Designer Joy Mitra’s collection is for the modern Indian woman

Sep/22/2019 / by Joy Mitra
Joy Mitra's collection

My design philosophy is to keep my clothes simple, yet elegant and beautiful. I usually stick to earthy shades in a range of fabrics like vegetable dyes, kalamkaris, ajraks and block prints in cotton, silk, georgettes, chiffons and pure banarasi brocades. I debuted at the WIFW SS’09, where the collection got a great response, helping me create an identity for myself as a young designer.

My latest collection, inspired by the Tagore ‘era’ is completely dedicated to today’s Indian woman, who carries the legacy of culture with pride while easily accepting today’s changes. She blends and bridges the gap of yesterday’s style and today’s modern world.

Joy Mitra’s expansive collection

The Tagore family, singlehandedly, contributed a tremendous amount in almost every field. Their sense of style and sophistication is a topic of discussion even today. The modern style of draping a saree had also evolved in this era. They were pioneers in starting to blend the colonial style and indian aesthetics together. When wearing a blouse/camisole were not in vogue and neither a petticoat or an underskirt, these women made it fashionable. The use of lace was a direct influence of the Victorian era. Even the wearing of broaches became a cult. By now Indian/Bengali women had started to create waves with their courage and style. Women stared getting educated though going to school was still not open, but tutoring them at home became an everyday part of the Tagore family. Things started changing and it was the beginning of a new era in India.

As an artist and a designer, I was always influenced and inspired by that time in history. The characters like Kadambari Devi or Mrinalini Devi or may be Jyanoda Nandini Devi mesmerized me with their strength as well as their vulnerability. Tagore’s Classic ‘Nashto Nir’s character Charulata epitomised these icons. The hairstyle, that drape, the use of Indian textiles, the perfect jewelry to serve as accessories and the glow of education made these ladies true Indian beauties.

Joy Mitra

In my latest collection I have tried to capture the essence of that era while keeping the look contemporary. We always believe classics will never fade . My muses here are today’s strong independent women with a clear sense of style. They are not only capable of taking their own life decisions but also take tough, critical decision for their family and society at large! They are today’s Indian woman, carrying the legacy of culture with pride as well as accepting the change that today brings. Blending and bridging the gap of yesterday’s style and today’s modern world.

I believe mastering this art is not easy but today’s Indian woman is all about heritage, culture and tradition culminating into a beautiful modern hotspot.