene Frankel Institute of Film and Television for a limited time. Deepti’s belief in education as a continuing process throughout life, which she attributes to having been instilled in her by her father, has led her to spend numerous winters in New York City participating in courses on creative writing.


Her dad, Uday Chandra Naval, was a lecturer and the chairman of the English Department at the Hindu College in Amritsar. He was originally from the state of Punjab. Before India was partitioned, he earned his degree in English literature with honours from the Government College in Lahore. Her mother, Himadri Gangadhar, is an educator as well as a painter. She was born and raised in Burma, where she received her training at the Jesus and Mary Convent in Mandalay. Her mother is also an artist. In subsequent years, she was forced to flee to India because of the Japanese takeover in 1942.

Actress Deepti Naval was temporarily married to the director Prakash Jha for almost two years. During that time, they adopted a daughter and gave her the name Disha. Despite this, the two remain good friends after the breakup and occasionally continue their movie-watching tradition. In addition, Deepti and Prakash took their daughter Disha as well as Vinod, who was Deepti’s love interest at the time, out to dinner after they finalized the divorce.

Prakash Jha and Deepti are adoptive parents, and their adopted daughter Disha has aspirations of becoming a singer. She considers her divorced parents to be her family, and her father is the one teaching her the ropes of the business. In her father’s blockbuster movie “Raajneeti,” which starred Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif, she was also involved in the production as a wardrobe supervisor. Her father, Prakash Jha, sent her to a boarding facility in Panchgani when she was young. There, she first met Pandit Pandharinath Kolhapure, the father of Padmini Kolhapure. Following that, she began her studies in music alongside Archana Shah.

Age Of Deepti Naval

Deepti was born on 3 February 1952. She is currently 70 years old.

About Deepti Naval Career

Deepti’s performances in Leela, Firaaq, Memories in March, and Listen Amaya, amongst others, earned her the title of Best Actor at several prestigious international film festivals. In addition, she was awarded the prize for Best Screenplay at the New York Indian Film Festival for the film that she directed, titled DO PAISE KI DHOOP, CHAAR AANE KI BEARISH. At the Los Angeles Indian Film Festival in 2007, Deepti was selected as the recipient of the Tribute Honoree award. She penned the script for and directed the women-focused television series THODASA AASMAAN. Additionally, she created the travel series The Path Less Travelled. EK MULAQAAT is a lyrical stage production in which Deepti just made her name in the role of Amrita Preetam, a well-known Punjabi writer.

Deepti Naval is a well-known actor, but she is also a painter in her own right. Even though she had a passion for theatre, her parents wanted her to become a painter. But she persisted in pursuing both creative forms, and today she is known for her paintings of nuns, the Kumaon area, landscapes, and many other subjects. Her artwork has been included in many different shows. She finds that drawing self-portraits and painting faces that are grim, bleak, and sad is where she is at her most creative. Her artwork titled “Pregnant Nun” generated the most interest, which compelled her to elaborate on the meaning behind the work.

Net worth Of Deepti Naval

If you want to know about about Deepti Naval, she has a net worth of $15 million. She has accumulated her net worth through acting in Indian films.


Who is Deepti naval married to?

Deepti Naval tied the knot with Prakash Jha, a film director, in 1985, but the pair divorced barely two years following their wedding. After a period of quiet, lasting fifteen years, the couple finally divorced; nevertheless, they have continued to be in close contact with one another since then.

How many films has Deepti naval featured in?

Deepti has featured in over 90 films.

Is Deepti Naval Punjabi?

Deepti’s father was from Amritsar in the province of Punjab, while her mother was from Palampur in the state of Himachal Pradesh. As a result, Deepti Naval is a mixed-race person who is half-Punjabi and half-Pahadi.


In addition to Chasme Baddoor (1981), Mirch Masala, Saath Saath, and Angoor, among many others), the actress has appeared in other critically acclaimed films. Besides being an outstanding actor, Deepti is also a talented painter and photographer.


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