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Desi Vegan Influencers

Nov/12/2023 / by Melanie Fourie

South Asians who advocate plant-based diets

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Since 1994, World Vegan Day in early November has provided a platform to promote veganism. To celebrate this, we focus on South Asian influencers who are at the forefront of the global vegan movement. These figures are shaping the future of plant-based living, from recipes to values, proving that veganism is flavorful and culturally significant.

Radhi Devlukia Shetty

Radhi Devlukia Shetty stands out as a prominent figure in India’s vegan influencer scene. Her Instagram profile serves as a treasure trove of innovative vegan recipes that cater to the holistic well-being of mind, body, and soul. With a strong presence on YouTube and various social media platforms, Radhi is a vocal advocate for conscious cooking, transcending the realm of culinary artistry into the world of skincare, all while staunchly championing the cause of 100% natural living.

Beyond her influencer status, she holds an Ayurvedic Health Counselor Degree from the California College of Ayurveda, making her a trusted authority on veganism. With a staggering 2.2 million Instagram followers and a YouTube channel with 523k subscribers, Radhi has firmly established herself on the vegan radar.

Nisha Vora

With a remarkable journey that saw her transition from corporate law to culinary creativity, Nisha Vora has emerged as a prominent vegan influencer. Nisha’s passion for all things plant-based has captured the hearts of her 780K Instagram followers and those on her blog, ‘Rainbow Plant Life.’

Her YouTube channel passionately advocates for the vegan lifestyle, and her blog is a treasure trove of facts and mouthwatering recipes. Brands seeking to champion the delectable world of vegan cuisine find a perfect collaborator in this Indian influencer. Nisha’s social media universe is a delightful fusion of global-inspired dishes and comforting homemade delights, demonstrating the true allure of vegan living.

Reshu Drolia

Meet Reshu, a culinary connoisseur, fashion maven, and wordsmith. This Indian vegan influencer embarked on her gastronomic journey in 2014, setting sail with the launch of her Hindi YouTube channel, “Mints Recipes,” which currently has 1.31 million subscribers. Reshu’s virtual kitchen comprises purely vegan delights, crafted from everyday ingredients available in most households.

With a following of 640k food enthusiasts on Instagram, Reshu’s feed is a visual feast, serving up mouthwatering content that will leave you craving more. But Reshu is not just a digital tastemaker. She’s also a knowledgeable instructor on Udemy, sharing her culinary wisdom with eager learners. Her culinary prowess and influence have earned her well-deserved features in esteemed publications such as “The Telegraph” and “Times Food”.

Nidhi Mohan Kamal

Nidhi Kamal, a seasoned food scientist and wellness expert with over 14 years of experience, excels in diverse training modes: Pilates, functional and weight training, as well as various dance types. What sets this vegan influencer apart is her ability to demonstrate that strength and fitness can thrive within a vegan lifestyle.

As the epitome of vegan fitness, Nidhi Mohan is the go-to influencer for brands eager to champion vegan wellness and fitness. With a devoted Instagram following of 133K, she’s the embodiment of plant-powered vitality.

Nayana Premnath

From beauty guru to eco-warrior, Nayana Premnath’s digital evolution is inspiring. In 2019, she ditched the mainstream and embraced a low-waste lifestyle. With 49K Instagram followers, her content delivers the lowdown on fashion’s dark side, proves that going vegan won’t break the bank, and guides you through zero-waste shopping.

Nayana isn’t just another eco-vlogger—she’s the founder of The GREEN Circle, a platform that sells eco-conscious products. Follow her journey as she proves that a vegan lifestyle is anything but dull.


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