Into a World of Modernism

Jan/22/2021 / by Christopher Hyland

Modernism in its diversity is at a high point, if for no other reason, because homes are being lived in more than ever, animating interest in interior design. It would seem that, finally, having begun to pass out of the contemporary design badlands characterized by devotion to the aesthetic of austerity, we are moving into what I call the Omni Design period. Modernism is at an exciting junction this Fall. It might just take a turn permanently towards modern decorating that calls for diverse artifacts and comfort once and for all. The world of uniquely gray hard angles is making way for the sensuous curve, cutting edge furniture as well as the Windsor chair. 

Omni design is characterized by the use of both the straight and the curved line, the antique in just a position to the contemporary, all clothed in stunning textiles noteworthy for color and a wide range of qualities, from linen to polyester, and from mohair to mixed fibers. 

Covid-19 has allowed many of us the opportunity to spend more leisure, family and work time at home affording us time to contemplate home design environments. One result is that for numerous home and apartment dwellers the hard edge, read uncomfortable, aspects of straight edge, austere contemporary design has proven to be somewhat overbearing, hardly fostering a sense of warmth. After months of varying degrees of Covid-19 confinement, the armless, too low, too deep when without the benefit of pillows, sofas and chairs of the lets live in an austere, photo shoot ready sculpture or commercial waiting room design has come to wear thin on both body and mind. In its place is emerging a serious appreciation for multi faceted, complex, bold, culturally diverse contemporary taste that I call Omni design.

Omni style furniture and textiles, however creative the design, first and foremost, is comfortable, often upholstered or slip covered in colorful textiles woven from a wide range of yarns. Objects of all kinds occupy surfaces, art pride of place on walls. Lighting finds place on walls and resting on tables, less so down lights in ceilings. Humorless, shaded windows are joined, once again, by draperies of all kinds from metallic and illuminated to sheers playing an important role. The Omni space places much importance on various levels of soft, natural, in particular ambient, light, fostering shadows to enhance interior architecture, as opposed to window shade world’s choice of full block out or open hard light.

American design DNA originates from scores of exciting traditions with roots all over the world. With the internet and design centers such as the Decoration and Design building in NYC, there are ample options to realize intellectually exciting and visually incredible Omni interiors. 

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