Dhanteras: Everything To Know About The First Day of Diwali

Apr/09/2022 / by Richa Sharma
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Dhanteras, sometimes spelled Dhanatrayodashi, is the first day of the Diwali celebration in India.

It is observed on the 13 lunar days of Krishna Paksha (dark fortnight) in the month of Kartika according to the Hindu calendar. Dhanvantari, who is also honored on Dhanteras, is regarded as the God of Ayurveda, having bequeathed the learning of Ayurveda to humanity in order to alleviate its suffering from sickness.

The Indian government of Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, as well as Homeopathy proclaimed the establishment of Dhanteras as “National Ayurveda Day” on 28 October 2016.

Dhanteras – What Is It?

Dhanteras, commonly known as Dhanvantari Trayodashi, ushers in the festival season of Diwali. The term ‘Dhan’ means ‘wealth’. The term ‘Theras’ translates as the thirteenth and refers to the thirteenth lunar day of the Hindu calendar’s Krishna Paksha.

When Is The Festival Of Dhanteras?

This year, Dhanteras will be observed on Sunday, 23 October 2022. The holy ceremony is held in conjunction with the Diwali or Deepavali festivities.

Why Do We Celebrate Dhanteras?

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It is celebrated two days before Diwali Puja and honors the conception of Lord Dhanvantari, the Ayurvedic God, and an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. According to legend, he emerged from the churning water-bearing a jug of nectar in one hand and religious writings in the other.

Lord Dhanvantari is regarded as the founder and teacher of Ayurveda, as well as a medical professional to the Gods.

What To Purchase During Dhanteras

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Dhanteras is also a very fortunate day to purchase gold and silver since these precious metals are supposed to ward off evil omens. Indeed, there is intriguing mythology behind this notion. Astrologers prophesied that King Hima’s son would be bitten by a snake and perish on the fourth day of his marriage, according to folklore.

When the day arrived, his wife ensured that he did not sleep by arranging her jewelry besides a stack of gold and silver coins at the sleeping chamber’s door. Additionally, she set lights at the entrance, read tales, and sang melodies to keep her husband up.

Lord Yama, the God of Death, camouflaged himself as a snake and made his way to the Prince’s apartments, but was captivated and dazzled by the brightness of the lights and jewels that lay before him. Due to his inability to enter the rooms, he climbed to the top of the gold coins and remained there for the duration of the night, listening to the Prince’s wife sing tales and songs.

The next day, when the sun rose, the snake quietly departed. As a result of his wife’s cleverness, the Prince survived to see another day. Dhanteras is the name given to the day.

What To Do On Dhanteras

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The celebration is known as Lakshmi Puja, which is held in the evenings with the lighting of clay lamps (Diyas). Bhajans, devotional songs in honor of Goddess Lakshmi, are performed, and the Goddess is presented with Naivedhya, a traditional sweets offering. In Maharashtra, there is an odd habit of softly pounding dried coriander seeds (Dhane in Marathi, for Dhanatrayodashi) with jaggery (cane sugar) and offering the resultant as Naivedhya. Additionally, Indians commemorate Dhanteras by creating rangolis.

FAQs About Dhanteras

What is done on Dhanteras?

Dhanteras is a festival dedicated to the adoration of Lord Dhanvantari. On Dhanteras night, diyas (lamps) are kept lit throughout the night in honor of Lakshmi as well as Dhanvantari. Hindus see this day as very fortunate for producing new purchases, particularly of gold or silver objects and new utensils.

What is the actual meaning of Dhanteras?

Dhanteras is a compound term composed of two words: Dhan, which means riches, and Teras, which means the thirteenth day. According to mythology, Goddess Lakshmi emerged from the ocean of milk on the day of Dhantrayodashi, during the scouring of the sea, also referred as “Samundra Manthan.”

What do you eat on Dhanteras?

1) Rice Kheer.
2) Boondi Ke Ladoo.
3) Dal Bhari Puri.
4) Zaitooni Subz Biryani.
5) Ajwain Aur Kalonji Ki Nimki.

What should I buy on Dhanteras?

Gold and silver are two of the most often purchased items. It is claimed that investment in these precious metals, which range from coins to jewelry, may result in increased wealth. On an auspicious day, one may also purchase silver, copper, or brass utensils.


Now that you know everything about Dhanteras, it’s time to get ready to celebrate this festival with a lot of pomp and love! For more blogs about popular Indian festivals, keep reading Seema!


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