Back-to-school blues? We’re here to help

Aug/30/2019 / by Nell Dufree
Dreading back to school

Back to school! No matter what age you are, that phrase is usually full of dread. But we’re here to help!

If your little one is heading to elementary school, separating in the morning can be hard. Make the separation easier with a treat they can only have there, like a special snack, or a fun new backpack.

For middle school and high school, success is about organization. Find a system that works and then stick with it. Consider folders or binders for every subject, or color-coordinated notebooks. Write down assignments in a planner. This helps with the back-to-school-blues

Headed to college? Take the time to find a little extra something to make your room comfortable, whether that’s a bean bag or a fresh towel set. If you’re happy and relaxed, it can help you succeed.

No matter where you’re headed, at SEEMA, we wish you an excellent year!

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