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Desi Girl Speaking – Anika Hussain

May/02/2024 / by Team Seema
Desi Girl Speaking

Battling depression and faced with parents and friends who don’t fully understand what’s happening, sixteen-year-old Tweety feels like no one is listening and there’s nowhere to turn to. Until she stumbles across Desi Girl Speaking, a podcast by someone else who’s struggling too. Through episodes and exchanged emails, Tweety and Desi Girl begin to confide in each other, but as Tweety’s depression deepens, she’ll have to decide whether to stay silenced or use her voice to speak up. A powerful and compassionate novel about mental health and hope

(TRIGGER this book explores mental health, including discussion of depression, suicide and self-harm.)

About the Author: Anika Hussain hails from Stockholm, Sweden, where she spent her formative years, but now calls Bristol home, where she passionately pursues her writing endeavors. With a focus on South Asian protagonists, her stories aim to fill the gap she once felt, enriching literature with diverse representation.

SEEMA’S View: Hussain tackles serious topics with grace and wit, inviting readers to ponder the intricacies of cultural heritage, societal norms, and the pursuit of individuality.


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