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Delicious Backyard Food Minus the Grill

10 months ago / by Melanie Fourie

Summer barbecues are a popular tradition in the U.S. Grilling meat or veggies isn’t only a way to enjoy the great outdoors; it’s a chance to spend time with loved ones and friends. That said, sweltering summer temperatures can make a cookout untenable. Rather than cancel a get-together, simply change the way you prepare your favourite meals – or prepare dishes that don’t call for grilling. Here’s a look at some wonderful non-grilled foods for this summer!

Whip up some great nibbles – without all that smoking and charring. Here are some delicious non-grill recipes for you to try his summer.

Savory Couscous

This adaptable, budget-friendly, global summertime favorite is stowed away in most kitchen cabinets. Make sure you don’t overcook it — the grain’s so little! Cover and let it steam for about an hour or more until the water is fully absorbed. Fluff with a fork when the water has evaporated, and add butter or olive oil, herbs, veggies, Parmesan cheese, and seasoning. You may also add nuts of your choice.

Freshly Smoked Salmon

It’s not unusual to see cold-smoked and hot-smoked fish fillets side by side in store refrigerators, although the two are not interchangeable. Whether it’s the salty flavor and smooth texture of conventional smoked salmon or the convenience of pre-cooked hot-smoked salmon, we can’t get enough of it. 

Flaked into a tantalising salad or used in sandwiches and wraps, it’s delicious. Additionally, it’s a good idea to look for hot-smoked trout and vacuum-packed pre-marinated and pre-cooked herring slices in your supermarket freezer.

Tasty Cheese and Deli Meat Wraps

Making these couldn’t be easier. Put together in just a few minutes, they’re the ideal lunch. You’ll need tortilla roll-ups, slices of deli meat like ham or readymade cold chicken, lettuce leaves, tomato, a tangy mayo-based sauce, a sprinkling of your favourite herbs or spices, and a cup of any grated cheese.  

Spread some mayo on the wrap before rolling. Choose whole wheat roll-ups for a more nutritious option. Top with lettuce, herbs and spices. Italian spice is ideal with these wraps. Throw in tomato slices, and deli or cold meat, before adding a hefty helping of cheese to the mix. Roll your wrap and you’re ready to serve.

A Delicious Fruit Charcuterie Board

These are ideal when you’re pressed for time and need a fast delicious snack for famished guests. Charcuterie boards are tailored to individual tastes, so you can alter ingredients according to your preferences. If you’re like me and have thrown together platters before, you may want fresh ideas for ingredients. To that end, here’s a tantalizing concoction inspired by Taste of Home. Scale up quantities for a larger crowd. You can also add crackers if you feel this will make your board more filling.

Whip up some great nibbles – without all that smoking and charring. Here are some delicious non-grill recipes for you to try his summer.


  •     12 fresh strawberries, halved     
  •     9 fresh or dried figs, halved     
  •     3 small navel oranges, thinly sliced     
  •     13 ounces seedless red grapes    
  •     2 mangoes (halved)    
  •     3  kiwifruit, peeled, halved and thinly sliced     
  •     Approximately 7 slices of watermelon     
  •     3/4 cup of almonds     
  •     9 ounces Brie cheese     
  •     9 ounces of mascarpone cheese     
  •     1/2 cup honey     
  •     3/4 cup blueberries    
  •     1 cup fresh blackberries     
  •     3/4 cup dried banana slices


Spread out fruit, nuts, and cheeses on a big plate or chopping board. Tuck a little container of honey inside your preferred bouquet of fruit, and you’re ready to wow your guests. 

Planning in Advance Is Key

When planning a get-together, it’s important to know how many people will be coming. Make an attendee list and send forth invites to get an idea of that.

List what you need to buy. Once you have a verified guest list, it’s time to begin purchasing. Gathering supplies and ensuring there is adequate space for guests should begin a few days prior to the party.